Which depression medication is right for me

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5544493 tn?1369608788 Well, as thatquietgirl said, it really depends on the individual. Part of it also depends on whether you're BP I or II, and whether your main problems are depression, mania, or a lot of both, and whether you have psychosis in the mix. Lamotrigine and carbamazepine are generics, for the record, and Abilify and Seroquel are still under patent and so there aren't any generics yet.
Avatar f tn And I know what its like to have low grades because of depression, which makes the depression worse which makes the grades worse. Its a vicious cycle and its something to talk to your doctor about. That way they might be able to adjust your medication in such a way where you don't get as depressed as often.
Avatar m tn I agree. Whichever medication works best for you is the best one. I was on Prozac for awhile and it did nothing for me. Other people it works like a champ for. It's really a matter of trial and error to find the right meds. I have been trying to find the right med for two months now. I may finally be on the right one given a couple modifications. Give it time and keep your doctors updated and informed and work together to find the med that works best for you.
Avatar m tn We definitely all react to medication differently in my opinion, but for me, Zoloft worked very well in the past and is currently working for me now. However, just remember that SSRIs like Zoloft will not 'cure' you of your anxiety in my opinion. I look at it as a very useful tool while you learn about and confront your anxiety. Just keep an open line of communication between you and your doctor and start to map out how you want to confront it. Do you have access to therapy?
Avatar f tn m a hypochondriac), but I still would have physical symptoms like tingling, burning, headaches which just brings me right back to my thinking something is horribly wrong with me. My sister has been on Celexa for a few years for GAD, my anxiety was brought on by our mother's death a few weeks ago. From what I can tell with her and what she would be like without the medication, it helps her a lot.
Avatar f tn I know this may sound ridiculous but its the best ive felt in a long time. Years ago when i had to take this medication i had the same feelings. Is there any reason for this? Is there anything that i can take that does not alter the mind or your chemical structure in your brain that can just cause this kind of relaxation in the same way?
Avatar f tn Some ascribe to the theory that the genesis of the problem is biochemical and that meds are the best treatment. What are the clues that indicate which method is best for the patient? How is the patient helped to not feel blamed/guilty about cognitive processes that are irrational when the depression or anxiety supports those emotions? Why isn't bi-polar depression treatment held to the same conflict of medication vs CBT as uni-polar depression--what's the difference?
Avatar n tn ve been to the therapist a few times and every time I just break down and cry, which for me is kind of embarassing, normally I just keep to myself because nobody cares anyways. I am going through a very sad spell right now and nothing in my life is going right, my job is terrible, I just want to run away and my family is not very supportive, my dad passed a few years ago and I still havent forgave him for his alcoholic behavior towards us in the past.
Avatar f tn Hi above gives some good advice many women feel leaving one ovary is good for hormones which is true,,,,,leaving the uterus that is causing yo serious issues for years, has nothing to do with hormones, it wold only enable a pap test to pcik up any cancer cells,,,,which if you dont have the ovary wold not be there,,,its a circle,,which choice to make. All surgeries/illness'es cause life change often including depression/anxiety. Health is pressious so of corse one would be anxious of it....
Avatar f tn Your post is strange to me, for yet you said you turned manic after the SSRI prior to it you said you were dx BP. What made your pdoc suggest BP. If it is depression only then it's cyclothemia for sure as the other manic pole is not present unless you trigger it by an AD. In this case I believe your drug is lamictal. Of course I am not a pdoc but can tell from my experience because it's my case typical. Although I haven't tried the drug but believe in it for my case.
Avatar f tn i have been suffering from an eating disorder from 2009 to this present day. i'm 20 years old. i've struggled with everything from severe anorexia, alittle binging and purging, abusing laxatives and diuretics, and binge eating. along with the eating disorder, i suffer from very bad obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety, depression, and bi polar.
Avatar n tn It is possible that your son has both ADHD and anxiety issues. However, it is common today for medical personnel to misdiagnose a child because the behaviours for some anxiety disorders and ADD/ADHD are very similar. Since the medication for ADHD is not working, I wonder if this could be the problem in your son's situation - he suffers from anxiety but not ADD/ADHD. Usually, the medication for anxiety is one of the SSRI's - non-habit-forming medications.
Avatar n tn I hope to spread some info and personal experience to those out there who are thinking about taking this medication for any reason at all. It is very addictive and leaves you emotionally and physically dependent.
3166043 tn?1514260018 Then I went on maintenance, once a week, then every other week, extending the time between treatments until at once every four weeks, which I am at now. Every five weeks is too much for me as I start to slide, at three weeks I definitely don't need it yet. I started ECT when suicidal and med resistant. Now I am taking an MAOI, an old antidepressant. Even that is not quite enough. I am very lucky as I have little to no memory loss from ECT.
411389 tn?1230124477 You also need to taper off of benzodiazepines like the valium. Paxil is good for depression and I believe it is also good for social anxiety.
Avatar n tn The deltiazem has been given to me in England where we are temporarily living. Is this an effective medication for reducing the incidence of PSVTs? The medication seems to be making me very tired, somewhat nauseous, and shaky. Will these symptoms wear off with time? What effect do Ca++ channel blockers have on depression? I have been on long term treatment, 50mg, of nortriptyline for depression and irritable bowel.