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Avatar f tn (an antidepressant) a little over three months into the lexapro, he had a full blown manic episode. He quit his job, left me, and refuses to talk to me. When he quit his job he lost his medical insurance, so he has been clear of both medications for a month...he spent all of his last paycheck and didn't give me any for the bills, he is overly confident in himself (posting weird pictures of himself that he thinks are attractive but really are not..
Avatar f tn They can spur a manic or mixed episode. If an antidepressant is used it usually is only used along with a mood stabilizer, and the patient needs to be very alert to changes in mood, and the doctor needs to be aware and watching for signs or symptoms. For some it is that they have history of this happening and so the doctors will be reluctant to use an antidepressant again.
1226240 tn?1269719467 The longest my manic episode has gone on for is 3-4 months this year till now. Half the time I didnt even know I was in a manic state until it all started going downhill, then I back tracked and realised that it all started from a bit of excitement.
Avatar f tn Drugs like amphetamines can in some cases worsen existing mania, or bring it out in people predisposed to becoming manic; these drugs an also mimic the symptoms of a manic episode if taken in a great enough quantity (less need for sleep, racing thoughts, sometimes even psychosis, etc.), so what you've been experiencing could be caused by any number of things.
Avatar m tn There are also a gazillion other weird symptoms that go with each of the states (depression, mania, hypomania, mixed episode). It's really complicated and there are different types of bipolar and each person is different. Personally when I'm depressed I'm REALLY depressed and suicidal and I get physical symptoms (digestive and muscular) and I hallucinate.
1011752 tn?1269241519 I was just wondering...what is the average length of time a manic or depressive episode will last if left untreated? (This doesn't count ending it with death by suicide.) I heard somewhere that an untreated manic episode will last four months.
574118 tn?1305135284 Yes. It is perfectly possible to have a manic episode with no precipitating factors/triggers. As we've gone over before, bipolar disorder has existed for far longer than SSRIs or even any antidepressants, and while depression is often the initial symptom, it is possible to have unipolar mania (and since mania is all it takes for a BP I diagnosis, this means you'll have the BP I label).
Avatar f tn Identifying the things that trigger episodes was, for me, a critical step in reducing them, but yes -- when I'm in an episode, I do have physical symptoms from the adrenaline that is released -- rapid (often non-productive thoughts), racing pulse, can't sleep, often I'll be sick to my stomach, sometimes muscles in my arms and legs will involuntarily shake and/or I feel the need to "run away" (though I've learned that it's not a good idea to drive, go anywhere, or ma
733744 tn?1337950650 I think it is pretty normal to hit depression after mania. I think after everything is done or after it shuts off, you crash the other way. It's like jumping out of a plane without realizing your parachute is broken. One minute everything is amazing, the next you hit rock bottom. Don't worry, you're not alone. We all go through the cycles. You can get through it.
Avatar n tn What happened does sound like a manic episode, then followed by a depression.
Avatar m tn Been bipolar for most of my life but did not understand it. have been manic since jan 2010 and it could'nt have come at a better time. my spouse is ill and had to get her through it. I'm concerned that this episode will end and i will go back to being depressed again. Are there any steps to take to avoid another mood swing?
Avatar f tn Hypomania is not as intense as mania. For example, you may be pacing, full of energy, talking fast, and racing thoughts, but at the same time you are not a complete ball of energy. Like you may just be much more energetic but not necessarily clean the whole house at 2:00 a.m. You just don't go up as high. I have hypomania and not mania. Psychosis can happen sort of any time, from what I understand, either in deperssion or mania. I would ask these questions of your doctor, too.
Avatar f tn He was treated for insomnia and moderate depression for several years with Effexor, Paxil, and Xanax, until last January when he had (at age 62) a single episode of manic type symptoms, and was switched to his current meds. I am concerned that his current "zombie-like" state may actually be a side of effect of his current meds. I also wonder if the manic episode that preceded the new meds may have been largely caused by the old ones.
Avatar f tn It is a very scary thought because I have seen the recklessness and poor judgement. My daughter just had her first full manic episode approximately 1 month ago and had to be hospitalized because it became so out of control.(thinking and looking back I believe she experienced hypomanic phases but never a completely manic phase. At the time, since I was only familiar with her bipolar depression, I was caught off guard and not really familiar with the manic phase.
Avatar n tn Dear Maria Schizoaffective disorder is a period of illness in which there is either a major depressive disorder or a manic episode or a mixed episode and during that period there need to be psychotic symptoms for atleast 2 weeks in the absence of prominent mood symptoms.
1360950 tn?1277656603 t doubt you had depression when you were diagnosed but apparently to be bipolar all you need is to have EVER had a manic episode, and manic could just be extremely heightened energetic periods, rather than hallucinations and running down the street naked!
Avatar f tn People with bipolar disorder type I have had at least one manic episode and periods of major depression. In the past, bipolar disorder type I was called manic depression. People with bipolar disorder type II have never had full mania. Instead they experience periods of high energy levels and impulsiveness that are not as extreme as mania (called hypomania). These periods alternate with episodes of depression.
Avatar n tn Having experienced mania, before my current recovery, I know the basics feelings of euphoria and elation (an excess amount of happinness, that is not logical as a response to what is happenning) as well as a loss of clear judgment and logic. There are many other aspects to a manic episode such as rapid cycling (a rapid change from manic to depressed) and mixed states (episodes with some aspects of depression and some of mania, such as an agitated mixed state which seems like constant anger).
Avatar f tn I just went through what they said was a manic episode. They have not diagnosed me with bipolar but instead diagnosed me as mood disorder nos. I am still not completely sure what that diagnosis means, but I am on additional medications now to treat the mania. I am 27. If you ever go manic I think that is when you will know.
Avatar f tn If they are any good the first thing they will do is have a list of questions for you to answer to determine if you have ever had a manic episode. If you have ever had even 1 manic episode, you are NOT MDD. Best of luck! Just remember... YOU are not a doctor, so do not try to diagnose yourself.. or treat yourself.
Avatar n tn I have no ambition. I think about suicide. I'm passive, unhappy, and I feel stupid. I have a hard time concentrating too. Is this all bipolar disorder?
561706 tn?1333947274 has anyone suffered a manic episode while withdrawing from Klonopin or other benzoes? I've seen a shrink once and am tapering down. The past two nights were at a new lower dose and I could not sleep well. Did leave a msg for the doc, but it would be reassuring to hear from other BPs. Any tips, as well.
Avatar n tn well, i have type two and never had a real manic episode (at least not one that has affected my life greatly) but i still do suffer from mood swings (which has caused, so far, at least one major problem). as for the anti depressants, i have major depression so i have took one. i started to take the second one because of a withdrawal episode (long story).
Avatar n tn Bipolar II disorder is diagnosed by the presence of atleast one Hypomanic episode and one or more major depressive episodes. Manic episode differs from hypomanic episode by the presence of more sever symptoms for longer duration of time. In Biploar I disorder, a person can have significant impairment in social, occupational or other important areas of functioning where as in Bipolar II disorder, it is unlikely.
Avatar m tn Bipolar II requires at least one full depressive episode and at least one hypomanic episode, with no full manic or mixed episodes.
2010625 tn?1329372056 After a Manic episode I usually go into a mixed state or rapid cycling, happy one minute and sad and crying the next, my mind is usually still busy and I have mind games, I then usually hit the depression. I know there is also a mania that is like a depressive mania, it has all the symptoms of mania but has depression at the same time, I cant remember what this is called.
Avatar n tn I've been put on zyprexa for depression. I've never had a manic episode. I was also put on zoloft. The zyprexa @5-10 mg calms me but I feel a bit zoned out, zombie-like. My ears are also chronically plugged. I've been on it for a week. I would prefer to just do the zoloft and the doc has said that would be okay. I'd like your opinion as well. Also, if I go off zyprexa after just this week of using it, will I experience any rebound effects?