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Avatar f tn I am not working because of the depression, I have a husband, who is supportive of whatever I decide, and no kids, so I could do the treatment now. Part of me hopes if treatment is successful, it might help with the depression and enable me to get back to work. A bigger part of me is terrified of doing permanent damage and worsening the depression beyond the point of treatment.
1123420 tn?1350564758 But in the last couple days I have barely felt him, like actually I dont think I have felt him move at all, Im so worried about him. Besides that I'm going through some bad depression right now, and I'm all alone, I live in a house of 4 other people, but no ones ever here, My fiancee and I arn't really talking much and when we do it turns into a fight.
Avatar n tn not untill i found this fourm and started taking the L-tyrosine and b-6 did i get through the depression. i also took 5htp to help with it. these supplements help ed more than i can ever say. peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn It comes to the point where I have to say that I love him too much to help him hurt himself and I will only help him to help himself. I believe he has gone as far down as he cares to go and I am so excited about that-you can't even imagine the weight that has been lifted from me right now. So anyway, he is planning on going off the meds completely on Monday. He does not want to wean off, he thinks he will get Methadone and use that for a few days to get him over the initial hump.
Avatar f tn I also have Graves disease and my vision is good close up so far but distorted far away. Nothing seems to help. My Endocrinologist recommends I do the orbital radiation. He stays in contact with my eye specialist. I heard that it can cause damage t but can do wonders also. I do not know anything about it and would like to know as much about it as possible. Am really scared but can not go on this way. I also live in the Jacksonville FL area at the beaches.
Avatar m tn Then I went to two different integrated doctors and have have had spit tests, and tests for other things. Nothing seems to help. I am looking for suggestions, especially for a good doctor in South Florida, but will travel nearly anywhere in the state. Thank you for considering this.
Avatar n tn We were told that the Mayo clinic in Jacksonville Florida is the best hospital in the united states so that might be our next option. But he is cancer free it is just this mucous problem. I know this doesn't help but you are the first I have found that has the same issues. Wish you and your relative the best.
Avatar m tn my husband went through pretty much the same thing you have,except for waiting 4 hours he waited 24 an now has 45% of heart dead.he had his first heart attack at 38 an was turned down for get you a good lawyer an go after it,dont let them do this to you.i dont know if you had a lawyer do it for you or not,but we had to get one for him an they will fight an only get paid if they win. first get a new doctor and if possible a new heart dr.
Avatar n tn I am from jacksonville also, but i am curious what doctor gives you that many pills where you can take 70 pills a day, or do you get them online, and if so how without a prescription
Avatar n tn GP agreed with neuro and told me he could not longer help me as he has done all he can do. This is in Canada so medical is "free". So here I sit with no Dr. I have decided that it does not matter what name is attached to these symptoms. Should I just wait until I have an attack the go to ER? I am on blaclofen and antidepress. so I do need a DR. but when I get a new one do I bother with the symptoms at the risk of them saying they cannot help me?
Avatar f tn Any of you who are also addicts know that when yu get that initial high, Not a thing in the world could possibly ruin your mood. So, I quickly found an outlet to help me keep my sanity up and my suicide contemplation down. Long story short, I went from 20 Vicodin every 2 weeks in August 2007 to being sent to pain management in a civilian clinic in Jacksonville, Fl. where by January of 2008 (not 5 complete months later) i wa perscribed 120 percocet 10's and 60 Oxycontin 20's a month.
Avatar n tn It lasted 20 minutes or so - then come right back. I finally was refered to the borland groover clinic in Jacksonville Florida to have an ERCP with menometry done. The pressure in my bile duct was way up and had the sphincterotomy done. What a relief!!! I did get pancreatitis which I think was a small price to pay to get rid of the pain. Now 6 months later my pancreas is acting up and will probably have to go in and have the other ducts looked at.
Avatar n tn I've only posted on this forum a few times, though I have been reading it since its inception, so I am fairly familiar with who all of you are. It's highly unlikely I even have MS, so I am kind of reluctant to post here. I used to post on the general neuro forum a lot, but Quix has invited me here to try to figure out what my diagnosis might be and also for the support system (which I have very little of). I have had undiagnosed neurologic and other symptoms for 17 years.
Avatar n tn My doctor really doesn't know much about lyme so I have to gather as much info for him as possible. Help him to help me so to speak. I appreciate your input and will check into Celiac and see if this may be another problem. To Jaksmom, I wish I knew this before spending the income tax on all the bills and other things needed for the year so that will have to wait another year before I can afford any of that unless I get lucky and my insurance and doctor treats me instead. Can this kill you?
Avatar f tn I've been busy traveling to Cleveland and now Ann Arbor twice in attempt to have a custom AFO(brace) made to help with my foot drop. The one I got in Jacksonville, FL is rigid and I can't walk up stairs when wearing. The new one will be hinged at the ankle. The xstraps helped me but I've found the rigid brace supports my foot better. When my foot drops just a little bit the pain becomes untolerable. If I can keep it straight much better.
Avatar n tn I'm not a doctor, but have had similar symptoms. Does she have an internal medicine Dr. who might help rule out things? If her primary doctor can run some blood tests for CBC, electrolytes, kidney, liver, and endocrine, then you might be able to get a better idea of which direction to go if the cervical problem doesn't explain all of her symptoms. Does she get enough water or too much water in a day? Do any foods or beverages increase or decrease her symptoms?
Avatar n tn I had my ERCP with menometry done at the Borland Groover clinic in Jacksonville Florida. They didn't take my insurance - so my Dr worked it out with the office to make it work. Look them up and read about their Drs. borland-groover.
138239 tn?1239928524 where in Florida? I'm in Sarasota. Dr Baskin is in Orlando. Mayo Jacksonville is good (Dr. Smallridge, among others). May need repeat FNA depending on what the ultrasound looks like.
Avatar m tn I do the trial and take the chance that I am getting the Remicade, which will probably help my RA/fybromyalgia pain too, but either way I am getting the other 2 drugs. I will have the swollen joints and added pain from them. Or I wait until 2010 and KNOW I am getting the Remicade with the others........Which will help my RA pain, instead of taking the chances of not being able to walk at all. You have to realize I am in serious physical pain every day and night.
Avatar n tn I am in NE Florida so this may not help even tho I know of a lady who came here from NJ to see the Neurosurgeon that did my back surgery. He is awesome! He is Dr. Paulo Montiero at the Lyerly Neurosurgery Clinic in Jacksonville Florida. Good Luck and if you have had your surgery I hope all went well.
Avatar n tn If you are still looking for something to help you, I take natural supplements to lose weight. They also help people lower blood sugar and help with Lyme disease symptoms (a friend of mine has Lyme disease and it's helping her). You can e-mail me if you want info.
1678656 tn?1369237418 It hurts when I move my arm or turn my head. I've taked ibuprofen and tramadol but nothing seems to help. I've also had a cramping like pain in my abdomen and it stretches across to my back... Anyone know what these things could be? Should I notify my doctor when I have new problems/symptoms? I'm new to this side of MS so any comments or suggestions are welcome. --Thank you!
Avatar n tn I wonder if that kind of barometric pressure could really cause terrible flares? Help us out, Fibros in AZ! Does monsoon season bother you?
Avatar m tn I decided it was time for a second opinion, was referred to The Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, and was worked into the MS specialist schedule immediately because it had already been 4 months with no vision in my right eye. At the first visit at Mayo the MS specialist looked at my MRI CD from January and immediately stated, "Oh, you have a periventricular white matter lesion!
Avatar n tn Well my friend had her husband's parents there to help them with ANYTHING, but she refused there help because she wanted to be controlling, and didn't want them to enjoy her 1st daughter. So instead, whenever she needed help with anything, it was ME that she called. She even called me to pick her up a cake while she was pregnant because she didn't want to drive because she was getting very pregnant. She was taking complete advantage of me, and i drew the line and told her i couldn't do it.
Avatar f tn Moisturizers seem to actually make it worse for the most part. The only one that seems to help is Cetaphil. It itches most on the backs of my upper thighs and lower legs but once i start scratching it itches everywhere. Other issues I have include vitiligo on my legs, pelvis, and lower back, I've been told that is due to the fact that I am iGA deficient, which also causes me to get sick a lot. I am extremely hypermobile and have chronic joint pain.
Avatar f tn Yet many of these same “imprecise,” “nonspecific” symptoms had been used by medical practitioners for more than 80 years to help establish a tentative diagnosis of low thyroid function. The list of symptoms used to diagnose hypothyroidism has remained remarkably consistent over the years (although more have been added). Most of the signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism listed by the American Thyroid Association are among those listed for Wilson’s Syndrome.
Avatar n tn So, i live in a big city in Florida thats always cutting corners to save money, called Jacksonville. I have only been here for a little over three years. Huh, thats about how long Ive had the itchy leg itus.