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4430260 tn?1355103257 Time slows down when you are depressed, well I don't have to tell you anything about depression. If you haven't fell into manic depression in a while I will give you some tips that I have figured out. The manic depression will pass. Sometimes after you make that switch and the mania is gone it in itself can cause depression. Improving your concentration is important as you start coming down. I was put on b12 when I fell back into rapid cycling and it seemed to help.
1079264 tn?1256009382 what is hyper manic disorder, how bad can it get, possible medication help, and insomia
Avatar n tn By the way I meant to tell you that manic depression and bi-polar are the same thing. It was called manic depression but has now changed its name.
Avatar n tn I know all about being a Manic Depressive because I am one also. He takes Adderall for ADHD, Zoloft for Depression, Depakote for Manic, Coloindine for a hand to face tick, Periactin for itching/to gain weight, and Hydroxyzine for itching. I am also Hypothyroid, as are my sisters and father. My six year old daughter was just diagnosed with ADD and is on Ritalin. I have been researching all of these and have seen that hypothyroid covers them all. I also have a goiter.
Avatar m tn They are very similar and have same symptoms. Manic depression is hyperactivity. And depression is inattentive or withdrawal from interests. Start prescribing the adhd meds for depression or inattentive attention disorder, and, mood stabilization meds for maniac disorders or hyperactivity and leave psychotherapy for environmental issues and coping skills for change.
Avatar f tn depression and most disorders are life long never ending battles But if we work hard and want change they can be managed well im bipolar manic depression anxiety long list 6 years of meds and counseling and doing my part my hard work my depression is a week or so bump not a pit unless to much piles on me even then if i follow what i learned i can pull myself out i am better more happy and peaceful but the fight and battle like said never ends but im sorry i feel lack of commitment being s
Avatar m tn Mania and intelligence are not the same thing. When a person is manic they feel that they have a heightened sense of awareness and perception but in actuality due to the mania their senses are flooded and they often can't understand what is going on and they eventually lose judgement and reasoning. I know having been through it. Some medications can cause cognitive confusion but each person responds differently.
Avatar f tn It would be worthwhile to discuss available options with her psychiatrist.
Avatar f tn There are a variety of kinds of bipolar and with some the depressive aspects are more evident. Lamictal and Abilify are generally a good combination of medications so they should be working. I'm not sure whether the anxiety is anxiety disorder or caused by the medication. I know some medications can cause nervousness or phobia on occassion. Abilify and Zyprexa did that to me but that's not that common but within the realm of possibilities.
Avatar m tn Mentally Depakote worked for me along with wellbutrin, for the first time in 14 years I felt like me again. I had a medication that kept me from being depressed and also one that kept me from swinging. I was upbeat motivated and on task. There was a down side though, I lost tons of hair and had regrowth fuzz. I also gained 35 pounds, 25 of which was in the first 3 months.
Avatar n tn I do not know how severe your depression is, but since the depression itself will not be forever, is it a realistic option to wait it out? Quoting another of GravesLady's wise thoughts: Not everyone is the same. We vary in our feelings about taking an antidepressant. I would rather not add another drug while I am adjusting to levothyroxine, but other people do not think twice about taking an antidepressant, and neither viewpoint is right or wrong.
571167 tn?1223218065 wELL I NOW ADDED ABILIFY 2 MY LIST!
Avatar f tn Apathy can be part of depression. People think that depression is only just being sad, it's much more complex. Apathy, anger, mood swings, states of manic, and sadness can all be feelings of depression. Now when it comes to depression there are lots of causes. Hormonal -thyroid disorders, straight serotonin problems, etc and these usually take medication of some kind. The other is environmental -so excess stress, seasons, or having a lot of things go wrong with your body at once.
Avatar n tn The inserts list depression as a side for about 1/3 of the patients, that means 2/3 don't get severe depression. Around wk 8 or so, I experienced a sort of a "blackhole" of emotionless state. I felt nothing, not anger, happiness, worry, etc. It was scary. At three wks of this, I considered getting ADs, but the state lifted soon after and I settled into a regular state of apathy which allowed me to still be functional.
585414 tn?1288944902 Also the opposite is true, BUT and this is one argument i always hold and many object to it is that BP can be a complication of a psychic disease like you start as OCD person or having a panic disorder or ADHD then an abuse of meds turns you to BP clinically. A few only who can show manic behavior and depression consecutively or alone. The proof is that so many people nowadays are categorized BP the statistics say at least 1/100 don't you think it's too much.
5509652 tn?1391232415 Your depressive episodes sound like classic depressive episodes, but major depression and bipolar overlap in the depression phase, making them hard to distinguish if you're not manic. But you have some major mania red flags. Given your young age and the combination of symptoms, I'd say it's a definite possibility, and you clearly need help for the state you're in right now no matter what the diagnosis ends up being. Best of luck.
439168 tn?1307935340 I have been seeing my psychiatrist for 6 years now for Bipolar Disorder and he keeps adding medication to my list. I feel fatigued all the time, even though I take them at night and I don't feel productive at all! I am currently taking Lamictal, Risperdone, Topimax, Celexa, Xanax, Trazadone, and abilify. Has anyone heard of anyone with Bipolar taking this much medication? I have had a few cycling over the years but nothing I think that would warrant this much medication.
Avatar f tn But although there are some natural remedies that work on depression they have not found any that can replace standard medication. In Europe natural remedies are prescribed but in the U.S. they are unregulated so you don't know what you are getting. But if anything is being used against depression it must be regulated by a doctor. Regardless you said you said you had suicidal thoughts. That is something you need to speak to someone about.
1930930 tn?1323217847 Lithium is supposed to be the best drug for bipolar disorder as it is the only mood stabilizer that also treats depression but no medication works for every single person.
Avatar n tn Well let me say this. I also have MAJOR anxiety issues. But I am also currently heavily addicted to percocet. I was prescribed them for pain from a car wreck and have been on them steadily for at least 2 years. Its funny you say that about how you feel "pain killers" help you cope with the anxiety issues because at one point I THOUGHT the same thing. I even said to my doctor, "man these things really are helping my anxeity"...well WATCH out!!!!
Avatar n tn Sorry for taking so long to answer Ikayk, as a chemicaly imbalanced person ,with Manic Depression, notice I did not say Bypolar, ( to PC ), In my own case and others I have spoken to with our condition of depression, we allready came into this depressed. You will start to feel better very soon, you must give it a fews days but you also must try and push past it. I notice you quoting scripture ( soory not into it ) but that a great sign and a good start for you to ease your depression.
1105920 tn?1259964888 I am in a relationship with someone who has depression/general anxiety/social anxiety/bipolar type I, which are under control by taking Paxil (37mg/day) and Seroquel (150mg/night). He's usually very happy, especially around me. Lately I have noticed that he looks at me and acts like he is in love, but can't say it. I'm doubting he can even feel it, based on what I've read and how he's said the meds affect him.
Avatar f tn i would say lamital is the best med out there (though i didn't tolerate it myself) not because it doesn'tcause weight gain or with the least side effects, but it'speculiarity concerning depression, because being bipolar you must have periods of depression (the majority) but lamictal lifts depression. i am on seroquel for example and i find it the best for me. if i start questionning diabetes, withdrawal symptoms, cataract, weight gain, i will not take it. give it a try for sure.
Avatar f tn i really appriate any time anybody has took to read this and i am going to list some questions below to see if anybody can help as im desperate! Does anybody know why CITALOPRAM worked so well so quickly too? Obvoiusly i cant go back on it as it just poops out now looking at the evidence? Is it possible to beat this using natural products? I belive this is entirely chemical!!! Something is not working in my brain as it should.
Avatar m tn While sinusoidal mood is related to manic depression (bi-polar) it can just be depression too but it really sounds like manic depression if you are experiencing really high ups and really low downs. A number of medical conditions could be the cause of your depression but you say it's been 7 years so I would probably rule out any serious medical condition requiring imaging but if it can help your mind to have an MRI I'd go for it. I would also do a complete blood count.
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Avatar m tn The opiates completely eliminated all my anxiety and depression. I felt like I was invincible. This lead me to take more medication than prescribed, more often than it was prescribed. On some level I knew it was foolish, but I justified it by telling myself I had tried everything else and that they were legal prescription medications. It wasn't like I was shooting heroin I thought, when in reality I was pretty much popped synthetic heroin pills.
172715 tn?1285498090 Hi, I have had manic depression with lots of suicide attempts in my life time. My first depressed feeling were in 3rd grade and first suicidal thoughts were in 5th grade. I started prozac at age 15 and it worked great for me for 7 years, then wellbutrin for 5 years, now I am on a combo of cymbalta and ritalin. The combo of Cymbalta and Ritalin has been amazing for me! It really helped to lift me out of the funk I was in or I always seem to be in.
Avatar n tn // The anti-cholesterol medication Lovaza is being studied as well as well. I am on an anti-psychotic agent that is in Phase II FDA study. Science is still determing the results. Its an unknown quantity. But there are FDA approved medications that could and would be prescribed off label for bipolar by a mood disorders specialist.