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4430260 tn?1355103257 Time slows down when you are depressed, well I don't have to tell you anything about depression. If you haven't fell into manic depression in a while I will give you some tips that I have figured out. The manic depression will pass. Sometimes after you make that switch and the mania is gone it in itself can cause depression. Improving your concentration is important as you start coming down. I was put on b12 when I fell back into rapid cycling and it seemed to help.
Avatar f tn How can one tell the difference between ADHD and manic-depression? As a child, could not sit still, it started in second grade. I could not stay in seat, blurted out answers, daydreamed uncontrollably, unfocused, lack of concentration, could not read/comprehend until about two months ago (now 53 yrs. old). Slow learner, writing and reading difficulties as a child, full of energy, moving hands constantly, and many more symptoms... never diagnosed as ADHD but think I have had it since childhood.
1334561 tn?1277236886 I have been smoking weed, even with my Manic Depression, and Its not affecting me any differently than it has when I was smoking Quarter (.25 of an Ounce) Before I was diagnosed, should I stop or May I Continue...?
Avatar n tn I know all about being a Manic Depressive because I am one also. He takes Adderall for ADHD, Zoloft for Depression, Depakote for Manic, Coloindine for a hand to face tick, Periactin for itching/to gain weight, and Hydroxyzine for itching. I am also Hypothyroid, as are my sisters and father. My six year old daughter was just diagnosed with ADD and is on Ritalin. I have been researching all of these and have seen that hypothyroid covers them all. I also have a goiter.
Avatar n tn -- I know, because I feel just like you do when I am not taking my medication. Your symptoms could be due to bipolar, or schitzophrenia, or another disorder -- but only a doctor, preferably a psychiatrist, can diagnose and treat you. You do not have to continue on this way -- there is effective treatment available and it will make a world of difference to you. This forum is not the place to diagnose or treat any disorder -- you must speak with a doctor.
Avatar n tn By the way I meant to tell you that manic depression and bi-polar are the same thing. It was called manic depression but has now changed its name.
Avatar n tn I still get anxiety attacks. I lost my last girlfriend because she couldnt stand my manic outbursts and depression. I will be seeing Bridge Centre in 2 to 3 weeks time, I'll let you know how I get on. I'm going to try meditation in a bit. No Music or TV just silence for half an hour then go to bed. Managed about 6 hours broken sleep last night. better than none at all. Thanks for the info, hope you are ok on your meds.
Avatar f tn Hypomania is not as intense as mania. For example, you may be pacing, full of energy, talking fast, and racing thoughts, but at the same time you are not a complete ball of energy. Like you may just be much more energetic but not necessarily clean the whole house at 2:00 a.m. You just don't go up as high. I have hypomania and not mania. Psychosis can happen sort of any time, from what I understand, either in deperssion or mania. I would ask these questions of your doctor, too.
Avatar n tn Rainz, you are probably too young to be manic depressive. I wouldn't worry about the diagnosis, but if you want to describe your symptoms and problems and why you are depressed, we may be able to she some light on that.
Avatar m tn Question: Being identified by mixed phase rapid cycling manic-depression in March, 1993. During the time frame starting in 1993 to present, No combination of medication has been found to control the illness. Typically the mixed stage of the illness - causes almost impossible situation to bring the illness under control. A major part of the illness effects my sleep patteren. A true Insomanic...coupled with racing thoughts is a major component of the illness.
Avatar m tn They are very similar and have same symptoms. Manic depression is hyperactivity. And depression is inattentive or withdrawal from interests. Start prescribing the adhd meds for depression or inattentive attention disorder, and, mood stabilization meds for maniac disorders or hyperactivity and leave psychotherapy for environmental issues and coping skills for change.
Avatar n tn Refuses therapy. Don't know what medications daughter is taking. Medication was perscribed by doctor. Medication perscribed one and onehalf years ago. Was in rehab for perscription drug abuse. Did not complete the Betty Ford program and has not appeared to help. Daughter was originally diagnosed during college. Was on Zoloft and was stable until 3rd child born which has thrown her life into termoil. Parents would like to know how best to help daughter who lives in different State.
222267 tn?1253305810 We tried to max out the Wellbutrin to 300mg but I instantly started to become manic. The Wellbutrin mixture has saved me from the crippling depression. I don't want to call my doctor. I know he will put me on some sort of tranquilizer and try to kill me. I refused last time and he told me to just have fun then and call him when it gets really bad. Did I just say my doc was trying to killl me? Oh boy. Here we go. Hold on to my seat belt. I don't know what i'm saying but I can't stop.
Avatar n tn I posted before about my son. The symptoms that my son shows that look like hypothyroidism are as follows: Low body temp...96.4 or less taken in the morning before getting out of bed 5 days in a row. Dry skin/ the point of scratching himself constantly. Brittle nails...they flake off. Insomnia...he lays in bed for hours. Poor short term memory and concentration...He has to write notes to himself. Depression... irritability... anxiety attacks...not that many though.
1614914 tn?1325564159 I find this sentence and your novel-long blog, BUT THIS IS BECAUSE I HAD THIS EXPERIENCE NEARLY WORD FOR WORD, EXACTLY. I was depressed all my life, but my manic symptoms started around age 16. I did not know then that this "mania" because I did not know anything about bipolar disorder and that it was a serious medical condition. I was ignorant and believed it was an excuse for people to be "moody" and make excuses. I did terrible things as the years went on.
Avatar f tn She went back on the meds but still had another BP depression the following 2 months and then she went into a manic episode. While she was in the hospital they changed her meds to Depakote & Zyprexa which she was on for just about the full 9 days she was there. It took awhile for her to get stable. When she came home she was okay and then after a day or two she would just sleep and eat all day, could not really fully function. I mean she was really doped up, lethargic and just blah. Dr.
Avatar f tn , moods all over the place, insomnia, hypomania, agitation, you name it I felt it - although I fortunately haven't hit the terrible depression and got myself to the doc quick smart. Saw the psychiatrist who prescribed zyprexa, god it was awful, had terrible allergic reaction. I now have 2 weeks to wait before I see the psych again. In the meantime I've had some advice on here and I've trawled the internet to find out other medications available in this country.
505907 tn?1258372940 Yes, it will give you hypomanic symptoms and can actually make you truly manic. That's the danger. Everyone is different when it comes to manic states. I was referring more to using Adderall.
Avatar m tn Why do you have ativan in the first place? Was it prescribed for these episodes, for something else, or are you getting it illegally (like from a friend, family member, or off the street)? Honestly, an "adrenaline rush" that takes ativan to calm it down, especially if that's what the ativan was prescribed for, sounds more like anxiety/panic attacks, but none of us can diagnose you over the internet.
Avatar n tn That does sound like depression but it also could be an agitated mixed state where a person has the down aspect of depression but the speeded up quality of mania so it seems like constant anger. You should speak to your psychiatrist about what is going on and they could decide how to help you.
574118 tn?1305138884 Too much pain will cause me to go depressed. I can also go manic from zoloft but I am put on it sometimes to pull me out of manic depression. Tha is the only reason they will put me on it and they will only keep me on it until I start going manic because that is the opposite of manic depression. Even will all that I can have breakthroughs of mania or depression involuntary. S to answer your question all of us are different with different cycle of mania and depression.
1685280 tn?1305435653 I have made the internet my best friend when it comes to finding out about my Bi-Polar/Manic Depression. Medications, symptoms, different types of episodes and every other question i have. I have been dealing with this for 16 yrs and treating it for most of that. I still have questions that are unanswered, and med's that don't work. Not to mention i still ride the roller coaster every day with not real cure.
Avatar n tn He says that Tegretol is also being prescribed for this condition. How do these drugs work, on the molecular level, to reduce the symptoms of manic depression? Are these effective treatments? What, if any, is the relationship between seizures and/or epilepsy and bipolar disorder? Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions.
676912 tn?1332816151 What are the symptoms of bipolar disorder? I'm just curious because it runs on both sides of my family, and my dad is bipolar, and occasionally I think maybe I should be talking to a dr because of how I am sometimes, but I don't want to walk into the drs office and make them think I'm some crazy person.
Avatar n tn How do these drugs work, on the molecular level, to reduce the symptoms of manic depression? Are these effective treatments? What, if any, is the relationship between seizures and/or epilepsy and bipolar disorder? Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. ======================================================================================== Thanks for the question.
Avatar f tn I have a feeling that I have bipolar and whenever I have read the symptoms I have suspected that I've had those symptoms (for example I saw 'racing thoughts and instantly was like 'I've had that')but I can't pinpoint a period of time because I have literally the worst memory. I know for sure that I have depressive episodes because I had one a few months ago and a mild one a few weeks ago but I'm not sure about manic ones.
574118 tn?1305138884 Again does it exist a category of people not necessarily BP or classicaly BP but because under the constant use of AD get manic. you see the definition of a BP pt is someone who can get manic either with or without an AD. So the label BP is not a disease but a property or behaviour. Because if if someone not called having originally the disease but got manic it means that bipolarity is the ability to get manic and not a category called bipolars.
Avatar f tn im not sure im bipolar though, because i dont have those severe '' manic moments? '' when u dont think clear at all.. well when im chocked or sad i turn out beeing pretty violent but i dont stay this way for a long time, only sometimes. sometimes its just like all crazy in my head, i think '' omg this is so sweet!! '' and in the same time i feel totally the opposite.. anyways, does anyone here thinks its the beginning of bipolar disease?