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Avatar n tn I have been on verapamil for some time, and now I have horrible hot flashes. Can anyone relate? It is not menopause as I am way past that.
1110049 tn?1409402144 t like to think that ladies who do not need Effexor for depression etc. are being prescribed it for hot flashes. We all know how difficult it is to stop Effexor. I myself am not worried for myself, but for others.
Avatar n tn thanks for responding back with an answer mitral valve prolapse does have symptoms the symptoms include hot flashes, dizziness, lightheaded, trouble sleeping, and some pain in the chest on the left side. I thought I would like to let that out there. these are symptoms of mitral valve prolapse.
Avatar f tn I had been on HRT for years only to come to a point where a lump in my breast scared me. I stopped the HRT 3 mos ago and am now getting hot flashes where every crevice and skin is damp or wet and the heat omg... I do not want to go back on HRT to concerned now... Women out there do you know of anything natural I can take? I am on 10 mg of lispinol for high BP thats it..Thanks in advance for your help!
Avatar f tn says it works great on reducing hot flashes. If this is so maybe I will cut back on HRT for hot flashes. Thanks!
Avatar f tn you have a weird doctor , by hot flashes i presume you mean hot flushes, and he should have known what you meen its very common, some doctor play dumb so the patient think I must have made a mistake. that way you don't get put off the med .
Avatar f tn I was wondering if anyone with Hypothyroid has ever experienced hot flashes? Sometimes my body suddenly becomes hot and I will get isolated sweating in my forearms, legs, or back.
Avatar n tn I have been taking Tamoxifen for 6 months after a lumpectomy, Prior to this I was on HRT OWING TO EARLY MENOPAUSE. I DONT SUFFER FROM HOT FLASHES, HOWEVER I HAVE SEVERE MOOD SWINGS,along with depression. I am seriously considering going back on HRT,,,I want my quality of life back! I WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM ANYONE WHO IS TAKING hrt AND tAMOXIFEN.
Avatar n tn 1. Accupuncture 2. Relaxation therapy 3. Regular exercise 4. Reduction in weight/body mass index (If overweight, try to lose 10% of weight. This may also lower risk for BC recurrence in hormone receptor positive BC.) 5, Clonodine (also used for hypertension) 6. Gabapentin ( also used for seizure disorders) 7.
Avatar f tn Thanks for the answer i actually had panic attacks 4 months ago with palpitations, but now i only have hot flashes no fast heart rate etc. Also im 21 years old and its bad for my health anxiety one more symptom in the basket. I hope its just the psycological torture gone physical and its not sth nasty.
Avatar f tn It helps me so I am staying on it and have been on it for 3 years.... so added benefit to mental sanity is diminished hot flashes!!! LOL!!!! I am 18 days post surgery and feeling much better but still sore and easily tired.... Idiot Dr. sent me back to work tomorrow.... will see how it goes!!!
737752 tn?1238253672 Also, has anyone every gotten like hot flashes from depression, especially in the frontal part of your head? It feels like a hot wave but only in the front of my head? Anyway thanks for listening.
Avatar n tn Hi , Can any one tell me please , I have a breast cancer removal and overies removal two years ago, after thet i am in medication tamoxfen amd vit. i had a hot flashes but its reduced after that now i am in a ( hard ) diet with 5 days aweek exercise but the hot flases getting to much in order that i cannot sleep at nite> Dose the diet and exercise with tamoxfen exhilarate hot flashes ?
Avatar f tn s not unusual for symptoms to worsen or for new ones to show up, as your body adjusts to the medication. Please post the actual results of your thyroid tests and be sure to include reference ranges, which vary lab to lab. Often, being "in range" isn't right for the patient, but we can't tell without seeing the labs.
Avatar f tn 60 yr old dying from hot flashes!Coped with heart attack,stent,lupus,fibro and surgical hysterectomy,POS.All HRTs,etc compounding creams,Premarin cause angina.SSRIs work but severe side effects.Have tried everything for 3years.Homeopathy hasn't helped.My life is a wreck from this,can anyone help?
378102 tn?1215571666 Finally my hot flashes are almost gone... maybe one a day now down from 1000 a day last September.... I was also told no soy products as I have thyroid problems on top of everything else.. the flashes do stop... now I am having visiting vegas flashes expecting 118 today... yeah.....
Avatar n tn Hi Grandma 1964, I’m surprised that the estrogen has not helped you with the hot flashes after all this time. It seems that helping hot flashes is the one thing that almost everyone agrees estrogen does do well. What particular medication are you taking? I took Premarin for four months last year, and while it did help with the flashes and night sweats, it did little to help with my anxiety, stress and mood swings. If anything, it seemed to make things worse.
Avatar f tn Are you menopausal now? Seems you would have had hot flashes before this. I'm not sure a pacemaker alone would cause hot flashes but perhaps a medication you're taking would. Or it could be coincidence - hormonal changes soon after pacemaker implant. Check with your doctor or pharmacist about any meds you're taking.
Avatar n tn I have yet to read anything positive it sounds horrible. Weight gain, hot flashes, hair loss, etc. Is this what I have to look forward to or does this drug actually work in a positive manner on some people?
Avatar n tn I am a breast cancer survivor for 8 years now; I have severe hot flashes; every 45 minutes day and night; it has totally affected my quality of life...and ability to sleep; I recently found out I could take this drug. I am on 200 mg nightly; so far I have been waking up and had insomnia; will this get better and go away; I have only taken it for two nights; also how long does it take before one might notice their hot flashes have decrease? My dr. said I might have to go up to 400 mg.
1226682 tn?1399937724 it worked, very well in fact, was the first medicine to work for me for depression and anxiety. however it became extremely addicting for me. if i just miss a couple days my depression and anxiety attacks come back full throttle along with other withdrawl symptoms such as intense migraine, nausea, hot flashes/chills, etc. worst feeling ever. i have decided to start weening off this medication, but i can only go down small steps. i am a small girl tho. i was on 60-90mg.
Avatar m tn Last night was my third night taking 37.5 effexor. I've been waking up nauseous, jittery and anxious. I take it at bedtime because it makes me nauseous and I find I get a good nights rest. I take it for panic attacks and hot flashes! I'm 50 year old woman. I had a panic attack yesterday. Are these normal side effects?
Avatar f tn Black cohosh. Used in Europe for more than 40 years, this herb may help moderate hot flashes, mood swings and insomnia, and has proven to be effective in several studies. For relief of menopausal symptoms, especially hot flashes, begin taking 20 mg twice a day for six weeks, then try increasing the dose to 40 mg twice per day if hot flashes do not decrease in severity or intensity.
1901003 tn?1322953897 I did have surgery for Endometriosis or however its spelled a couple years ago. Could this cause my hot flashes? Could it be coming back? Could Endometriosis cause hot flashes?