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Avatar n tn I think i might have depression but dont want to see doctor for work reasons.I have been taking herbal ant depressants but no change still feel down. I got some real anti-depressants online but dont know if i should take them. I had one tablet and it made me a little queezy. The drug has ESCITOL-20 ie Escitalopram Oxalate Is it safe to take these or is there any substitute i can take?
Avatar f tn I'm curious if you are on any prescription meds? I have had patm for over two years. I take Wellbutrin (bupropion) for depression. I'm experimenting with a few weeks without the medication and I think it may be reducing reactions. Any one else on prescription meds, specifically depression medication?
1139187 tn?1355706647 I have really bad shakes, nausea, and tinnitus (ear ringing) from medication I take for my thyroid. My Dr. gave me some depression medication and told me it may supress the symptoms. It ended up making them worse. He gave me citalopram. Does anyone have any other suggestions?
Avatar m tn I think I must be broken......Depression is common in my family history...grandmother, aunts... uncles.....not really my parents....they are just annoyed or in my mothers case...she feels helpless to help me.... I know she feels I don't share with her...... I really have no-one anymore.... I live for my daughter...that's it..... without her though, my life would senseless.... just a ray of sunshine over here...
Avatar f tn But anyways, I was wondering if I could take the two or should I just take the anti-depressant and see how I do without the melatonin and then maybe add it in. or should I ask my doctor..
1096856 tn?1333119985 I want to give myself the best chance of conceiving naturally but with the help of some medication. If I am not able to conceive without IVF, I think I would take that as a sign that I am just too old and by the time they did all their workups and procedures, I would be more like 44! I do want a child, but don't want to get too crazy about it. Thank you again for your response!! You are a great help to all of us.
Avatar m tn Hi there everyone I was prescribed Diazepam (valium) a couple of weeks ago to see how they worked - I only had 6 but managed to make them last for a while. I suffer from Panic Disorder and Generalised Anxiety and took them for panic attacks. They completely stopped the attacks (I only took one when I felt an attack coming on) and I was only on 2mg which I believe is the lowest dose. Anyway, I saw a different GP to the one who prescribed me Diazepam and she said that I can't have anymore.
Avatar n tn hey about 2 wks ago i was switch from zoloft to paxil. with paxil i have gained about 15 lbs. But my main concern is my anger i can not control it. i get angry with a drop of a hat. i still have intense anxiety & depression. i have a hx self multation.(cutter). since i have start paxil 3 large cuts. is this zoloft withdraw or paxil sideeffects?
Avatar n tn They can have side effects which would be minor. But if you take medication again and again your body can build up a tolerance to that medication and is no longer effective, but in your case that would not happen from this one time thing.
Avatar f tn My 40 y/o son suddenly developed these symptoms: obsessed with dying, insomnia, panic attacks, loss of appetite with resultant 15 lb weight loss, so far. He is miserable, crying, telling people he has colon cancer, then lymphoma. His doctor put him on Lexapro but it takes a while to work. He was admitted through ER to the psych unit. The doctor there sent him home the next day, I'm sure because he didn't seem that severe.
Avatar m tn Always worth a try to manage things without medication but the frank truth is that many who suffer depression need it and there is no shame in that. Working with a therapist/psychologist is a great step in battling depression and will be very valuable both in the therapies you receive as well as professional direction in terms of if other things such as medication are needed to feel your best. And that's the bottom line, feeling better.
Avatar f tn I found several things online that addressed the issue of depression without sadness. I was wondering if anyone else had dealt with this problem and what was prescribed to them. I'm going to make an appointment to see my psychiatrist and see if she can help.
6726276 tn?1421126668 I have to credit a young nurse who lives with severe back pain since childhood to set my mind to this task of overcoming the pain without medication, and she has a strenuous bedside nursing job that is physically demanding. I also have to credit the people who I came to know since my teenage years who were recovering heroin addicts.
Avatar m tn Hi oldie... haven't seen you in a while; how are things going? In answer to your question regarding T3 meds, while there are sites online that say they sell cytomel without a prescription, I would never buy from them, because I have no idea what they are really selling... There are also some glandular products that are sold over the counter, but they are supposed to have the actual hormone content removed and are simply ground up tissue. In short, T3 products sold in the U.
Avatar f tn I am on Levothyroxin. I have liver disease and was seen at the Mayo Clinic to determine if I was a good candidate for a liver transplant. During their testing, it was determined that I had a nodule on my Thyroid. Further testing indicated that the nodule was cancerous and the determination to remove my entire thyroid was made by the team of doctors. I need to be cancer-free for 2 years to be put on the transplant list, and it's been 20 months.
Avatar f tn I visited this link they say that it is illegal to buy medication from internet without prescription but I have a prescription and it will be renewed, Also they have all the other medication on the list but not tramadol.
Avatar n tn Mixing alcohol with any medication is questionable, depending on the medication in question. Alcohol and psychiatric medication should never be mixed, Besides alcohol being a depressant and directly affecting your mood, mixing them together can depending on the medication be down right dangerous. On how it specifically effects Prozac and adderall ?
Avatar f tn please please , what can i use to get rid of the stretch marks without or without a prescription?
Avatar n tn the fact that you have no side effects when you go off the medication is not a reflection of the potency of the medication .many people can go all these medications without any side effects. You sound to me as if you are overly reliant on the medications to control your mood. Remember that you have a mind also and you can solve problems and deal with relationships and all of that influences your mood.
Avatar n tn If you are pregnant, do not take SAM-e (or any prescription drug, non-prescription medication, or supplement) without your healthcare provider's approval. Just because something is "natural" or available without a prescription does not mean it is safe, especially during pregnancy. As always, ask your doctor before taking ANYTHING during pregnancy.