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Avatar n tn I have been on verapamil for some time, and now I have horrible hot flashes. Can anyone relate? It is not menopause as I am way past that.
1110049 tn?1409402144 t like to think that ladies who do not need Effexor for depression etc. are being prescribed it for hot flashes. We all know how difficult it is to stop Effexor. I myself am not worried for myself, but for others.
Avatar f tn The hot flashes started and went for 4-5 days!
Avatar n tn thanks for responding back with an answer mitral valve prolapse does have symptoms the symptoms include hot flashes, dizziness, lightheaded, trouble sleeping, and some pain in the chest on the left side. I thought I would like to let that out there. these are symptoms of mitral valve prolapse.
1054018 tn?1254614684 kept me awake for good bit of night. Then when i did get to sleep didn't have cpap on yet. No nightmares or sleepwalking though.
1474611 tn?1416632958 I've been having hot flashes this evening. They have calmed now a little bit for now. I've noticed that if I forget to change my HRT patch, the hot flashes are a bit worse.
Avatar f tn Been taking black cohosh and ALA for about a week or so as soon as I was sure it was hot flashes not virus which I did have
Avatar f tn I have hot flashes during the day. All of sudden I feel like I'm on fire and then I break out in a sweat. Thank goodness for my little fan on my desk at work.
Avatar n tn I just want to say that when I took the medication prozac, I didn't have those hot flashes of menopause. It is a great medication and treatment for symptoms other than depression as well. I'm still taking prozac. I stopped a while and those hot flashes returned. Therefore, I'm going to continue to take prozac. I'm taking 20mg and doing great.
Avatar f tn I had been on HRT for years only to come to a point where a lump in my breast scared me. I stopped the HRT 3 mos ago and am now getting hot flashes where every crevice and skin is damp or wet and the heat omg... I do not want to go back on HRT to concerned now... Women out there do you know of anything natural I can take? I am on 10 mg of lispinol for high BP thats it..Thanks in advance for your help!
Avatar f tn I am 51 and post menapostal and I have been taking medication for my hypothyroid snce 1993. Could my hot flashes be a symptom of my hypothyroid and not menapause? I have about 2 hot flashes an hour!!!!
Avatar f tn Hot flashes are mostly caused by the hormonal changes of menopause, but can also be affected by lifestyle and medications. A diminished level of estrogen has a direct effect on the hypothalamus, the part of the brain responsible for controlling your appetite, sleep cycles, sex hormones, and body temperature.
1034192 tn?1445509784 Its a little harder this time. Been on the lower dosage for 5 days now and am either having hot flashes or extreme fatigue. Fortuneately I am menopause age so I just blame it on that, even went into my boss and told her in case she notices anything. Also feeling sick at times. I am still motivated and I know there will come the day I will need to bite the bullet and just stop. Still scared and wonder how I will feel on the other side.
Avatar f tn Only 40 and I think I'm having hot flashes? Or is it medication I'm on?
Avatar f tn says it works great on reducing hot flashes. If this is so maybe I will cut back on HRT for hot flashes. Thanks!
Avatar f tn I've had Hot Flashes now for more than 15 years, at one time I was taking a very low dose of prempro, however after discovering that my mother had Breast Cancer I stopped taking this medicine. I really have a difficult time sleeping at night... Cover On and Off all night, switching from the one end of the bed to the other. I don't have high blood preasure, but I do have problems with my kidneys (Kidney Stones).
Avatar f tn I am curious, does anyone take Viibryd for depression? I was switched from Wellbutrin which seemed to make me more anxious and depressed, but this new medicine seems to make hot flashes worse. Sometimes it feels like pins are sticking in my skin of neck and chest. When I asked the doctor, he says he will increase my hormone because I can hardly sleep because of the hot flashes. I had a hysterectomy is why the hormones are given. thanks for any info.
Avatar n tn I have been taking Tamoxifen for 6 months after a lumpectomy, Prior to this I was on HRT OWING TO EARLY MENOPAUSE. I DONT SUFFER FROM HOT FLASHES, HOWEVER I HAVE SEVERE MOOD SWINGS,along with depression. I am seriously considering going back on HRT,,,I want my quality of life back! I WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM ANYONE WHO IS TAKING hrt AND tAMOXIFEN.
Avatar f tn you have a weird doctor , by hot flashes i presume you mean hot flushes, and he should have known what you meen its very common, some doctor play dumb so the patient think I must have made a mistake. that way you don't get put off the med .
1014822 tn?1338648073 I got hot flashes last night, never had those before on Clomid but heard alot of woman that had. We get my dh sperm tested today...I pray everything is ok but he has been sick so it could be alilttle low. I have been really tired and am ready to be done with Clomid this time. But I have a good feeling about this cycle. I get my u/s on Nov 3rd to check for follies....that will be cycle day 15.
Avatar n tn Dear mjay, I did some checking regarding dosing of medroxyprogesterone for treatment of hot flashes. After some amount of investigation the information was that 10mg pill daily was the recommended dose. The idea being to use the lowest amount of the medication to take care of the symptom. You should know that the resources quoting the studies of its use for treatment of hot flashes are from 1980 and 1981 journals. There could be more up to date findings but I did not come across any.
1740470 tn?1333213909 still continued night and day sweats even after they reduced our depression medication.. it hasn't helped stopped the hot flashes at all.. beginning to think it has more to do with our hormones.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if anyone with Hypothyroid has ever experienced hot flashes? Sometimes my body suddenly becomes hot and I will get isolated sweating in my forearms, legs, or back.
209987 tn?1451935465 t take BCP) or herbs, but have heard black cohosh...cohash...helps with hot flashes. Hot flashes were the worst symptom I had. I rarely have them now. I've tried sleep meds (prescription and melatonin), but the Rx caused restless leg and I wake up after three hours with melatonin, so I just practice good sleep hygiene: dark room, reg sleep/wake times, no tech after about 8pm, etc. I don't have anxiety with perimenopause, but if you do, addressing that might be appropriate.
1268191 tn?1278457609 I am on CD6 and 4th day on CLOMID and I feel like I am sitting in a sauna! Thank god this is the only side effect so far. I dont think I can handle anything else with it. Staying Positive...I hope I O!