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Avatar f tn I have read alot about accutane but have not seen wrinkles as a side effect. As a matter of fact, isn't accutane suppose to rid one of wrinkles along with acne? I am taking this for a cyst problem on my back, not my face. But my face now has some acne and these wrinkles look like I have aged 20 years in the past month. I asked my dermotologist and she said not to worry- it will go back to normal after treatment is done. Can these wrinkles really go away? Are they reversible?
Avatar n tn Hi I am a 21 year old male and since i was 17 I noticed that there were wrinkles or lines coming up on my head. I hadnt noticed them before or there werent as many as there are now. When i feel the top of my head its all bumpy and im worried of what this might be.
Avatar n tn Your derm will not put you back on Accutane because you are being treated for depression. There is a correlation between Accutane and worsening of depression. Are you a male or female (I am assuming male but I just wanted to be sure)? I would tell you to stop using Ivory soap. It sounds like your skin is drying out due to the soap and medication. Also, you should get on a facial cleaning regimen of cleanser, toner, and *moisturizer* since your skin is dry.
Avatar n tn The lack of magnesium causes problems with microcirculation and causes the blood vessels in the hands and feet to restrict - according to my GP. If you suffer from cold hands and feet it could well be this and supplementation with magnesium could help. It can also be caused by undiagnosed celiac disease. I've also heard that it's apparent in about 15% of people with CFS/ME.
Avatar m tn I did prior research and found that a posterior capsular fold can cause this, and after an eye examination this was confirmed by the physician. What are the causes of this condition to occur? Is it the ultra sound for breakup of the old lens or damage caused by the lens implant or what? That part was never explained to me. Reason I’m curious is I have a second apt for Nov 2, 2015 to get the eye operated on for cataracts and I don’t want this to happen a second time if it can be avoided.
Avatar m tn My hands are obvious to my family, but my legs they are not close enough to see. I can only describe it as the very top layer looks almost like an onion skin layer with wrinkles. I don't know if this is a good way to word it. It is like when I stand up, the outer most layer is falling down like a pair of panyhose that are too big? Oh man, this sounds weird. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn For example, if I've been sitting around all day and then go out to do something I will feel short of breath or anxiety like it's exertion related. Or even if I'm going out to do something fun, I will feel short of breath which causes me anxiety. It seems like any time I am excited or stressed (not even bad stress) or anything I will feel this way which is what makes me think it could be my heart.
1580318 tn?1550258081 If you drink lemon water on a regular basis, it will decrease the acidity in your body, which is where disease states occur. It removes uric acid in your joints, which is one of the main causes of inflammation. 2. Aids digestion. Lemon juice not only encourages healthy digestion by loosening toxins in your digestive tract, it helps to relieve symptoms of indigestion such as heartburn, burping, and bloating. 3. Helps you lose weight.
Avatar f tn Just to clarify, I'm def not going out in the sun to "tan". What I'm referring to is that when I do go out in the sun -- sports activities, etc -- I have started to develop somewhat of a tan through the maxium sunblock and coverups (hat) I use. For the first two summers I would just burn. BTW the sun sensitivity is primarily on my face so it's hard to tell how much is from the rosacea and how much isn't especially when the treatment caused the rosacea.
Avatar f tn Avoid too much sun as this causes age spots,wrinkles,etc. I know you had a baby,and doing this WILL cause your breasts to sag...gets worse at thirty...forty...fifty...and after every baby...they will never be perky again...just buy a good bra like the rest of us over twenty-something women. lol. I wouldn't do anything drastic though. As soon as your sleep comes back to you things will get better. I look 50+...babe is 17 months old and doesn't sleep through the night yet,so I know how you feel.
574118 tn?1305138884 High mood + High energy = Mania Low mood + Low energy = Depression Low mood + High energy = mixed states, person is irritable, angry, having rage, he is suffocated (worst phase and very difficult to resolve, shoemakers - I mean pdocs - are bewildered thus giving it names like dysphoric mania, agitated depression, totally illogic of course because you can't mix mania with depression) Bipolar people oscillate continuously between the above 3 phases, because their thermostat is broken.
Avatar m tn Unfortunately, it is not immune to wheat's wicked health effects. According to Dr. Davis, wheat ages your skin, including wrinkles and lost elasticity, due to the formation of advanced glycation end products, nasty muck that accumulates and ages us as it elevates our blood sugar.
Avatar f tn My skin on my face looks so bad. It's dry and splotchy, I have new wrinkles and gray hair that seemed to pop up overnight. I am starving all the time and eat like a pig and of course have gained so much weight, it's not funny! My heart seems to pound loudly in my ears off and on and I haven't found a correlation to what causes it yet. I am so far, what my doctor says as just a mystery but I can't imagine that no one really knows what is wrong with me.
Avatar dr m tn If you developed a habit of sleeping on your back for whatever reason (your grandmother told you it was healthy, or your dermatologist told you to do so to reduce facial wrinkles), go back to sleeping on your stomach or side, or whichever is more comfortable. If you continue to have anxiety issues and are tired more often than not, you may want to get evaluated for a sleep-breathing problem. ____________________________________________ Steven Y. Park, M.D.
Avatar n tn Interferon is known (the package warnings say it also) to cause chemically induced depression. I never suffered depression in my life yet, had to take an AD on tx. I am 10 weeks post-tx and have been off the AD for the past 6. If you need help, please get it. TX is tough enough!
Avatar dr m tn Most people think that this is a natural part of aging, along with the typical memory loss, balding, wrinkles and lowered energy and stamina. But what if I told you that I routinely see even young to middle aged men who complain about hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, insomnia and irritability—or all the prevailing symptoms of menopause?
Avatar f tn insulin dependent diabetes (it is very dibilititating and causes extreme mood swings (depression) [Blood Sugars range from 25 to over 500 frequently], 2. Multiple Sclerosis that causes extreme fatigue, leg weakness, loss of balance, forgetfulness, depression and loss of concentration and I have memory loss. I was recently taken off Copaxone because of the the expense. 3. I have a moderate case of OCD; I am more compulsive but in certain situations I am also obsessive. 4.
Avatar f tn Believe me when I say abuse causes a lifelong package of pain and secondary issues such as PTSD, anxiety, depression and relationship issues. If you are finding it hard to decide who is telling the truth then air on the side of caution and listen to your child.
Avatar f tn fatugue numbness hands and feet (possible carpal tunnel) restless leg syndrome shortness of breath with little physical assertion weak hand grip cognitive fog memory loss (short and long term) weakness hoarseness (voice changes, hard to explain) slightly enlarged tongue thinning hair skin changes (no wrinkles but I am aging very quickly) Skin tags loss of elasticity in skin headaches mood swings climbing steps or sitting for a period of time can bring symptoms about joint pain
Avatar m tn You too might have issues with pancreatic enzymes due to not enough stomach acid. And you need an adequate amount of stomach acid to absorb nutrients. An easy stomach acid home test I posted on another link... An article that is really indepth on RT3 is from Tired Thyroid: Reverse T3: Side Effects of T3-only (or Why You Need T4 Too).
Avatar f tn I have noticed I have been getting a few wrinkles on my face too. I do not smoke so this seems odd, I have lines around my eyes and a few small ones on my forehead when I smile. I have a lump behind my ear (where the pituitary gland is) that has been there since I was like 12. I thought it was nothing, though it seems to have been growing slowly, as through the years it seems to have gotten bigger. When I touch it, it doesn't hurt.
Avatar n tn the slightly crepey skin and wrinkles inside the elbow crease, all the loose bunched up crepey skin on the outside of the elbow, skin has totally thinned on my hands- veins stick out (same with my feet), my feet has such loose crepey skin and are so wrinkled I can pull the skin on them pretty good, I have jowls, wrinkles under my eyes, getting wrinkles between the nose, three lines/wrinkles on forehead, lips are lined/ lost volume, boobs dropped and shrank, I get those neck things when I smile,
Avatar m tn So that made me feel a bit better about things but I still would like to see it improved, even a little. Especially since I did this to myself. If it were through natural causes or even some disease, I wouldn't blame myself so much for doing something stupid like this. I'm 54 right now and one thing that worries me is that when I am 75 and look at myself, I will always remember the stupid thing I did.
Avatar n tn Many of us have described problems with depression, pain, mental fogginess, lack of motivation, fatigue, neuropathy, sun sensitivity, rashes, etc. after ending therapy. Rather than try to assign a specific cause to these problems, which always seems to provoke an uproar, let's just discuss how we might overcome these problems, and begin to regain our health.
Avatar m tn The skin is fragile. Wrinkles a little at Base of glans and is still healing. I expect this to take a while but I've also read that hydrocortisone 1% cannot cause permanent damage. I've set myself a target of April 2017 which will be two years after I used the product ; for things to return to normal. You guys be careful with that **** if using it in delicate areas. It's changed my life somewhat but be strong and have faith. It WILL heal. Just takes a while.
Avatar f tn Im one of a rare subgroup of people with HCV whose peripheral nerves and joints are effected long term. Also an oldtimer here. Many of us have a related immune condition called cryoglobulinemia which causes neuropathy in a few and kidney damage in even fewer. Since interferon usually wipes out the cryo anyway, some docs don't screen for it. In my case it got dramatically worse but I was stubborn and endured for 96 weeks of combo therapy to save my liver.
Avatar m tn And the skin over the stretch mark is extra thin and wrinkly, where there are horizontal parallel wrinkles in them, almost like very, very faint stripes. And they may be slightly redder than usual, but I could just be imagining it. As of Day 9 this problem is still here. 3. Ever since I had sex that night, it has felt weird to pee. Not really painful, just a weird feeling and a feeling that it is slightly harder to pee.
3243092 tn?1354709067 I take celexa, I suffered from postpartum depression. There is also a thing called circumstantial depression. When things get bad we tend to break down. As far as your fights, we all say and do bad things when we are mad. That's nothing to beat yourself up over. About your husbands family, the truth will come out in the wash, it always does. His family will find out sooner or later. You don't need to involve yourself in that it add anymore stress. Those are his issues.