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Avatar f tn s therapist had her fill out a form rating her feelings such as sadness, fatigue, other symptoms of depression. My friend said to her therapist that she was worried about me. I currently see my own therapist and doctor. Her therapist also gave another one of those forms to give to me. I did fill it out but now don't know whether to ignore it or ask my doctor and therapist if they want it.
Avatar n tn My family does have a history of manic depression and bipolar disorder as a matter of fact my dad has both. I love my wife and kids and I know I am now at the age my dad was at when he got sick I shall say. I have SEVERE mood swings that are unexplainable my wife said she never in her life has seen someone who gets AS mad as QUICK as I do. I have been doing alot of research on the subject I'm really not one to talk about my problems.
Avatar f tn Well there are several types of depression, major depression, chronic depression, bipolar manic depression as examples. Symptoms of depression can include an extreme feeling of sadness, sometimes you can’t sleep or you sleep too much, you cant concentrate, you feel hopeless, you have negative thoughts that you cant control no matter how much you try! you can lose your appetite or sometimes you even gain appetite. You can be easily irritated.
Avatar m tn There are also a gazillion other weird symptoms that go with each of the states (depression, mania, hypomania, mixed episode). It's really complicated and there are different types of bipolar and each person is different. Personally when I'm depressed I'm REALLY depressed and suicidal and I get physical symptoms (digestive and muscular) and I hallucinate.
Avatar f tn manic depression can also be known as bipolar disorder...its like when you get really high feelings then all of a sudden really low feelings. Usually there are phases like manic phases which lasts either days or even months then followed by depressive phases. Actually, a lot of famous people have this. Jim Carey and Robin Williams both have it. They only film movies during their "manic" stages and often disappear during their depressive stages.
Avatar n tn Bipolar Disorder when a person get manic depression is one of the symptoms having cold hands and feet and getting cold alone with manic and depression and seizures thank you Dear Barbara, Bipolar disorder, also known as "manic-depression" is characterized by episodes of mood disturbance. Persons most typically have manic episodes, but the majority also have depressive episodes.
724388 tn?1231372047 is there any way of overcoming the manic depression problem? i have been experiencing depression for as long as i can remember. i think it all has to do with my loving uncle passed away when i was young, my biological father not being around since i was 4, having a stepdad raise me and my sister, my mom being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, ect. there has been a number of tramatic events in my life that may have caused this depression. can anyone help this far into depression?
Avatar n tn Some mood stabilizers treat mania more easily than depression (although Lamictal generally treats depression well) but each person responds differently to each medication. If his psychiatrist doesn't have any more ideas you could seek a secnd opinion but ask them what might be the appropriate next step within their clinical discretion. Also note the use of medication and dosage are different for a younger person and you could discuss this with the psychiatrist as well.
1965148 tn?1354978634 As others here have commented, a real psychotic episode, which is a very serious event, must occur in order for their to be a true 'bipolar I' diagnosis. The diagnostic 'bar' for labling someone as 'manic depressive' must be high, because of the risks of the medications that are needed to control this illness, among other factors.
Avatar m tn Been bipolar for most of my life but did not understand it. have been manic since jan 2010 and it could'nt have come at a better time. my spouse is ill and had to get her through it. I'm concerned that this episode will end and i will go back to being depressed again. Are there any steps to take to avoid another mood swing?
4430260 tn?1355099657 You may rapid cycle after a while. I can't tell because all of us cycle differently. The depression could and probably will be severe but you can make it through it. Time slows down when you are depressed, well I don't have to tell you anything about depression. If you haven't fell into manic depression in a while I will give you some tips that I have figured out. The manic depression will pass.
1226240 tn?1269719467 The longest my manic episode has gone on for is 3-4 months this year till now. Half the time I didnt even know I was in a manic state until it all started going downhill, then I back tracked and realised that it all started from a bit of excitement.
Avatar f tn For further information about eating disorders and to take our eating disorder survey/quiz, you could visit the bella vita website. Sincerely, Dr.
Avatar n tn My aunt suffers from manic depression and had taken Paxil coninuously for 2.5 years. However, in December 2000 she starting having brief seizures and gradually stopped taking PAxil. She has been completely off the medication for the past 4 weeks. Now she wants to start taking it again, because she feels she needs it, because her depressive and manic episodes are worsening. Do you think she can start taking Paxil again, or should she try a different drug? Thanks a lot.
Avatar n tn The Mental Health Forum when a person get manic depression is one of the symptoms having cold hands and feet and getting cold alone with manic and depression and seizures thank you Follow Ups: Re: bipolar HFHS M.D.
Avatar f tn I'm a 13 year old girl and I really am starting to believe I have depression. I cry every night over things that happened forever ago and don't even matter anymore. I took a quiz and it said somewhere about 94% positive I was depressed I have also taken a quiz and it said I was bipolar and that I have a mental illness causing me to have multiple personalities.
773755 tn?1328119777 he was implying that my symptoms are depressive - which annoys me the **** to heII. so generally i had been feeling ok - usual exhaustion, but emotionally sound, i think. then yesterday's very poorly transactions, i was crying like an infant, mad, upset, hurt, very grieved. then i simply went NUMB. then had 2 hours sleep overnight due to restlessness. today thankfully feeling not so damn tired but mad as ****. want to die to end the pain.
1334561 tn?1277233286 I have been smoking weed, even with my Manic Depression, and Its not affecting me any differently than it has when I was smoking Quarter (.25 of an Ounce) Before I was diagnosed, should I stop or May I Continue...?
Avatar f tn Hypomania is not as intense as mania. For example, you may be pacing, full of energy, talking fast, and racing thoughts, but at the same time you are not a complete ball of energy. Like you may just be much more energetic but not necessarily clean the whole house at 2:00 a.m. You just don't go up as high. I have hypomania and not mania. Psychosis can happen sort of any time, from what I understand, either in deperssion or mania. I would ask these questions of your doctor, too.
Avatar n tn 1st diagnosis: manic depression or ADHD. 2nd diagnosis: None 3rd diagnosis: manic depression or brain injury. Each time someone wants my son to start taking medications. Dont you need a firm diagnosis 1st in order to know what medication is needed? Does anyone relate to these symptoms? Restless legs, cant sleep more than 2 hrs a night, can't concentrate, can't sit still, everyone thiks he's on drugs.(Multiple drug tests). Whats wrong with my son?
Avatar n tn I can totally relate. I am a rapid cycler and sometimes symptoms of mania and depression mixes. I can be very very horny and depressed at the same time. My being bipolar totally effects my sexdrive. Depression in bipolar people can sometimes be corrected by a boost of seretonin. And sex it the ultimate anti-depressent and naturally boosts seretonin levels. Therefore, the body can naturally crave that seretonin to correct the depressive side.
Avatar n tn are the above manifestations "normal" for sulpiride? is there any way to reduce the side effects but avoid a return of symptoms?
574118 tn?1305135284 Then with an abuse of an antidepressant I was dx BP as I became manic. After I extinguished my mania, I adopted a theory saying that A PERSON BECOMES MANIC ONLY UNDER AN ANTIDEPRESSANT. An obvious corollary to my theorem is IF NO DEPRESSION THEN NO BP since you will not need an AD so you won't be manic. I was happy with my theory for 3 years as I didn't need to take any AD as my depression is not so severe. Hence I never took an AD since this date.
Avatar n tn I know all about being a Manic Depressive because I am one also. He takes Adderall for ADHD, Zoloft for Depression, Depakote for Manic, Coloindine for a hand to face tick, Periactin for itching/to gain weight, and Hydroxyzine for itching. I am also Hypothyroid, as are my sisters and father. My six year old daughter was just diagnosed with ADD and is on Ritalin. I have been researching all of these and have seen that hypothyroid covers them all. I also have a goiter.
Avatar n tn He says that Tegretol is also being prescribed for this condition. How do these drugs work, on the molecular level, to reduce the symptoms of manic depression? Are these effective treatments? What, if any, is the relationship between seizures and/or epilepsy and bipolar disorder? Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions.
Avatar n tn Rainz, you are probably too young to be manic depressive. I wouldn't worry about the diagnosis, but if you want to describe your symptoms and problems and why you are depressed, we may be able to she some light on that.