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Avatar m tn Here on this depression site there are people who are hear to talk to. We understand how you feel. When I joined I was really low, but I found I had a lot of people to "talk" to here, who understood how I felt. Please keep in touch, and let us know how we can help. We will listen, I promise.
Avatar m tn It seems your friend has a lot more going on than a simple bout of depression and her suicidal ideation really worries me as I'm sure it does you. My opinion is that she needs some serious mental health counseling and assisstance with a psychiatrist and a mental health counselor, who can determine what medication(s) she might benefit from.
Avatar f tn I think he should go see another doctor to get another opinion. If a person has Depression/Bipolar, there is a good possibility they also have ADD or ADHD. Maybe a psychologist would be a good starting point. There are some great resources on the internet about the relationship with the two. I hope this makes some sense and helps a little!
Avatar n tn I hurt, I was ill, I was mentally out of it and couldn't reason my way out a phone booth. It would have been a blessing to have a friend to help me. Good luck to you all, let us know how it goes.
Avatar f tn Anything to get you out of the house for some fresh air and get your blood pumping will help release the Happy chemicals. Try taking a walk or even a hobby. You could try even starting a scrapbook for baby! Anything positive helps! My bestfriend is actually on her way over to drag me out of bed to go walk and have lunch as we speak! Keep your head up and stay positive and active. Hope this helps!
Avatar f tn Excited about my baby boys arrival this August/September, dont get ne wrong, but other factors in my life are causing me to slip into depression. I could really use a friend right now.
Avatar f tn If you have a loss in appetite or increase in eating, feeling worthless, or guilt these are all signs of depression. If you are depressed find help. Whether it be from a friend or a professional, get help because there are people who care and will help you get through it.
1512853 tn?1291833380 Well, I guess it depends on if you are already diagnosed with "Depression", or if you are "feeling depressed". The first case is probably easier, because you will have already had a professional in place, to make the diagnosis, and start therapy. In the second instance, there may be a reason for "feeling depressed". You might have suffered a loss, like the death of a family member, friend, or pet. The loss of a friendship... Divorcing parents... Moving...
Avatar m tn if you keep beind depressed go see a doctor. to get some medication to help. to control what you are feeling. i had a friend that takes medication for this and shes ok. long time ago i was on some to and it does help out.
Avatar f tn These things, along with some recent boy and friend trouble have manifesed themselves into what I deem as depression. A friend has also suspected me to have BPD. I know they say never to self-diagnose and I know that these internet tests mean nothing, but bear with me here. Just trying to figure out what's up with me.
Avatar m tn I agree with mammo - you're a good mate to stick by a friend who's acting so strange. I notices that you list yourself as 21, a time of life when most young guys are interested in OTHER things than helping a friend. Excuse the joke when I mention the Aussie male reputation for.. well let's say drinking from very LARGE cans. (G) As an American male, it was ONE of my interests at 21! One of them! (G) So for me, this makes you a special friend.
Avatar f tn I think your friends are really good to be worried about you. Good friends! Be a good friend back and talk to someone that can offer you support (teacher, counselor, dr., etc...). You have your whole life to do amazing things and you will! If you find out what is going on within yourself you may help others someday to help find their way also. This is your time to start to shine and become your own person and change the world. Shine bright!
Avatar m tn Manipulative, deceiving and sometimes down right mean and suffers from bipolar disorder. You're a good person for trying to find a solution for your friend, unfortunately it may create more bad waves if you broach the subject with him even though all you're trying to do is help. Is he the type that you think you can sit down and discuss these issues with, suggest that he see's a doctor, get some testing done even offer to go with him?
Avatar n tn Listen to some music- whatever makes you happy. Find a good friend to confide in. Or even a therapist. I know a lot of people don't like the idea of therapy, but its a wonderful thing. Just don't let it isolate you and tear your relationships apart. It's not worth it. I've been there, friend. I understand. It's painful, but it gets better. Go for a walk and look at the beauty that surrounds you. Find your bit of sunlight in the darkness and know you can get through this!
Avatar n tn I've got a close friend, who lives in another state, and they suffer from depression. He's been diagnosed and sees a psychiatrist but the depression seems to run in 7 month cycles. He distances himself from those he cares about and questions if there's more to the life that he leads. My question, for anyone willing to answer, is... what can I do to help support him? I'm very new to this and want to be as supportive as I can, but it's tough being so far away.
Avatar f tn I suggest you leave him and go stay with a friend or family. Then maybe talk to someone about your feelings. You have a baby to care for, so you need to worry about him/her only now. Sorry that your husband was cheating.
Avatar f tn Depression doesnt happen because your baby is a boy or girl. You should speak to a medical professional, depression can lead to post partum depression which tends to cause mothers to harm their children. Its best to get professional help as soon as possible. Good luck momma.
Avatar f tn A lot of times depression is chemically based. You could be the luckiest person in the world and still be depressed because the chemical levels in your brain are messed up. I have anxiety/depression, and I know for sure that my anxiety at least is chemically based, because when I started taking medication (Pristiq) nearly all my anxiety instantly went away. I would seek help from a psychiatrist, medication and therapy together have proven to be the best help possible for depression.
Avatar f tn I hope you feel better soon and remember it could get so much worse if you don't act now, just talk to a professional or even a friend, there are even helplines you can call anonymously to talk things through. It is so hectic been a new mum! I suffered from postnatal depression for a year after I had my daughter and it still flares up now occasionally.
Avatar f tn Im 32 weeks pregnant and I've been depressed almost like the whole pregnancy. My Midwife ask me was i depressed & i said no . I really dont like telling people about me being depressed . My depression isnt that bad . I have on & off depression a lot . I heard that depression can harm your baby. How can it harm the baby?
Avatar f tn I don't know why but it's scary for me to do it cause he know me since i was a little girl since he is a family friend so it's quite hard for me to say it even thought he is a really good person and he is always smiling and kind. So can i get some help or just usefull ways to tell him please?
10816945 tn?1427212232 figure out something you can do alone or with a good friend who is understanding. For me the only thing that makes me feel good is working out, I'm not a crazy gym rat (never have been 1), i do a home prenatal DVD, it's only 30 mins long. The only way I can do it is if I wake up an hour before every1 else.
1826607 tn?1319478303 How can you tell the difference between a person that has depression or a depressing person? I'm always negative. Headaches. Very low self esteem. Sad a lot, etc, etc.
Avatar m tn These can be a good stepping stone to help you begin to get back on track and begin functioning at a better level. However, if it's more of life circumstance conflict, it might be better to go see a therapist and address the negative people, situations and emotions that you are experiencing- and you will learn how to retrain your way of thinking, be able to vent excess frustration, identify unhealthy behavior patterns etc. You can start at your gp [general prac] and get a referral.
6063300 tn?1430434171 Been depressed all day! So I tried to keep myself busy. Cleaned the kitchen, dusted, vacuumed and mopped but no still depressed! Going to dinner tonight so hopefully that will help! I know the depression, lack of energy and no motivation will take a while but man this S*&KS!!!!! Trying to stay positive but some days are harder than others! Don't get me wrong it's still better than any day on pills!!! love you all!
Avatar f tn Hey ladies I have tackled depression since I was a teen and battled post partum depression and OCD after my first child. I had to get support from mental health professionals. I was very hesitant at first because I thought they would think I was crazy. I received so much help, support and coping strategies that make me so strong and gave me control of my thinking. I still have down days here and there but know how to bounce back.
993025 tn?1284889691 You do not know what makes you happy? What used to make you happy? And what changed? A sign of depression is a lack of interest or motivation for activities that used to be enjoyed by the sufferer. You feel alone because everyone seems stable in their lives? Settling down into families, have people around them no matter and you feel you have no one?