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Avatar f tn says it works great on reducing hot flashes. If this is so maybe I will cut back on HRT for hot flashes. Thanks!
Avatar f tn Hi, Medicines are available for distressing hot flashes apart from the HRT you are taking. Clonidine is a drug which might help. Discuss with your Doctor. For the depression and anxiety, you should consult a psychiatrist and take proper treatment. Lot of non sedative drugs are available and the Doctor can decide what will suit you best. Hope this helps.
1110049 tn?1409405744 I wouldn't like to think that ladies who do not need Effexor for depression etc. are being prescribed it for hot flashes. We all know how difficult it is to stop Effexor. I myself am not worried for myself, but for others.
Avatar n tn thanks for responding back with an answer mitral valve prolapse does have symptoms the symptoms include hot flashes, dizziness, lightheaded, trouble sleeping, and some pain in the chest on the left side. I thought I would like to let that out there. these are symptoms of mitral valve prolapse.
7956615 tn?1395825431 So out the blue on several occasions I jump up feel my heart out of breath screaming for help snach my 4yr old out of bed ask my partner yo rush me to the hospital im light headed im breathing fast I feel like at any minute I can pass out I run cold water all over my body head jump in the shower with all my close on I cant swallow I strip down to just my shirt and go outside on the porch because I feel better when I do this but this time im still shaking I get rushed to hospital I tell them im t
Avatar n tn Some drugs for depression, anxiety, high blood pressure and probably others can sometimes cause hot flashes. There are also some drugs used for depression that are known to *help* with hot flashes. But being that your mother has Graves disease, and it can run in families, if I were you I would have your thyroid levels checked again.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed two years ago and I was prescribed zoloft for my depression and iterax for my anxiety as well as my poor sleeping habits. I am currently off my medication. I had started my try at weight loss in around the fifteenth of July right after my period. Slowly, I began to wean myself off of medication as I found that it contributed to drowsiness in the morning and a bigger appetite. I am used to going on and off medication because of monetary issues.
Avatar n tn Thank you for that information, I have been having hot flashes and sweats for 18 years and have tried everything possible, but nothing apart from HRT has worked for me. I stopped taking HRT over 2 years ago and Im really suffering.I wil try your recommendation and hope it works.
Avatar m tn I have been taking Evening Primrose off and on for years. At first it was for hot flashes....but now in my 50's I seem to have severe anxiety at night before I go to bed. When I take Evening Primrose--1000 mg, within an hour I am completely relaxed and can sleep the whole night. It doesn't keep me from getting up early in the morning. There is no hang-over effect.
Avatar f tn The extent of mine have been nervousness/shakiness, hot flashes, shivering, etc. I was given Buspar, took it for a few days and it made me very sick to my stomach and dizzy so I have not taken it anymore. I'm not sure if it was just where I wasn't used to it or what. I have never taken anything in my life other than antibiotics and birth control. So I am very weary of taken any kind of medication. I would just like for the nervous/anxious feeling to ease up and my palpitations to stop.
Avatar m tn I've recently started taking medication for depression/anxiety as well as a sleepaid, im not sure exactly what is going on so any advice would be awesome. This has been going on for months and need some relief, this past year has been traumatic. I've lost close to 60 lbs and have completely switched over to a primal/paleo diet, i also do high intensity training about once a week.
Avatar m tn I also had to deal with hot flashes for about 40 days straight, but I've never seen a male talk about having hot flashes after quitting smoking lol. I have to say, I finally feel pretty good today with no thoughts of smoking whatsoever, so far...
Avatar f tn I commend you highly for taking yourself off of Vicodin. But, depression drugs can do wonders for you and your recovery. You sound like you want to be clean - do this for yourself and your child. Good luck!
Avatar f tn I am curious, does anyone take Viibryd for depression? I was switched from Wellbutrin which seemed to make me more anxious and depressed, but this new medicine seems to make hot flashes worse. Sometimes it feels like pins are sticking in my skin of neck and chest. When I asked the doctor, he says he will increase my hormone because I can hardly sleep because of the hot flashes. I had a hysterectomy is why the hormones are given. thanks for any info.
Avatar f tn you have a weird doctor , by hot flashes i presume you mean hot flushes, and he should have known what you meen its very common, some doctor play dumb so the patient think I must have made a mistake. that way you don't get put off the med .
Avatar f tn I too am taking 50mcg Levothyroxine for the past couple of months and have fell through a depression. My Endocrinologist gave me a prescription for 100mcg Levothyroxine and I have taken it and now I am to the point that I am crying. I was diagnosed Hypothyroid 2 years ago but I have been fine not taking any medication and my doctor told me I must take the meds and now I am depressed because of it.
Avatar n tn I did go onto an antidepressant, which I am still on today. It has helped me very much, and has also managed my hot flashes, as I can't take HRT. My advice...don't be a hero. Know when to ask for help and recognize when things are beyond your control. Having to take medication doesn't mean your weak. If you truly know that you are depressed, please see your doctor...the hardest part is probably recognizing the symptoms, which you've already done.
Avatar m tn Insomnia (still can't sleep a full night since starting it, but I do manage to get about 4 hours of good sleep here and there), depression, nausea, headaches, nervousness, cold sweats, hot flashes, dizziness, anit-social
Avatar f tn I do believe there are other hormones that can get out of whack as we reach this stage, (low estrogen? I think that's the one that causes hot flashes??) I know several women that needed medication (antidepressants) to help them with this stage.
Avatar n tn I have tried several depression medications they all upset my stomach, have hot flashes, have lots of gas, and very little sex drive. Is there any help.
Avatar f tn sent me to a psychiatrist for anxiety and they have diagnosed me with depression/anxiety but also say I'm bombarded (not sure of the word they used) as I have hormone problems as well. Some days, I really want to end it all. Maybe I'll get through this before that happens.
Avatar f tn So, my body can't tell me when I really have a fever and when I do not.... And, I'm only 34, so it's not like hot flashes.... But, I am often cold. Like, around the house I wear a hoodie, with the hood on. I always cover myself with the comforter, even in August and When I sit on the couch to watch TV, I have to bundle up in a thick blanket..... The fever-like thing usually seems to happen in the morning and at night, though..... If that means anything.
Avatar f tn She takes Ocella active pills continually for 6 months for menstrual suppression (to get only 2 periods per year), plus she is on Lexapro and Lamictal for her depression and bipolar. She does not have breakthru bleeding (unless she occasionally misses a pill) but gets almost daily cramping, hot & cold flashes, nausea. It appears to be "hormonal" symptoms, yet they started about the time her Lamictal got up to the 150-200mg point.
Avatar n tn not being able to sleep is my biggest problem, and hot flashes and i haven't been able to eat for a few days. I have been using heroin daily for over 8 years (with a few months here and there in methadone clinics) I have recently hit the bottom of rock bottom. this is the last chance i have to get clean and stay clean. I have many legal and financial problems that i have run from, I am lucky enough to be given this chance to come clean. I am hiding out in a rural new england cabin.
Avatar n tn I promise, last post guys but it's 4 in the moring my time and i cannot sleep, a common side effect for me. "gwh, or Ghw" im hot sure i'm getting it right but your post seem to be well advise and you present an educated backgoung on the subject. I dont want to come across "pushy" like i said this is my first time using this program and im not completly aware of the "rules" or how thing work. againg any help would be greatly appricated.
1211076 tn?1303523040 the only thing is that it relaxes me not put me to sleep...AT ALL. So, do ou get hot flashes too?
Avatar n tn So weird. I have been having constant headaches, on a daily basis for about 7-8 months now. Headaches, dizziness, horrible eye pressure, vision problems, floaters at times, ringing in ears at times, but also crackling & popping as well. The hot head thing is so spot on, Ive been complaining about this for so long, and call them "hot spots" because most frequently i get them on my head and scalp, but also other spots on my body as well.
1747084 tn?1311826673 I can cry for hours which are usually accompanied by severe shaking (to the point that I think I'm having a seizure), headaches, dizziness, nausea, racing thoughts (most are irrational and yet I fear them all), and hot flashes. Does anyone out there experience the same sort of things I do? I'm supposed to get medication to help and more therapy to follow the meds but are there any techniques that you've found to help. I'm absolutely not kidding when I say I have severe hypochondria.
Avatar n tn i have been abusing pain medication for probably about a year now. i was never prescribed to them, they just kinda found their way into my life and before i knew it i was hooked. now i never actually took them for any reason other than the high (i usually crushed and snorted them). i am on day 8 after quitting cold turkey and as all of you already know the first 3-4 days were the physically the worst. i feel a lot better now except the psychological stuff i have to deal with.
Avatar m tn Everyone keeps saying weed isn't physically addictive, but for me it took weeks for the hot/cold flashes to stop and another month for the constipation to let up. Cut out both the alcohol and weed for a month and see how you feel. You may still have some issues and you should probably see a psych as suggested, but I think you'll see a huge improvement in the severity of your mood swings and they may even go away completely.