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Avatar f tn I am now remarried but I feel I am ruining my marriage because I still have not dealed with this. I need some help. I am so depressed on how to handle my life. My 3 wonderful children are what keep me going.
Avatar f tn I am not working because of the depression, I have a husband, who is supportive of whatever I decide, and no kids, so I could do the treatment now. Part of me hopes if treatment is successful, it might help with the depression and enable me to get back to work. A bigger part of me is terrified of doing permanent damage and worsening the depression beyond the point of treatment.
Avatar m tn I do know you have come to the right place We will help you in anyway we can.
Avatar n tn not untill i found this fourm and started taking the L-tyrosine and b-6 did i get through the depression. i also took 5htp to help with it. these supplements help ed more than i can ever say. peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn For the most part, after detox, everything got back to normal. My depression leveled off and I started to feel better. Except one thing.... SLEEP! I still have not felt tired on my own or good about sleeping. I am losing a lot of sleep and finding it difficult to function during the day from lack of sleep. Is there a point in recovery when sleep should come back to you? I take L Tyrosine, a multi vitamin, and 5HTP every morning. I do not drink caffine.
1123420 tn?1350564758 But in the last couple days I have barely felt him, like actually I dont think I have felt him move at all, Im so worried about him. Besides that I'm going through some bad depression right now, and I'm all alone, I live in a house of 4 other people, but no ones ever here, My fiancee and I arn't really talking much and when we do it turns into a fight.
2130118 tn?1335535322 However these symptoms would come and go, and after going to my family physician for months he diagnosed me with depression and fibromyalgia. I was put on cymbalta and over time the symptoms worsened and have become more frequent. He had referred me to a neurologist,which did a series of test including spinal tap and MRI. In his conclusion, it was in his opinion that I had MS. However my health is rapidly declining. Where I used to have several "good days" and a few bad days.
424675 tn?1260544950 Have you been prescribed anything for the restleness/insomia by your psych doctors? When I got clean from heroin, I couldn't sleep for 2 months. Sleep is extremely important in your recovery. I finally got prescribed a sleeping pill called rozerem(it is not a benzodiazapien and is not addictive). It knocks me out within a half hour. It does take about a week to get used to in the morning, but after that it is fine. The body aches could continue for months.
Avatar m tn I am 16 years old and was diagnosed with clinical depression almost a year ago. Within the last couple months it has gotten to a point where i didnt know what to do anymore. AS a desperate attempt to get my mind off everything and get a high that would make me feel better i started stealing my mom's oxy codone 10 mg without her knowing. For about 2 or three weeks i took about 2 or 3 a day and snorted them because it made me feel so much better.
Avatar f tn It comes to the point where I have to say that I love him too much to help him hurt himself and I will only help him to help himself. I believe he has gone as far down as he cares to go and I am so excited about that-you can't even imagine the weight that has been lifted from me right now. So anyway, he is planning on going off the meds completely on Monday. He does not want to wean off, he thinks he will get Methadone and use that for a few days to get him over the initial hump.
Avatar n tn Supplements that might help....I know the hardest part for me is the severe fatigue and depression that follows....I am so disappointed in myself I could scream. Anyone have an answer that I might not have heard before?
1091149 tn?1396353103 What about antidepressants, that help with anxiety? Does anyone know what they are? Please help me help my son. He, too, cannot leave the house. Only to go to the methadone clinic.
Avatar m tn // Note especially the statement, "The diagnosis of thyroid insufficiency, and the determination of replacement dosing, must be based upon the patient’s symptoms first, and on the free T4 and free T3 levels second. The TSH test helps only to determine the cause." Also note, "The ultimate criterion for dose adjustment must always be the clinical response.
Avatar m tn Congrats on making the decision to live the clean life. feel free to post here...its' helped helps will most def. help you! good idea to say you coming down with flu...that's exactly what it's like. also, may want to look over to the right side of this page...down a big for The Thomas's been doing wonders for me the past 7 days. don't forget to get some immodium and drink plenty of liquids! Glad you're here!
Avatar f tn HI there - sorry to hear about your Dad. These attacks must be so debilitating. I am sorry that I know little about pancreatitis as I have Crohn's. However, I did meet through the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America website, a young woman in San Francisco 4 years ago and we corresponded privately, at least weekly. She had been recently diagnosed then with Crohn's but unfortunately went on to get a malignant pancreatic tumour and sadly died this past Feb at 39 yrs old.
Avatar f tn but I am having a very rough time mentally, i posted my whole story the first time i ever came on here and have had many support since then but, lately havent had anyone contacting me trying to here i am again reaching out for help again..I had a sweet person helping me NAUTYONE if anyone knows her and for some reason she got banned from here and i feel abandoned I really need help i want this so bad but the mental part is killing me...
Avatar f tn I also have Graves disease and my vision is good close up so far but distorted far away. Nothing seems to help. My Endocrinologist recommends I do the orbital radiation. He stays in contact with my eye specialist. I heard that it can cause damage t but can do wonders also. I do not know anything about it and would like to know as much about it as possible. Am really scared but can not go on this way. I also live in the Jacksonville FL area at the beaches.
Avatar f tn I am glad you are feeling better. You can ask her if you want. Knowledge is power. Its what you do with the power. But yes I think it would be ok to ask, I mean you want to know all your options. Ask her about everything, but you have to be completly honest with her. (about everything) She can not help you if she does not know exactly what it is that she is dealing with. Well anyways I am so glad you are feeling better. Have a good walk and keep us posted.
229538 tn?1300381367 I used to take anti depression pills, and while they did seem to help my overall mindset and outlook on things, they still made me feel.....surreal, for lack of better terms. Some days were better than others, but most of the time they just made me feel like things weren't real (if that makes since). My head was cloudy and couldn't seem to concentrate on things. I have found this to be the case with just about anything that I take... Not sure if this helps....
1065662 tn?1254968767 Visiting these forums are just as addictive so I optioned to stay away for a little while, and because of this I feel guilty because someone told me that an addict needs to help an addict. So what I will try and contribute is that those of you who want to quit and are afraid you owe it to yourself to stop and see how it is. I found that because of the long duration that I was on the drug, it brought on very bad depression.
Avatar n tn When he drinks just a few sips of something it somes back up and the muscous comes up with it. So I am trying to find my dad help as well. I have not heard of the ulcerated esophagus before. The doctors in Ohio just seem they have done all that they can do. We were told that the Mayo clinic in Jacksonville Florida is the best hospital in the united states so that might be our next option. But he is cancer free it is just this mucous problem.
1198664 tn?1368651412 Motivation is at ZERO. Depression is bad today. I just feel "bad". No energy. Sad. Withdrawn. It's nasty and rainy outside. I look at all of my bills and everytthing I am behind in and at risk of losing and it's just mind numbing. And if I lose my home it's not like I can just pack up and find an apartment because I have two dogs that no apartments will take because of their breed. And I have no energy to even do the work I DO have here. I just wonder what is going to happen to me.
Avatar n tn If the depression continues (which is quite normal for a lot of addicts) then ask your doctor for some help with that. there is no shame in that. Best of luck and let us know how you make out.
15486591 tn?1440890339 IM BORDERLINE CHIARI what does this mean. IF you help me expect help in return. according to my mri's. If its possible to post results so all you forum people with more experience than radiologists can give me accurate measurements let me know.
Avatar f tn After 7 weeks of me not getting any better, but developed more symptoms and was passing out up to 5 times a day, the doctor told me he couldn't help me any longer, needed another opinion. 10 different specialist later and many of the same diagnosis that included --- POTS, NCS, Orthostatic Hypotension, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Orthostatic Intolerance. We had hope this would all get better but it hasn't, it has gotten worse...and fast.
Avatar f tn I have had a few severe bouts of depression and rage over the past couple of days. I think these episodes are compounded by the fact that I am usually a very active person and I haven't been able to do much since surgery. I actually have not really thought about taking any Tramadol these past couple of days. My plan has always been to taper myself off the tramadol instead of quitting c/t. I guess where I am going with this post is.......
Avatar m tn Dont get me wrong this web site is great but for me, I need real life face to face help. For me I dont know about you but for me, I am in it to win it because if not I will loose my life. Do you have transportation to get to the meetings? Message me anytime I am here for you.
Avatar f tn Hi, this is Yoda99 and I haven't been to this board in a while because of all of the "drama" that was happening. I was suffering from severe depression, my daughter had a miscarriage during that "drama" time which devastated me, and I thought it best to stay away for a while. Then about a week ago I started "lurking" as it is called here, and found that this is the place that it once was when I first gave up the oxycontin ERs cold turkey.
Avatar n tn Are you taking any supplements? they do help. Talk to your doctor about the depression/anxiety. There are alot of people here who have great advice and have successfully beaten their methadone addiction...I'm sure they'll post soon! And have you sourced some aftercare...NA/AA? It's crucial to your success!