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Avatar f tn I suffer from anxiety and self diagnosed depression. Some days I can be full on happy for no reason and some days I feel really depressed. Sometimes I wake up feeling majorly depressed and two hours later I will be fine? I am guilty of self harm and I used to do it all the time, but recently I stopped (2-3 months) and I was really happy. A few weeks ago I started getting very anxious and depressed again and I hurt myself again.
Avatar m tn for the last three years. This was originally prescribed for a bipolar disorder/mood swings/depression. She had a history of drug use for 5 years. Included meth,speed,cocaine,alchohol,xtacy and GHB. I am sure this caused some chemical imbalances in the brain. She was clean for 5 years before being diagnosed as bipolar and given Wellbutrin.
222267 tn?1253305810 My family doctor prescribed me Paxil for my extreme depression that put this whole thing into a downward spiral. I am seeing a great psychiatrist now who is putting me on the right track. I don't repond well to the Colanzapam unless it's higher doses (2-3 mg). We have tried Loranzapam and Xanax as well (I think it's' Loranzapam). My docor told me that some people don't respond to these medications like they should and I could be one of them.
709415 tn?1229284553 My son was given the diagnosis of bipolar by a psychiatrist on his first visit. He has depression, anxiety, panic attacks and hears auditory voices which want him to hurt himself or others. He has lost the ability to feel the cold and complains of a constant tingling and burning sensation all over. He has been given ct scans, blood tests, etc when at the emergency room or at his pediatrician.
585994 tn?1218454219 I have the wild bipolar symptoms of mania and depression frequently but also suffer from insomnia as well both visual and auditory hallucinations its proved very hard trying to get diagnosed. I tried seeing my GP about bipolar and effectively was just turned away. I must tell you dont turn to drugs alcohol or stimulants to deal with your pain it just makes things worse after the numbness has gone.
Avatar m tn They are very similar and have same symptoms. Manic depression is hyperactivity. And depression is inattentive or withdrawal from interests. Start prescribing the adhd meds for depression or inattentive attention disorder, and, mood stabilization meds for maniac disorders or hyperactivity and leave psychotherapy for environmental issues and coping skills for change.
487506 tn?1208859411 The irregular cycles, exhaustion, and horrible depression are also symptoms of thyroid disease which is misdiagnosed as BP very often. Of course, there are other physical problems as well that could be causing these symptoms as well. If you have had thyroid labs done lately or any other blood tests can you post them so I can have a look at them and see if there's something off there. No, I'm not a dr, but I am an expert on thyroid b/c of my own thyroid illness.
616482 tn?1223608450 Its hard to know what the problem is if you don't have a diagnosis - there are other mental illnesses and disorders which can manifest like this and plain old clinical depression can also have some of those symptoms.
Avatar f tn The key difference between bipolar 1 and bipolar 2 is that bipolar 2 has hypomanic but not manic episodes, meaning the symptoms of mania are generally less severe in type 2. Also, while those with bipolar I disorder may experience additional psychotic symptoms such as delusions and hallucinations, bipolar II by definition cannot have psychotic features." If you want to know more about it there are websites linked up on the welcome page.
1167245 tn?1353882100 Usually in bipolar 2 the mania comes but not as extreme. Some people cycle from depression to hypomania almost daily. Personally I'm glad I have bipolar 1 because the cycles are more spread apart. My friends with bipolar 2 have a hard time with medication because one day they can be manic and the next day depressed. The bad part about having bipolar 1 is the hospitalizations are long. My 5 have been at least 3 weeks.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed many yrs ago bipolar with phycotic tend,ocd,PTSD,add. In the years of sessions I never told any of them about how I always constantly hear talking like in a busy restaurant and sometimes just one voice just screaming my name or whispering muffled. I also see things always and feel like I'm being watched everyday and video taped. This is not just during manias all of this is almost everyday. Could I have the wrong diagnose. I am afraid to tell dr 's.
Avatar m tn Hypersexuality is well documented among bipolar people, men seem to have a higher want for sex at least physically, so we seek what makes us feel good and full of more chems that make us untouchable. Mania is a cruel mistress..
Avatar f tn Although I left two of them in impulsive tamtrums. Looking back I was irritable and easily angered - symptoms of bipolar which I wasn't being treated for. I was married to a man who worked in the mental health field and loved me very much. But he was a very angry person and with my sensitivity I couldn't take it. I also don't think my depression wasn't well controlled. I'm very insecure relationship-wise right now, but deep inside I know I have something to offer, despite my illness.
Avatar n tn Sounds like OCD or possible bipolar disorder. Most perfectionists have some form of OCD and BP patients tend to be O/C as well, which often lead to mood swings and severe depression.
Avatar m tn The MRI won't diagnose bipolar in my humble opinion but could indicate a underlying medical condition that is causing depression and the mood disorders your are describing. Keep doing your things alone you feel more comfortable this way but studies are showing that social interaction are important when dealing with depression. Just do your hobbies tho, don't stop doing them. Even a new psychologist could be helpful.
1742748 tn?1311300062 *i have not seen any doctors about anything. everything i know about bipolar disorder and depression and all this is out of books and the internet. please answer if u think i may have soemthing i don't know about.
Avatar f tn Many people diagnosed with one auto-immune disease have other autoimmune diseases. The endoctrine system is vulnerable to auto-immune attack (auto-immune hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism). Undiagnosed hypothyroidism, (Doctors have now established a link between hypothyroid and bipolar) is mainly because of the inefficiency of the standard thyroid serum tests to verify actual cellular thyroid function.
648192 tn?1236226973 She has all these symptoms, plus depression and anxiety. Her doc said they used thyroid drugs in bipolar patients prior to the release of many current drugs used for mental illness. Are we ignoring simple solutions for making people feel good by advocating it is all "in her head"? Could some of her crying spells, lack of motivation, weight gain, lack of self confidence, fatigue and keeping her house at 75 degrees a symptom of hypothyroid?
Avatar f tn There are many studies out there that prove - thyroid patients ( especially non thyroid gland patients/ RAI - surgery) have a high rate of non converting meds properly - which trigger mental instability. I was a mood elevated nut for many years until my free T3 was raised to the correct level I needed to balance out.
Avatar f tn In addition to hypothyroidism, bi-polar med can cause weight gain. Also, are you aware that depression, anxiety and many symptoms of bi-polar can be hypo symptoms? How many calories are you supposed to be eating each day and how long have you been on this diet? Are you getting any exercise? I'm on a very similar diet and as long as I toe the line, I can lose weight, but I have to exercise, as well, or I don't lose and even at that, it's a struggle.
Avatar f tn The BPD, however, seems to be able to go into remission periods, similar to those remissions of cancer patients, whereas no symptoms occur for extended periods of time. BOTH BPI and BPII & BPD can be "controlled " fairly effectively for many patients-- with medications and/or psychotherapy...
539549 tn?1315985262 I have noticed that in the patients we see a high number of them also have depression. I wonder if it is depression due to their diabetes diagnosis and weight or depression due to genetics. I don't lose very much weight and then I gain it back. Being heavy doesn't help my self-esteem. I have a lot of anxiety when I exercise. It is one of those things I need to work on.
Avatar m tn Starting late elementary school and middle school, I've lived in a state of depression. In middle-school I got a psychiatrist (an adult psychiatrist). He was very good and after a couple of meetings he prescribed me with medication for what he called a chemical imbalance in my brain that caused depression. The meds worked and I definitely wasn't as sad most of the time. So for seven years I've taken meds. More recently I've started to feel, emotionless and even angry (on the inside).
Avatar f tn Is there anyone out there that is also taking Adderall, Ritalin, Concerta, Dexadrine or those class of drugs (Amphetamines) along with their Bipolar Meds to help with Motivation? I feel as if my Bipolar Symptoms are pretty much under control, I still do have episodes once in a while, but I have no motivation to do anything at all hardly. I don't think it is the Depression coming through (I know because I don't feel really down, or crying a lot like I do when I am Depressed).
Avatar f tn I have hepatitis C and I'm bipolar. I haven't received any treatments nor am I on any meds for hep C. My doctor suggested a wait and see instead of hep C tx because I'm on antidepressants and tx would make me more depressed. I want to take milk thistle in place of tx but it also interferes with my antidepressants. I am totally lost and caught up. I really need my meds for bipolar but most meds are harmful for my liver. Damned if I do, Damned if I don't. Any advice?
Avatar f tn Is there anyone that also takes Adderall, Ritalin, Concerta, Strattera or those class of drugs (Amphetamines) along with their Bipolar Meds to help with Motivation? I feel as if my Bipolar Symptoms are pretty much under control but I have no motivation to do anything at all hardly. I can't remember the last time I even went Hypomanic. I think I just plain have no Motivation. Sometimes I feel along the line of normal, then it goes depressed and then sometimes very very depressed.
96108 tn?1197694930 We have been told that anger is a form of depression... or at least one of the ways depression displays itself in bipolar disorder. But docs from some other camps say that the anger is a form of mania. Whatever it is, my son is helped greatly by bipolar meds. That's what it really comes down to. No matter what the label or diagnosis given, if he is helped by the treatment, that's what's important. Depakote is a great first line of defense for bipolar.
1134609 tn?1269275800 Yes well stoppping smoking can have side effects and it is know that Chantix can have severe side effects including worsening the symptoms of bipolar. That's not to say it caused it though but you can ask your psychiatrist more when those issues are over and they can make a further determination.
Avatar m tn Unfortunately I can't give you advice on "who" to go to. I'm far from where you are. I wish I could. My own personal dr. hasn't excepted new patients for 3 years. If it wasn't for an LPC he had working for him I wouldn't have got in. I pray God puts the right person in your path like he did for me. This is what I know about mine: he is a board certified psychiatrist. (He has "MD" after his name).