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Avatar m tn Look up the other med and the two A/D's as well and look at the drug interaction and side effects item on the left of the page. OK. Happy researching. I'm not quite clear on the timing of these drugs but it seems they were introduced after a while on prozac and that started going downhill. That happens to most meds regardless so it's nothing unusual. If you've been on zoloft for 5 weeks and feel worse I'd strongly suggest giving it the flick altogether.
Avatar n tn I read the ladies comment about how it made her feel when she got off of Paxil and I am having the same side effects as she is! The Dr. said that wasn't usual side effects but a form of anxiety but what should you experience when coming off of the Paxil? Hopefully it will stop soon! It is driving me insane!
Avatar n tn There are many pharmaceutical sites that get quite technical about the composition and side effects of the drug in question. What I found interesting, was that after looking at my favorite top 5, increase and decrease in libido was not even mentioned although they were quick to note side effects such as depression, vaginal dryness and legathy.
Avatar n tn Dizziness, lightheadedness, drowsiness, tiredness, constipation, diarrhea, stomach upset/gas, nausea, trouble sleeping or unusual dreams may occur as your body adjusts to the medication. If any of these effects persist or worsen, notify your doctor or pharmacist promptly. Remember that your doctor has prescribed this medication because he or she has judged that the benefit to you is greater than the risk of side effects. Many people using this medication do not have serious side effects.
Avatar f tn Zoloft- same as effexor Anxiety meds Buspar- didn't help Finally my doctor put me on paxil and monitored me on ativan for breakthrough,which I went from taking a few times a week to now few times a yr. So my question is stay on paxil and is there a depression medication I can take along with it?
7829857 tn?1401196259 Anxiety/agitation is a known and common se of Riba. (Riba rage) Headache, insomnia, and nausea are listed side effects of Sovaldi/Olysio and the riba could be contributing to that as well. Most people when feeling rough, don't have a good appetite. When I have headaches I try and remind myself the virus is being killed and the brain fog will be lifted. You are 1/3 of the way there with no viral load.. Congrats, you're doing great.
Avatar n tn I have been on antidepressants in the past for OCD (obsessive thinking) and depression. If I need to be on a medication for High Blood Pressure for the rest of my life I want to pick the best one that will not aggrevate depression or Obsessive Thinking and that will be safe to use with the least side effects for the rest of my life. What is your recommendation for a life long medication and have you ever heard of Toprol causing cold hands and aggrevating depression?
Avatar f tn I think there is such a buildup of fear over the 1st shot and how those side effects are just going to kick your butt and then you'll be down for the count for the rest of your treatment. Even though the first shot can produce the most side effects I think every shot thereafter are the ones that really start to drag you down. Of course, the Riba has a BIG BIG part in that too. My hat is off to each and every one of you who has gone through this. You are all amazing people.
411389 tn?1230128077 Everybody here has their own experiences with all the meds we talk about. Everyone of us is different in how we react to them. Some will sing their praises and some will damn them to hell. I, for one, think Effexor should be withdrawn from the market as an evil, dangerous drug. I was given Effexor for a mild depression. I was stuggling with side effects the entire time, but being a real "drug trooper," I stuck with it, hoping that these horrible feelings would soon subside.
Avatar f tn Have you talked to your doctor about the depression? I looked it up and it can be a side effect of Avonex. It's not something I would wait and see about. I've dealt with depression before so I understand how horrible it can be. I currently take an antidepressant and wouldn't want to live without it.
Avatar n tn Since then I have had a couple of side effects that I think may be from the IUD and wanted to know if anyone else has had any of these (or others). The biggest problem is joint pain, primarily in my legs...although my back is pretty tight, but I suspect mostly from carrying the baby. I looked into reasons for joint pain and Mirena IUD came up and thinking back it started about a month or so after I had the IUD put in.
Avatar n tn Hey Babyblue, I am thinking about getting mirena... but there seems to be so many bad side effects people are experiencing.. did you have any side effects at all?
Avatar n tn that's very dangerous. Go to the ER with your meds, doses, and a list of docs, and have them contact your pyschiatrist and GP. Don't screw around with any of these symtoms. You didn't say how much lithium you're taking, but it could be a nasty toxic lithium reaction. Stop reading this and GO GO GO to the ER.
1679320 tn?1306386514 I went to doctors today purely to discuss medication for my anxiety and i didnt like what i heard. He told me side effects are seizures and bleeding (worst possible side effects). is it really worth the risk?
Avatar f tn I am reading and finding that a lot of the side effects come and go. This didn't start until I was on the medication for over 6 months. So, I am going to hang in here and see if it goes away. You have to remember that I am 70 years old! I have always been wary of taking antidepressants and during a terrible period in my life, my doctor tried to me on one that primarily affected serotonin, I was so ill from one pill that I was in bed for 3 days. I stopped immediately!
697574 tn?1273959347 Don't get me wrong, it works wonders and the side effects disappear almost as soon as the positive effects start happening. Just keep to them and keep a positive attitude that they'll work and everything will be fine.
Avatar n tn Amiodarone has many short and long term side effects and I only use it when I have to. The best thing to do is take nothing or a beta blocker for PVCs or PACs. If the symptoms are too much, I will try the antiarrhythmic mentioned above. I hope this answer your questions. Good luck and thanks for posting.
230948 tn?1235847929 I wish I could just create a list and say DO NOT TAKE THIS!!!!!!!! Talk to your doctor about Neurtontin for the right leg impingement. It too has it's side effects and tell the doctor you don't want to be on a high dose and you do not want to take it daily. I take it as needed when the nerve pain and what you are describing is nerve pain take it when that pain is bad. Also Methocarbonal is something I take as needed for that deep ache. Neurontin is good for that nerve pain though.
1037077 tn?1253483882 Which could increase a person's risk of depression and anxiety. I would expect they could cause one to become non-compliant with medication which could have negative consequences. The doctor uses the word 'defeated' a bit. Prolonged exposure of disturbing or negative thoughts could leave you feeling defeated, hopeless, helpless, etc. If I relate this to myself I would say that you become overwhelmed and increasingly unwell.
Avatar n tn why did the pyschiatrist up the dose after I displayed about 15 of 20 side effects? Why was I diagnosed Bi-polar on these meds when I had lived my life and held the same job all my life, and was normal? Was the doctor incompetant? If a person sufferes side effects, shouldn't they be taken off the medication, why was mine upped? I am still angry, I lost 4 years of my life, for what I believe to be incompatantcy....What would cause me to have side effects like that? Thank you for your time.
Avatar n tn It is very hard to get a doctor who is a hepatologist to even help you out with the symptoms because many are not listed on the medication's list of side effects. I was a wreck and it was only by having a good personal doctor and excellent osteopath that I have finally recovered from the treatment. I was in my 30's and in reasonably good shape and in good health before I started it. After the medication I developed a fatty liver as well.
Avatar n tn I went and saw a new doctor today (9/15/05) and he prescribed me Armour, which I am hoping will help me not only with the hair loss but also the depression, fatigue, aches/pains, headaches and the list goes on and on. I just want to get better and hope that you will get better too! Thansk for your post!
Avatar f tn Often, we interpret symptoms as side effects of medication when what's really happening is that our meds increases are not keeping up with the degeneration of our thyroids. There are other brands of thyroid meds besides Synthroid (e.g. Levoxyl, generic, lesser prescribed brands). There is also a new product on the market, Tirosint, whcih has no fillers (fillers sometimes cause side effects) and is a gelcap. There are also other options down the road if T4-only therapy doesn't work for you.
17174583 tn?1456156546 Could my symptoms be side effects? I know I have written a lot, I tried to be accurated, for I am desperate and I feel like I am dying. Thank you for your patience!
Avatar n tn Attention anyone taking Cymbalta...PLEASE read about the side effects and the horrible withdrawl symptoms. It turned me into a zoombie then it took over a year to withdraw from. It is worse than anything I have ever experienced in my whole life. I am not going to be a guinea pig for any more of these new drugs, I'll just stick with vicodin.
Avatar n tn I tried Cymbalta for 8 full weeks at an effective dosage and it was almost completly non effective and the side effects and eventual withdrawl were worse than with Effexor XR. Yes, you will hear horror stories about how uncomfortable it is to come off Effexor (if you ever do) but the reality is that Cymbalta is no better in that aspect. Effexor XR makes Weyth Pharmicuticals 3.5 Billion (not Million dollars) per year in revinue. It is the highest per year grossing Antidepressant on the market.
Avatar m tn The hardest thing to do is to be patient and give the meds time to work, and give the side effects time to start improving. Since you started out at a low dose, it may take even longer for you to get to the point where you can fairly assess the Zoloft's effectiveness. My advice to you would be to talk to your doctor about slowing it down a bit. I think asking to go back to the 25mg isn't a bad idea.
422425 tn?1307996590 Some side effects of Tramadol include, vertigo or dizziness, some weakness, visual disturbances and loss of coordination. The usually side effects with most meds including tramadol include nausea, vomiting or stomach distress. This and most other pain meds may also cause constipation, headache, drowsiness, anxiety, irritability, dry mouth, or increased sweating.
Avatar n tn Not to scare anyone, but I have been taking Prevacid (started out with Aciphex -- felt awful on it) for around 5 wks, off and then on, and have several side effects from it. READ the insert and exactly what side effects it can cause like I did. I found that my dry eyes, eye pain, hair loss, stomach pain, etc. are because of IT!!