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Avatar f tn Zoloft- same as effexor Anxiety meds Buspar- didn't help Finally my doctor put me on paxil and monitored me on ativan for breakthrough,which I went from taking a few times a week to now few times a yr. So my question is stay on paxil and is there a depression medication I can take along with it?
Avatar f tn I went to a neurologist and he was very hopeful of my situation and seems to think that it is treatable with medication and watching it, rather than surgery. He prescribed topamax. Any thoughts? If there is a medication that would be helpful or vitamins or anything I can do. I just want to be the active person I have always been. I am so lost and emotional.
2041909 tn?1329939633 My doctor has agreed that it is something that should be checked out more than once. I am on the list to be seen by a neurologist and psychiatrist after 20 years of depression as conuselling and medication have never been that benificial to me.
Avatar f tn Have you also had a history of depression? Have you reached out for help through counseling? In my experience with anxiety and depression, I initially felt very isolated and did not believe anyone could understand what I was experiencing. Once I sought help, I improved greatlyand begun to understand what exactly I was going through...just remember that you are not alone with this.
Avatar f tn But, if you are suffering from clinical depression and don't get help, your depression might last for weeks, months, or even years. Here is a list of the most common signs of depression. If you have several of these and they last for more than 2 weeks, see a doctor. Uh...retire in their 20's? Do you think all this can only happen in people 20 and younger??
Avatar m tn Many can get off their anti-depressants, but few avoid or get off thyroid medication. Depression that goes with thyroid conditions (can go with either hyper or hypo) is not necessarily low level depression, though many doctors will try to convince us of that.
411389 tn?1230128077 Can anyone compile a list of the most commonly used medication for General Anxiety Disorder. I am going back to see my GP tomorrow and I would be grateful if I have some details as to what is available for sufferers of this condition. I really appreciate this and the only reason I ask is that I ant to be in a position whereby at least I have other alternatives open to me apart from Diazepam. Thanks again and I really hope everything works out for everyone here. You're in my thoughts.
Avatar n tn I have been suffering from depression symptoms for nearly two years now although I didnt know it was depression. It was only when it got so bad recently that I started to look on the internet and found I may have depression. Basically I feel low most of the time, I dont get much if any enjoymetn, I sleep too much, feel weak and have out 16lbs on in one month (very out of character) I cry all the time but sometimes I cry and then realise I actually feel quite numb a lot of the time.
Avatar m tn Drug companies do not need to resort to such devious tactics as depression is so rife as it is and I should think you should withdraw such a statement as it sounds rather paranoid and discouraging to all those who should be using them, in my opinion. Regardless, anyone who suspects they have depression can simply look up the list of symptoms and follow the written advice that goes with it.
Avatar m tn I believe that for me not being able to feel good for a long time it has out me into some type of depression. I am just wondering if depression can cause anxiety and can it cause brain fog? My doctor believes that it is a panic disorder but the perscription he gave me for the past month is not really curing anything that is why I believe it has to do with depression.
Avatar m tn If you feel that you are slipping into true depression, you need to see a therapist (which most insurance covers) and someone to prescribe medication for depression. It is so hard to have someone hurt us this way. I wish you the best of luck.
Avatar f tn depression and most disorders are life long never ending battles But if we work hard and want change they can be managed well im bipolar manic depression anxiety long list 6 years of meds and counseling and doing my part my hard work my depression is a week or so bump not a pit unless to much piles on me even then if i follow what i learned i can pull myself out i am better more happy and peaceful but the fight and battle like said never ends but im sorry i feel lack of commitment being s
Avatar f tn It is heartbreaking to read the pain and suffering we are all going through. I have been doing battle with major depression since the age of 13. I am 55 now, so I can easily relate to most here. I feel the absolute truth in what people are saying. I come here to learn how other people cope, what they have tried, not tried, and why. But I have questions. How did we as a group of depressed individuals get to be so huge in number? Why are there so many of us? This in itself is depressing.
Avatar f tn I usually stick to the medical stuff when I post, because I've learned a lot of medical stuff on my own (my educational background makes it a lot easier to get through the vernacular used in journal papers), and through the advice of a brilliant addiction doc ... I DO know about depression, but, as anyone will tell you, you've got to get off this stuff with medical assistance. I've lived in similar circumstances, where there were modest amounts of prescription narcotics available ...
1445257 tn?1289280526 Metformin 500mg 3 per day Glyburide 5mg twice per day Levemir 25-30 sliding scale insulin Carvedilol 12.5mg twice per day Lisinopril 40mg once " " Hydrochlorothyazide (HCTZ) 25mg twice per day Simvastatin 40mg one @ bedtime 81mg Aspirin @ bedtime Zoloft 150mg once per day Lorazepam 2mg twice per day & PRN I suffer from high blood pressure and diabetes (type 2) since my heart attack in October 2003. I had a 100% blocked artery and was given a stent in my Left Anterior Descending.
Avatar m tn Unintentional weight loss alone can be attributed to Cancer, AIDS, Depression, chronic diarrhea, medication, eating disorders, thyroid issues, infection, malnutrition, among others. To determine the underlying cause, nutritional assessment and diagnostic tests such as complete blood work-up may need to be done. A referral to a gastroenterologist for your bowel movement inconsistencies may also help.
Avatar f tn There are a variety of kinds of bipolar and with some the depressive aspects are more evident. Lamictal and Abilify are generally a good combination of medications so they should be working. I'm not sure whether the anxiety is anxiety disorder or caused by the medication. I know some medications can cause nervousness or phobia on occassion. Abilify and Zyprexa did that to me but that's not that common but within the realm of possibilities.
Avatar f tn This might be a bit lengthy, but here goes. Depression, lack of desire for previously enjoyable activities, anxiety-especially in social situations, insomnia, migraines, numbed emotions, unfounded fear, disturbing dreams, short term memory lapses, and difficulty concentrating. Thee are prolly a couple more, but these are the most bothersome.
Avatar f tn I was looking through my files on my pc the other day and found a list of several famous people who suffer, or have suffered from anxiety.I found it somewhere on another anxiety website but dont remember where,so I thought I share the list with you.Anyway we certainly are not alone with this dissorder.In fact anxiety and depression seem to be on the rise worldwide,according to statistics.It does not discriminate,and can affect anyone,even the rich and famous.Here is the list. Naomi Campbel...
1041243 tn?1375234120 I have ocd, gad, and moderate depression (all have been formally diagnosed). A week ago my psychiatrist stopped my 200 mgs of zoloft and started me on luvox 50 mgs a day for the first two weeks then 100 mgs a day there after. A couple days later I started expiriencing major withdrawal symptoms, severe anxiety and panic (more so than usual), insomnia, and some slight agoraphobia (I don't like to leave the house, but I will if I need too) and even stronger ocd symptoms.
1394262 tn?1369628792 Hi anyone taking anxiety medication & trying to conceive? I am trying to conceive & am dealing with my anxiety issue at the same time. I am thinking if I should see a psychiatrist for help. I will appreciate it if you could share with me if you are suffering from any side effect from anxiety medication or not. Thanks.
Avatar f tn k here is a list of the meds and also a list of side effects from any stimulant meds. side effects of stimulants for ADD & ADHD: Feeling restless and jittery Difficulty sleeping Loss of appetite Headaches Upset stomach Irritability, mood swings Depression Dizziness Racing heartbeat Tics Stimulant medications may also cause personality changes. Some people become withdrawn, listless, rigid, or less spontaneous and talkative. Others develop obsessive-compulsive symptoms.
Avatar n tn I do not know how severe your depression is, but since the depression itself will not be forever, is it a realistic option to wait it out? Quoting another of GravesLady's wise thoughts: Not everyone is the same. We vary in our feelings about taking an antidepressant. I would rather not add another drug while I am adjusting to levothyroxine, but other people do not think twice about taking an antidepressant, and neither viewpoint is right or wrong.
Avatar f tn What medication are you on and why was your thyroid removed?
Avatar f tn A slow build-up of T3 medication is needed. Vitamins and minerals - If any of these are low, thyroid medication won't work properly: ferritin (iron), vitamin D3, vitamin B12, magnesium, folate, copper and zinc. Gluten sensitivity - There's a strong link between gluten intolerance and Hashimoto's. Standard tests are not sensitive enough to diagnose milder forms, though they can diagnose full-blown celiac disease. Other food allergies can also harm thyroid hormone uptake.
Avatar n tn Take your medications because your health is so important and thryroid can cause a whole new set of problems that you don't need. Do you take medication for your depression? Talk to your dr. Is there community help (churches, services, etc...)? Is your son in addiction or someone else? I will be thinking of you and wishing today something will help to change your situation.
Avatar f tn I don't know about your area but doctors ads here list conditions they treat. Anxiety and depression are on almost all of the lists. Greenlydia is right about the pharmacist. They can actually call the doctor for approval on the refill. They may have better luck. Good luck. I'm sure things will work out.