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Avatar f tn Bourgault travel.
Avatar n tn Hey Nervous Nurse, I am from Birmingham, Alabama but I searched for gyn/onc in Minneapolis and this is what I came up with. You can call them and see if they can help you... Take care, Megan (click on "Chat" for chat room & "Forum" to post topics) MOCA Medical Advisory Board Gynecologic Oncologist University of Minnesota, Dept. of Women's Health MMC395 420 Delaware Street S.E.
Avatar n tn My son was diagnosed with type one over a year ago. His honeymoon period ended a few months ago. His A1c has risen steadily for the last 6 to 8 months and I am concerned with what's happening. He lives primarily with my ex-wife who has been diagnosed as Bi-Polar Manic Depressive. I have been having a very difficult time getting her to monitor my son's testing and shots. He has skipped them for days at a time and his last A1c was up to 9.5.
Avatar m tn Can someone please suggest a good doctor for IUI in Minneapolis who have gone through IUI or taken IUI treatment.
Avatar n tn ENT gave her PE tubes at 6months of age - no help. We do not know what to do with this child. She currently weighs 16.3lbs, cognitively and developmently she's right on track, but appears to be in pain w/ any of the above. She has been checked for thyroid issues, CF, vit D insuff, and others which have all been neg. Can anyone give us some ideas of what might be happening? We're desperate. Thanks!
4116706 tn?1351907846 Wrong date, should be Saturday night to Sunday morning. Hubby having problems with depression tonight "because I am negative or arguing". Loud talking, crying, hitting the desk, etc. did not help my sleep. If I got up to help him, he would get more upset. I also think he is afraid because of surgery Friday in Dallas.
Avatar n tn Left Male for Colombo, Channai, Mumbai, Amsterdam, Minneapolis, and Calgary.
1667852 tn?1313588829 St Joesph's in Minneapolis to visit Ma Meyer after bypass
2024274 tn?1332956426 We expected this with this tx but im just worried that last night when i called she told me she cant do this anymore and feels like dying just to rest from all this that she has been through in the last 10 years that her liver has got so bad.I always give her some incouraging and supporting words and i know they help but not for long im afraid of depression.
Avatar m tn So all I remember is that I was with Josh and we were in what was supposed to be downtown Minneapolis but looked more like downtown NYC. Anyway we were at some bar that eventually became a titty bar, there was a lot of people smoking, probably cause Tera Reid was smoking on Scrubs in the episodes I was watching last
Avatar f tn Minneapolis orthodontist Dr. Trudy Bonvino of Cosmopolitan Orthodontics is an expert who uses the latest treatment options designed to get your smile aligned properly and in a timely fashion. Some of the treatments available include Invisalign, ceramic braces, and traditional metal braces. Dr. Bonvino also treats patients who require orthognathic surgery (corrective jaw surgery) in conjunction with braces.
Avatar f tn Today I feel like I do everyday, depressed. I thought this would just go away, I know now that it won't. I'm finally going to seek medical help. If there is anyone who has or still is suffering from dprssion please let me know your story and what helped you, such as the kinds of anti-deppressants.I can't go on living like this any longer. My family doen't understand this and thinks that it is in my head. I need and will seek help for me, the one person I seem to always neglect.
Avatar f tn Could someone please help. I dont care who you are but i need help and advice, im so scared, please anyone!!!!!!
Avatar n tn am a failure mum sent money to uk which is very shameful for me. i am tired of every thing fed up of everything there is no God there is no help there is no bliss/happiness all is temporary ............................................................
Avatar m tn Has any one heard of Vivify in Edina, I would like some feedback on them and their diet, anything you have would help.
Avatar f tn ve tried to kill myself mutiple times and currently have about 40 cuts that I have done to myself on my body in different places please help with advice on how to stop
Avatar f tn ve tried to speak to family about it but they just think its apart of growing up. They dont understand!!!! I just want some help or some else to even speak to about it.
Avatar f tn Exhausted- fell asleep on way up to minneapolis and on way back. Heavy Heavy bleeding.
1326912 tn?1274924150 Riding from Minneapolis in constant pain and discomfort. Just couldn't get comfortable. Continued through the night.
Avatar m tn Hello: I work for a corporation in Minneapolis. My salary is very low. (I work in the mailroom). I have a long standing injured rotator cuff which is my primary health concern. I am a new employee and need to pick a plan by January 15, 2014. How do I go about figuring out whethe a high deductible and low premium or a low deductible and high premium is appropriate? What kind of data do I need to make a wise and thrifty decision?
Avatar n tn i signed up on May 2nd. i got my number in the mail today.
Avatar f tn I had it in the morning, then went to starbucks,had a mocha and was able to smile and do homework.Went to couple therapy with Dr. Welland-she is really good and might be able to help us before Joseph gets here. I noticed getting depressed during the session again and it is still lasting.
167 tn?1374173817 I've been feeling so blah lately. Not sure if it's prenatal depression or what, but I needed something to lift me up. SO, I spontaneously decided that we need to head up to Minneapolis and have a 3/4D ultrasound tomorrow! I feel bad, because Ben works up there and it's his day off, so the hour and a half drive up there and then again back won't be all that fun for him, but we are going to make it a family outing. After the 5 pm ultrasound we will also go out for dinner.
1212800 tn?1329092989 t want to go to a doctor and get locked down but I knows need help.
Avatar n tn I ran the typical spiral compounded by depression which resulting in an 8ball every few days at the end. Towards the end, I developed "scabs" in my nose and eventually blew out the cartilage? that separates my nostrils. Everything has healed now but I'm left with a hole that I can actually transverse from one nostril to the other with my pinky if I dig deep enough. Yes, this is gross but I had to know. I have two questions. 1) Will this lead to any issues as I age?