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Avatar f tn It is so hard now to get medicine from your Dr because of all the lawsuits and TVs commercials about taking antidepressants while pregnant. Bottom line you need help at least while your pregnant because its only going to get worse. Ask your Dr for 10 mg prozac. My Dr research it and said it was the safest one out there for depression.
Avatar f tn Some drug companies even supply meds to unemployed and under insured folks. The help line has a huge resource base. I hope that helps and keep in touch. We can support you, but when you're feeling this low, see your doctor and maybe get hooked up with a therapist. Do you have family that could help you?
Avatar f tn but there is a fine line i think btwn that and depression...there is no shame in askibg for help and talking to your drs...this may mean your at higher risk for ppd...
Avatar n tn Personally because I have had depression in the past I have a line that if it gets crossed I know I need actual help. For me that's where I start zoning out, stop leaving the house, can't find enjoyment in things I always find enjoyment with and when I feel like running away. If I feel like that and can't pull myself out me and my husband know its time for help. Can you see a counsellor? There's even some online. Sometimes just talking through things can lift the sadness.
Avatar f tn I'm not suicidal at all but I figured maybe if I called the help line that they could help me but they didn't do anything for me. I've tried a councilor but my husband just thinks it's crazy for me to go to counseling. I didn't go enough to find out if it helped because he made fun of me for going. I just wish that with life you didn't have stress. I'd be okay then. The sad thing is that I don't even know what I'm stressing about or what I'm feeling down about.
Avatar f tn mklarson is offering you a solution to your problem. Might as well cooperate so you can get help in coping with depression. This forum is also open for you to vent what you feel as there are many people here who have the same case as you.Stay strong, stay focused. Help is on its way!
Avatar f tn I was the same way with baby #2 , but the depression will soon go away & you will enjoy your toddler again. Start trying to think about all the positive things that are ahead of you . And try to get some time to yourself to have a little fun .
459155 tn?1264011742 I don't feel much w/d but the depression is BAD!!! when will that get better?? before I went on sub I had my doctor increase my zoloft to 150mg and plan to get some of the vitamins that have been listed (the ones that I can take w/ zoloft) The depression is the worst part of this for me. I started using when I got divorced and my dad died suddenly of a heart attack (all happened w/in 7 weeks). Please tell me this gets better!
Avatar f tn They'll want to help you and if they feel you have depression, they could set up some counseling services for you. These early teen years are tough (if I remember correctly . . . been a while for me) and I do so hope you feel better.
Avatar n tn To deal with your depression, you need to find the reason for it. Treating depression with antidepressants help when that is needed, but for you ... you can of course ask for a counselor, just to get a support through difficult times and all, but when the primary cause - the main reason for your symptoms in the first place is found, you have nailed your depression too.
200220 tn?1361955154 Many of us have suffered the same as you. However there are things we can do for ourselves to help get through all these thyroid issues. Depression and a lot of other symptoms just comes with the thyroid territory and being at the right levels for us to feel our best just might not be enough to correct all our issues. I took antidepressants for a while and have graduated to anxiety meds.
647391 tn?1275020233 My goal is to do EMDR (a type of therapy you'd need to look up on line) that my psychiatrist said I should try to help with Post traumatic stress disorder. Last week I went to counseling intending to do that. I ended up talking the whole hour about some things troubling me that came up during the last week. So-I said "well, I guess I wasted this hour-we were 'supposed' to do EMDR!" She said "No...NOTHING is wasted! This is what you NEEDED to do obviously.
15206917 tn?1441194009 I could be up all day and night working on projects, with the help of opiates. So when its time to put these childish things away, i bust through the acute WDs, thinking the worst was behind me. HAHA! I was hit with a lethargy and depression that was overwhelming. Getting up to make coffee was almost more than I could do. Every day was a battle to get up and get going. It got a little better each week. Incremental improvement. Not the way an addict like me wanted it.
1442059 tn?1340244552 When you see the psych on Monday consider being completely honest with him and perhaps he can help you see a psych who will help you resolve your life situation first before you go into treatment. Good luck to you.
Avatar m tn Someone close to me is battling depression. I'd known it for some time. I encouraged this person to reach out to professionals, but like me, there was a reluctance to do so. "It'll pass" he told me. Some time later, it was obvious to me that this person was still struggling so I brought up the idea of seeking help again. "It'll pass" he said. "It's okay to have a down day every once in a while isn't it" he added.
Avatar f tn Hey Everybody, I wanted to send an update on getting help for my depression. As of today 4-16-2012 I am still having a horrible time getting anytype of help. I have called my insurance company on numerous occassions to find a doctor that treats adults using ECT. So far I have just got a big run around, they give me the names of doctors and of course they do not treat adults with ECT. I am just about at the end of my rope with these people that work for my insurance company.
Avatar m tn Yes, the depression is a normal part of withdrawels, especially where you are at with them. But..... if you find the depression is not lifting in a week or 2 and feel it's getting worse, then you may want to see a doctor about it. The damage we have done to ourselves can/ does alter your brains chemistry and you may find the depression lasting to long or getting to severe. I was clean for 2 months but ended up so depressed, I relapsed. Don't let this happen to you.
Avatar f tn Please go to your doctor & let them know what is going on. Sounds like you are depressed. There is help out there & the sooner you get it the sooner your life will get back to normal. Please don't think you can "kick it" by yourself. The longer it goes on with no help the harder it is to get it under control. Please sit down & share with your boyfriend how you are feeling. He can't help if he doesn't know.
160332 tn?1207766145 That is when I realized that I was just grabbing onto things because of my anxiety and depression and got help AND medication. My advice is to return to your doctor to see if he wants to change and/or add a new medication to the mix. It may help...I am currently on Paxil and Buspar. I don't 'awfulize' so much anymore. The meds help this but it also takes self discipine and self talk! Hope this helps!
Avatar f tn I can't help but feel the insane urge to slit my wrists or put a bullet in my head. My husband is a horrible father to our daughter I hate being married but can't leave I have no money no car no family no place to go. I just sometimes want to kill myself and give my baby to a caring family so she doesn't grow up poor or has a bad childhood because her mom other can't make enough money without a man. I can't help but want to kill myself so bad tonight.
1365508 tn?1277935059 The first line treatment for depression is still the help of a psychotherapist. Looks like you started the wrong way. The therapy could bring you more than you think and usually for antidepressants to be really effective they need to be combined with psychotherapy. Healthy diet and exercise is another important key factor in dealing with depression. I won't get into the details but both have impact on your brain chemistry and hormones.
Avatar n tn Hello there. I can be of no help, but wanted you to know that I will be thinking of you and praying for you. There are a lot of people on this board who have a lot of first hand knowledge and great Drs. someone will come along to help you and answer your questions.
Avatar f tn I had an abortion 2 years ago, it was a bad situation that no one could really help, at the time it seemed like the best thing to do but I regret it and wish I could have just disappeared, had the baby, put it up for adoption and came home later. That wasn't an option. Well I dealt with it the best I could at that age, I drank myself under the table and that year is a blur.
Avatar f tn Sounds like you could use some help. Speak to your doctor and see if he can get a community nurse to visit twice a week (not sure if they do that where you live). They can check on you and your daughter, tidy up a little and give a bit of human contact. If you've got the money you could hire a nanny for a few hours at a time, maybe twice a week, to let you catch up on sleep.
306455 tn?1288865671 Can anyone give me, and i'm sure others want to know the general time line of detox? I'm now on day 3. Finally got 3 hours of sleep today and ate something. Think I may have started to dehydrate, but will make more effort to keep liquids going in. 2 1/2 yrs ago tried to detox, so, so sick. Wasn't putting in any fluids and ended up with urinary track, bladder infection that,I swear came close to killing me.Please everyone detoxing, drink fluids.
Avatar f tn The baby blues and postpartum depression are two different things. Most women get the baby blues its from all your hormones trying to fall back in line. Post part depression is far more serious.