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Avatar f tn I'm a 13 year old girl and I really am starting to believe I have depression. I cry every night over things that happened forever ago and don't even matter anymore. I took a quiz and it said somewhere about 94% positive I was depressed I have also taken a quiz and it said I was bipolar and that I have a mental illness causing me to have multiple personalities.
Avatar n tn I once played a quiz about resulted that i have Bipolar Disorder though that might be wrong....I don know wats wrong with me...i go through lot of tensions often....I belong to a broken family, i don hav gud relation wit my dad, my mom is always pissed off with me...i am very insecured about my future...i believe that i'll never be one loves me...i don hav dat gud thinking about boys...i had seen boys cheating on gals...
Avatar f tn s therapist had her fill out a form rating her feelings such as sadness, fatigue, other symptoms of depression. My friend said to her therapist that she was worried about me. I currently see my own therapist and doctor. Her therapist also gave another one of those forms to give to me. I did fill it out but now don't know whether to ignore it or ask my doctor and therapist if they want it.
Avatar f tn I'm a 13 year old girl and I really am starting to believe I have depression. I cry every night over things that happened forever ago and don't even matter anymore. I took a quiz and it said somewhere about 94% positive I was depressed I have also taken a quiz and it said I was bipolar and that I have a mental illness causing me to have multiple personalities.
Avatar f tn I would say a good place to start is here on this site. They have good information about things like major depressive disorder. None of us here are doctors and can only tell you what we know from our own experiance. What you are describing sounds like depression. There are some symptoms of depression that a doctor would look at to determine if that is what is happening for you. As for bipolar, there are also symptoms of mania which is an excelerated state.
Avatar f tn I took a little quiz online that said I might be ADD, but I never had problems like this until the last year or so, so I doubt I am. Can bipolar disorder cause ADD-like symptoms? Or could it be caused by the medications I am on? I take lamictal and abilify. I want to take an algebra class to finish my degree in the fall, but I am afraid I won't be able to pass because I can't concentrate. Should I tell the school I'm bipolar and see if they can help me somehow?
Avatar n tn My family does have a history of manic depression and bipolar disorder as a matter of fact my dad has both. I love my wife and kids and I know I am now at the age my dad was at when he got sick I shall say. I have SEVERE mood swings that are unexplainable my wife said she never in her life has seen someone who gets AS mad as QUICK as I do. I have been doing alot of research on the subject I'm really not one to talk about my problems.
Avatar m tn There are also a gazillion other weird symptoms that go with each of the states (depression, mania, hypomania, mixed episode). It's really complicated and there are different types of bipolar and each person is different. Personally when I'm depressed I'm REALLY depressed and suicidal and I get physical symptoms (digestive and muscular) and I hallucinate.
Avatar f tn Need to find a way to get out of this depression. Feel like I'm sinking. Thoughts of death. Cry a lot. But can't let all this defeat me.
1137842 tn?1260750854 As a person with schizoaffective (schizophrenia with a mood disorder) its honestly hard to say. Bipolar and depression can cause personality changes of their own. For schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder there have to be some delusions or auditory hallucinations (voices) or other hallucinations but only a psychiatrist would know for sure. It would definitely be worth speaking to a psychiatrist and they could see what is going on and how best to treat you.
Avatar f tn For further information about eating disorders and to take our eating disorder survey/quiz, you could visit the bella vita website. Sincerely, Dr.
Avatar f tn Well there are several types of depression, major depression, chronic depression, bipolar manic depression as examples. Symptoms of depression can include an extreme feeling of sadness, sometimes you can’t sleep or you sleep too much, you cant concentrate, you feel hopeless, you have negative thoughts that you cant control no matter how much you try! you can lose your appetite or sometimes you even gain appetite. You can be easily irritated.
3579868 tn?1348739509 I know of four bipolar 1 with or without psychotic features, bipolar 2, bipolar nos, and cyclothimia. With bipolar 1 you get full blown mania and major depression, with bipolar 2 you get hypomania and major depression. cyclothimia fluctuates between minor depression and hypomania. Bipolar nos is where they put you when you obviously show some symptoms of bipolar disorder but they do not know which classification to put you in.
Avatar n tn I was told at a recent meeting that only 40% of bipolar patients exhibit the classical symptoms of mania - flight of thought, rapid speech, grandiose ideas, risk-taking behaviour. The rest of the bipolar population may show rages during which they smash telephones and punch holes in walls. I asked how he would distinguish between true bipolar disorder and a behavioural problem that might be treated with therapy.
773755 tn?1328119777 he was implying that my symptoms are depressive - which annoys me the **** to heII. so generally i had been feeling ok - usual exhaustion, but emotionally sound, i think. then yesterday's very poorly transactions, i was crying like an infant, mad, upset, hurt, very grieved. then i simply went NUMB. then had 2 hours sleep overnight due to restlessness. today thankfully feeling not so damn tired but mad as ****. want to die to end the pain.
5986700 tn?1380791380 It is more likely in individuals who have Bipolar II disorder characterized by at least one episode of hypomania and one episode of major depression. It is less likely in individuals with bipolar I (one episode of mania and one of major depression). Often rapid cyclers get misdiagnosed as depressive patients because the depressive episodes are more frequent. While tons of information is available on net, I wouldn’t advocate a Google search of your symptoms.
1360950 tn?1277656603 I think the answer to your question is "yes" except that from the viewpoint of psychiatry we would say that you always "had" bipolar depression, but for many people bipolar depression manifests as recurrent depression for years before showing the energized symptoms. Which definitely doesn't mean that you were misdiagnosed, it just may take a while to know for sure.
Avatar n tn These symptoms persist for at least 4-7 days, and may be associated with alternating symptoms of depression. Bipolar disorder often manifests initially with symptoms of depression such as sadness, loss of interest/motivation, withdrawn behavior, feelings of worthlessness/hopelessness/helplessness, low energy, appetite/sleep disturbance, and sometimes thoughts of suicide. This response is for general information only. Always consult your physician for any health concerns.
2190999 tn?1504988891 I have read that one difference between general depression and bipolar depression is a persons energy level. It's a matter of feeling unable to perform even the simplest daily tasks because of overwhelming fatigue, instead of the general depressive sadness, hopelessness, ambivalence, etc. Does that make sense to anyone? Another difference is the depth of depression. The suicide rate for bipolar disorder is considerably higher than general depression rates.
Avatar m tn Lets forget the Depression part of a person with Bipolar Disorder and other mood disorders and say that he got only Mania all the time. So what kind of disease a psychiatrist will say he has like Schizophrenia, Delusional Disorder, Paranoidal Syndrome etc?
Avatar n tn The Mental Health Forum when a person get manic depression is one of the symptoms having cold hands and feet and getting cold alone with manic and depression and seizures thank you Follow Ups: Re: bipolar HFHS M.D.
Avatar m tn Hi, I noticed that no one had answered you yet, perhaps it is because there may be no clear cut answer to your question. I am sorry that you are suffering from recurrent depression. I do as well. Has your doctor talked to you about any of the various "bipolar" issues? The classic "bipolar" or "manic-depression" illness has alternating moods of depression and high-euphoria.
Avatar n tn Someone I know was recently admitted to a mental health treatment center and prescribed Depakote (a traditional anti-seizure medication) for symptoms of bipolar disorder. He says that Tegretol is also being prescribed for this condition. How do these drugs work, on the molecular level, to reduce the symptoms of manic depression? Are these effective treatments? What, if any, is the relationship between seizures and/or epilepsy and bipolar disorder?
Avatar f tn I think that diagnosis is kind of controversial right now, but it does illustrate the way that bipolar illness may fall on a spectrum from straight up unipolar depression at point A to full blown manic depression at point B. Bipolar type 3 would maybe be depression with only "soft signs" of bipolar disorder.
Avatar f tn If I were you if your doctor wont listen to you and the reasons why you think you are bipolar then you should go get a second opinion and see a different doctor to see what they say.
1965148 tn?1354978634 As others here have commented, a real psychotic episode, which is a very serious event, must occur in order for their to be a true 'bipolar I' diagnosis. The diagnostic 'bar' for labling someone as 'manic depressive' must be high, because of the risks of the medications that are needed to control this illness, among other factors.