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1079264 tn?1256005782 what is hyper manic disorder, how bad can it get, possible medication help, and insomia
571167 tn?1223214465 wELL I NOW ADDED ABILIFY 2 MY LIST!
Avatar n tn Some mood stabilizers treat mania more easily than depression (although Lamictal generally treats depression well) but each person responds differently to each medication. If his psychiatrist doesn't have any more ideas you could seek a secnd opinion but ask them what might be the appropriate next step within their clinical discretion. Also note the use of medication and dosage are different for a younger person and you could discuss this with the psychiatrist as well.
520191 tn?1355635402 Then from there ask about the specific side effect profile and efficacy of each one as regards its effect on depression and you could also look up the medication website. From what I am reading Amisulpride like Seroquel does have a mood stabilization effect and actually has shown efficacy on depresion though only a psychiatrist would understand this in full.
Avatar f tn There are a variety of kinds of bipolar and with some the depressive aspects are more evident. Lamictal and Abilify are generally a good combination of medications so they should be working. I'm not sure whether the anxiety is anxiety disorder or caused by the medication. I know some medications can cause nervousness or phobia on occassion. Abilify and Zyprexa did that to me but that's not that common but within the realm of possibilities.
724388 tn?1231372047 is there any way of overcoming the manic depression problem? i have been experiencing depression for as long as i can remember. i think it all has to do with my loving uncle passed away when i was young, my biological father not being around since i was 4, having a stepdad raise me and my sister, my mom being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, ect. there has been a number of tramatic events in my life that may have caused this depression. can anyone help this far into depression?
Avatar n tn my husband was told he had major depression. he was put on prozac 60mg,wellbutrin 100mg,and zyprexa 20mg. it has been 2 years. he can't remember things from the day before. he does seam a little better. but he acts like a zobie. i feel he is over medicated. please give me some advise. i spoke to his doctor last time we saw him. he said he would start cutting him back next time we saw him. i read in a book on depression that he sould have only been on zyprexa for a short time.
Avatar n tn and other 170 different OTC and RX that are available). I did not see Seroquel on the list and see that it is mainly for manic depression/ biopolar disorder, etc. Thanks.
Avatar n tn i was wondering if there is a anti-depressant that is great for manic depression and to loose my depression weight. when i am depressed or stressed i eat until i feel sick. i am in serious need for help. please help me. i am not sure what meds could help my situation!
Avatar m tn This creativity is the creative genius, which is so rare, yet an inordinate percentage of the well-known creative people were/are afflicted with manic depression. (2, 3) Among the lengthy list are: (writers) F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Sylvia Plath; (poets) William Blake, Sara Teasdale, Walt Whitman, Ralph Waldo Emerson; (composers) Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky.
Avatar n tn What is to be expected when a person has been diagnoised with manic depression and has been on medication for several years, and recently quit taking it and now is in manic mode... And how do you convince someone in manic mode that they need help . That medicantion is needed...
Avatar f tn I am 38 and I have Bipolar 1 and in 2001 or 2002 I had my first full blown psychotic manic episode. I also have GAD and OCD. I do not have repeative behaviors, but repitative thoughts plaque me. After release from the hospital I tried medications and saw a counselor for a couple of years with no progress and had been denied disability.
142722 tn?1281533616 It looks to me that you are a bit hyperthyroid. Hyperthyroidism can cause a whole lot of symptoms including, anxiety, heart palpitations, depression, high blood pressure, fatigue, weakness, and the list goes on. I'm not doctor, but I would think it could case worsening symptoms of bi-polarity. Are you on medication?
Avatar n tn My aunt suffers from manic depression and had taken Paxil coninuously for 2.5 years. However, in December 2000 she starting having brief seizures and gradually stopped taking PAxil. She has been completely off the medication for the past 4 weeks. Now she wants to start taking it again, because she feels she needs it, because her depressive and manic episodes are worsening. Do you think she can start taking Paxil again, or should she try a different drug? Thanks a lot.
4430260 tn?1355099657 You may rapid cycle after a while. I can't tell because all of us cycle differently. The depression could and probably will be severe but you can make it through it. Time slows down when you are depressed, well I don't have to tell you anything about depression. If you haven't fell into manic depression in a while I will give you some tips that I have figured out. The manic depression will pass.
Avatar n tn I know all about being a Manic Depressive because I am one also. He takes Adderall for ADHD, Zoloft for Depression, Depakote for Manic, Coloindine for a hand to face tick, Periactin for itching/to gain weight, and Hydroxyzine for itching. I am also Hypothyroid, as are my sisters and father. My six year old daughter was just diagnosed with ADD and is on Ritalin. I have been researching all of these and have seen that hypothyroid covers them all. I also have a goiter.
1134609 tn?1269272200 However, I am very sensitive to medication; Seroquel kicked me into a manic episode. Given this fact, what are some of the effective mood stabilizers for mania? What are some of your experiences with said stabilizers?
Avatar n tn I could be anything ranging from major depression to manic depression or mix of other mood disorders. Anyway we can't really make a diagnosis here. The best way to go would be to seek the help of a psychologist again if you are not seeing one currently and maybe get proper medication for proper diagnosis.
Avatar m tn An agitated mixed state is the speeded up quality of manic with the bitter affect (mood) of depression. It seems like anger but its different. I experienced this before I recovered from schizoaffective disorder (with glycine, a Phase II anti-psychotic in FDA study which is a glutamate antagonist a new form of antipsychotic, for more information google "Dr. Javitt, glycine") all the time. If you feel "angry at the world" tthat way be why.
Avatar f tn What is the difference between hypomania and a fully manic episode? I am thinking that a fullt manic episode includes symptoms of psychosis?
Avatar n tn 1st diagnosis: manic depression or ADHD. 2nd diagnosis: None 3rd diagnosis: manic depression or brain injury. Each time someone wants my son to start taking medications. Dont you need a firm diagnosis 1st in order to know what medication is needed? Does anyone relate to these symptoms? Restless legs, cant sleep more than 2 hrs a night, can't concentrate, can't sit still, everyone thiks he's on drugs.(Multiple drug tests). Whats wrong with my son?
Avatar f tn manic depression can also be known as bipolar disorder...its like when you get really high feelings then all of a sudden really low feelings. Usually there are phases like manic phases which lasts either days or even months then followed by depressive phases. Actually, a lot of famous people have this. Jim Carey and Robin Williams both have it. They only film movies during their "manic" stages and often disappear during their depressive stages.
Avatar f tn m diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder, and I need to be on some kind of medication. I cannot take SSRIs because every time I have taken them in the past, they have led me to become manic (though the diagnosis of bipolar disorder has been ruled out). Does anyone know of any medication I could take that is a mood stabalizer that wouldn't harm my baby?
Avatar n tn I am a 55 year old female, overweight since the birth of my second child in 1969--lost and gained hundreds of pound--never successful at keeping weight off. I have had severe manic depression all my life and currently take 200 mg of effexor and 1750 mg of depakote to keep stable. Treatment began in 1982 and has continued until now using new drugs as they were introduced. I am an insulin dependent diabetic under fairly good control-142-for five years. (80 units of insulin per day.
Avatar n tn Bipolar Disorder when a person get manic depression is one of the symptoms having cold hands and feet and getting cold alone with manic and depression and seizures thank you Dear Barbara, Bipolar disorder, also known as "manic-depression" is characterized by episodes of mood disturbance. Persons most typically have manic episodes, but the majority also have depressive episodes.
1255530 tn?1269867619 And obviously, anyone who is at the far end near point B (classic manic depression) will become very manic very easily when given an AD. In my experience, my first hypomanias were induced by antidepressants, but I went on to experience spontaneous hypomanias/ severe dysphoric manias when I was off of medication.
2190999 tn?1504988891 With us it is good to have a routine. I try to do most of the things I do when I am manic even when I am depressed. Granted I am faster when I am manic but meditation, yoga, and exercise will help keep you stable. If you don't fight the depression and feed the mania you are doomed to cycle more frequently. Medicine helps but I still have breakthroughs on my medication.
202665 tn?1248806733 Ever notice that even on medication the swings between manic an depression can be tough? the depression starts out small..something gone wrong..then another..then another..etc. Soon, where you felt you where on level ground, it gives way and you're falling. you grasp to stop the fall but one thnig about a hole is that it gets drker the deeper you fall. Soon you switch from tryng to stop yourself and climbing out to dealing with the darkness around you.