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Avatar n tn hi- i,m new to this forum. Can anybody tell me why the depression i feel whilst detoxing from tramadol is so severe when i am prescribed and take regular paxil for depression.
Avatar n tn Many need drugs for self-mediacation but in the long run, illegal drug use just does not help. Getting help for depression may eventually lead to him feeling better and a step toward not abusing drugs.
Avatar f tn it doesn't help with the mind set, the psychological issues. Campral can help you, it'll help with the cravings, but only AFTER you've detoxed. I respect that you have problems with AA, not everybody "likes" it, BUT you have to remember that it is your own choice that you drank while tryi g to work it. Also, one bad experience doesn't mean it can't work out some other timw. However, it's your choice and your feelings, but you MUST detox. I would go to the hospital to do that.
Avatar n tn Do you know if these med's cause drowsiness or confusion. Also, do they also help with the depression? I am having a very hard time understanding my new job, I do not feel like my mind is all there. I have lowered my dosage and had to increase again because I am having really bad mood swings. One minute I am fine and the next I dont care about anything, and I can tell people are noticing. I have made an appointment with my doctor for next week.
Avatar m tn We are at our wits end and would appreciate ANY advice and if any one knows of a Lyme Literate Doctor in the Philadelphia Pa area please let me know. Cost and insurance are not an issue at this point we just want him healed. On top of everything else, he has also lost 40lbs, has developed anxiety and depression and his short term memory is EXTREMELY poor. I know this disease isn't a myth and I am determined to do whatever it takes to cure this nasty disease. Thank you.
Avatar m tn I am at the end, I have been in treatment before, so that has put doubt in my head that I will not be able to get sober and stay sober. I have had periods of sobriety in my life. I want to try again. I need help. I am very desperate.
Avatar n tn I keep obsessing about maybe if i contracted it on another ocassion after the incident, eg, cuttin my hair, earrings, doctor using a bad needle ( i live in philadelphia, i know it sounds crazy wat im thinking) please help feeling all the symptoms, i feel like my life is over.
Avatar n tn There must be a specialist somewhere who is exploring the connection between neurology and infections. Can you help me find that somebody? DESPERATE. THANKS.
Avatar f tn I keep my skin from drying out by using Evening Primrose oil. It doesn't help the burning, but it does help keep it from drying out. (I'm a 44 y/o female). I use very mild detergent to wash my sheets, towels, etc. The last four years have been the worst, and I freely admit; while I initially did not have anxiety when the symptoms began, I have it, now.
Avatar n tn His siblings all have normal lives, whereas without our help he has basically become a vagrant. My own counselor says to let him go, but as a mother I cannot do this. Are we hindering his progress for independence? He lives in a train station when we stop the money, although we are close to retirement and are worried about what happens when we cannot provide for him any more. Are we not supposed to care? Just let him go? Any advice?
Avatar f tn I am also under the care of a homeopathic doctor and am on several supplements, which have helped greatly with my depression, but my physical symptoms have not gone away. Any advice or help would be appreciated!
Avatar m tn Have your adrenals checked.
Avatar n tn my eye doctor told me it was due to mild allergies and prescribed eye drops which didnt help in the least so i turned to over the counter allergy medicine which hasn't helped either (so i dont think it's allergies) and in the last 3 weeks not only are my eyelids itchy but when i wake up in the morning my upper eye lids are bright red and swelled up so bad that its embarassing!!!!
Avatar f tn My 15 yr. old daughter was diagnosed with anxiety and depression 1 1/2 yrs. ago. She was put on Zoloft and had weekly therapy. Over that time, things have gotten worse. She started having episodes of going paralyzed on one side of her body (arm and leg) or both legs. She had no use or feeling in them. She has had 4 episodes lasting from 1 day to 10 days within 3 months. That hasn't happened in 1 1/2 months. She was diagnosed with Conversion Disorder. Her depression isn't better.
167426 tn?1254089835 It also helps with depression, but I try to go to the gym most everyday when I can. I think it has help keep my CA 125 going down along with chemo. I am also hoping that between the chemo and vitamin C I want to go back into remission. I have been on chemo for a year now and it has not been doing much, but with the vitamin C my numbers have started moving down now. I hope this will help and as soon as I get more results I will post them.
921525 tn?1248126287 Yesterdays appointment went well. The doctor is from the Jefferson/Willis eye program in Philadelphia, and seemed pretty good. He neither talked "above" me, nor did he talk "below" me. He wants to get me on Rebif quickly, and told me that it was not worth waiting to debate over. He was impressed by how quickly my vision has improved, but said that the MRI lesions seemed aggressive enough to start treatment soon. AT present, we are dxing it as relaping/remitting.
Avatar f tn I start sleeping more and more and gain weight (starting right before this) and I confide in a coworker that I thought it might be mild depression even though Im not depressed per se! I suddenly jump from my normal 128 to 136lbs in a matter of weeks. No change in diet. Constantly thirsty. Mar 12th - I complain about being hot to my sister who says its cold. At 4p I feel like if I dont drive home now, I wont make it.
Avatar n tn 17 years ago, mt mother started to hear voices and she had anxiety attacks, and deep depression. In the first few years of her illness, she spent weeks in psychiatric hospitals at a time. She called the paramedics to our home many times. She had her good days, but her life became captivated with her illness. Doctors perscribed medication after medication until one day they found one that controlled her anxiety and depression. Although the side effects were great.
Avatar f tn Listening- focusing on our own recovery, taking responsibility for our own actions with a little help from one another along the way. I titled my journal entry "It's Complicated" and so I begin to describe my complications to you. I'm 40 something (hanging to the 40's by only a few years), a wife, mother, daughter, business owner, friend. Brown hair, yellow eyes- 5'8", grew up in NJ but moved out of state when I was 25, after finishing school in Philadelphia.
Avatar n tn so sorry to tell this to u just find help... or i gona hit my head at the wall.. thanks for ur help dr Rajgopal... my phone number is 9820864043 Bruno, i m at mumbai.
Avatar f tn her pac had her on 2 antidepressants that were making her very nausious and just worsening her depression. she has hepatic encephalopathy, hep c, and is going through change of life. she is gravely ill. i would think my mood wouldn't be to pleasant at times also. she is lactose intolerant and has severe gas pain from lactulose. it's continuous and she doesn't want to live with this much pain....
Avatar f tn also, she has refused to take lactulose. i must say her depression is much better as she no longer has excruciating(sp?) pain from that drug. she has been taking a stool softener and is pretty much free of the lower pain in her stomach and impactions(???) for the first time in so many months. i don't know if this problem with lactulose has anything to do with the fact that she is lactose intolorant. with all the help on this site, i am calling tomorrow re:rifaxin(sp?).
Avatar f tn I have been seeing a doctor in a Depression Clinic and he diagnosed me with anxiety. I am on two meds without any relief. I finally realized that my physical, intestinal, problems are caused by this anxiety and the physical problems aggravate my mental state. It's like a cycle I don't know how to stop. I found this forum on the internet and thought I might have some support since I am tired of taking meds and going to doctors. I am retired and am &%& years old.
Avatar n tn The vitamin nurse said between the stress and pain she wanted to up the C to see if that will help kick start things again. As you know this cancer just doesn't give up for anything. I have been looking into clinical trials also but most are closed for ovarian cancer. I tried to get into the one with the vaccine with NCI, but that was closed. I don't feel bad except for the pain and the depression of not knowing where to go from here.
Avatar f tn does anyone know of any help in the philadelphia area? any advice at all is appreciated. i am so freaking scared and i feel hopless...i dont want to lose everything i have worked so hard for... :'( -me.
596143 tn?1226651654 My doc diagnosed me with depression and put me on Effexor. He said the aching will pass. But he doesn't understant that it is more than just aching. So, I'm doing my own research and found out about Fibromyalgia, and the symptoms fit. When I found this site I was so excited to see people going thru the EXACT same thing I am.
Avatar f tn I have problem I'm emotional distress, depression, stress, anxiety and can't sleep and loss of appetite and I get pain on left side rib cage because of gas pain and when I can't finish my stool in the morning and I'm Asian. Usually we don't go only mornings but I have labored breathing my mom thinks anxiety and my mom friend think emotional distress.
Avatar m tn I have been to a urologist who said he thinks i need to just relax my bladder and gave me some anti depression pills. took them for a month nothing changed...prior to that Urologist I'd gone to one a few months prior who said he believed it was prostatis prescribed a 60 day dosage of that because at that time i was having pains in my testicles , this was maybe 3 months before the premature ejaculation or bladder problem here i am 23 going to the bathroom around 8 times a day ...
574118 tn?1305138884 High mood + High energy = Mania Low mood + Low energy = Depression Low mood + High energy = mixed states, person is irritable, angry, having rage, he is suffocated (worst phase and very difficult to resolve, shoemakers - I mean pdocs - are bewildered thus giving it names like dysphoric mania, agitated depression, totally illogic of course because you can't mix mania with depression) Bipolar people oscillate continuously between the above 3 phases, because their thermostat is broken.
Avatar n tn Here are some great links for the skeptical, but well meaning doc's....please don't delete....let's help this young man. These may also help cheer you up and make you more optimistic: p.s....I'm a straight 42 y/o, hetero/man....but some of the links may point otherwise...just bookmarked for good info: p.s.s....I don't work for any of the company links here...I do use the fastsize extender...but anyone is good....