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Avatar n tn This kind of stuff just annoys the sh!t out of me. This is part of an article on the front page of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel newspaper today. "A key example is the treatment of hepatitis C, which often is contracted through intravenous drug use, tattoos and sexual contact. Until several years ago, there were no effective medications for the liver disease. About 2,500 Wisconsin inmates - or 14% - have hepatitis C, a rate four times as high as the state's general population.
590818 tn?1218833389 (This source lists the causes of neurogenic bladder.) ===== World International Lyme Disease Emergency Resource Network
Avatar f tn Took Paxil for depression, OCD, Panic Attacks and Anxiety. Worked like a charm only you gain weight. I discovered that most AD's cause unexplained weight gain. It was hell getting off of it but I am not on it anymore, however, I feel more depressed now than ever. Does anyone have any suggestions as far as an AD that doesn't cause weight gain? Paxil is one of the older ones and apparently one of the worst for this.
429326 tn?1282331954 Went for my mri of brain, took films with me and saw her an hour later. MRI was good, she did not see anything causes my TN, or any of my other symptoms. I didnt see any spots either. still have to get radiologist report though.
Avatar f tn I think depression sufferers are actually stronger people than non-sufferers. Statistics also show that depression sufferers have on average a much higher IQ's than that of non-sufferers. Think about it.... Have you ever talked to a stupid person with severe depression? I never have.
Avatar n tn Everyone I have ever known or heard of that got off any opiates was left with severe depression. Is this a standard side effect and how long will it last and how is it best treated? My friend's nephew just went to an addiction doctor who gave him buprenorphine injections and other scripts to get off pain pills. When he asked about an anti-depressant the doctor said "no mood enhancers for addicts." This seems unusual to me.
Avatar f tn My daughter is a cosmetologist and she told me the topo causes the hair follicles to close. What has fallen out, wont grow back, but the hair loss should stop when you discontinue the drug. The Topo really messed up my cycle too. I think my adrenals took a hard hit from just two weeks on the drug. For me it was not worth it. I was stupid, depressed and started having panic attacks on it. I would loose blocks of time. Huge blocks.
Avatar n tn severe back pain from military service (not to mention some depression issues).
Avatar n tn Though I don't think that the digestive problem is a link to my depression, my depression is more than likely a result of my digestive problem taking my life away. I did just start getting therapy to help me try and mentally cope with this though. But I've only been to one session.... I really hope they will help me... Maybe that’s something you can think about doing too?
Avatar m tn Short-term trials show that antidepressants do NOT provide any clinically significant benefits for mild to moderate depression, compared to a placebo Long-term studies also indicate that of people with major depression, only about 15 percent that are treated with an antidepressant go into remission and stay well for a long period of time. The remaining 85 percent of those treated with antidepressants start having continuing relapses and become chronically depressed.
Avatar m tn The only thing we know for sure is drugs don't cure depression or anxiety because we don't know yet what causes it, but for some they help a lot and for others they just don't. The same is true for therapy and natural medicine. Peace.
Avatar n tn Hi, I take Trazadone for sleep occasionally and it works great. I haven't taken it for depression, I usually take Wellbutrin for that. When I take Wellbutrin, I actually lose weight, I think it's because it makes me feel better and I no longer need food to make me feel better. I looked up on google if it causes weight gain. It can cause weight gain, but it can also cause weight loss 5.7% of people experience weight loss. Have you had any weight gain with it?
572651 tn?1531002957 4 In their patient, Lalouschek et al4 found ST-segment depression in leads V2 through V6, resolution of pain and electrocardiographic abnormalities with administration of intravenous nitroglycerin, and normal coronary arteries on coronary angiography. Evaluation of lower extremity paresthesias led Lalouschek et al4 to a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis; multiple white matter lesions of the head and thoracic spinal cord were evident on MRI.
309783 tn?1271961829 He is 31 years old and only weighs 8 and a half stone. His drinking causes him financial problems even though he has a well-paid job. I would pay for any medical treatment he needed. Recently he was prescribed metronidozole for a dental infection. This antibiotic can produce severe side effects if combined with alcohol. To my great surprise he went the whole week without drinking without displaying any physical or psychological withdrawal symptoms.
Avatar f tn I can't take meds because I'm also bipolar and it causes manic stuff. I didn't tell her about the bipolar. Is ADHD really something everyone has or did she just make that up?
Avatar n tn Hello Patricia: Stress and anxiety can raise blood pressure but not intraocular pressure (IOP). It's been well documented that just going to a physician's office can raise blood pressure 20 points or more but not IOP. Also IOP rarely causes pain or 'pressure' feeling even if high (provided the pressure increase doesn't occur suddently as acute angle closure glaucoma or post eye surgery pressure does). Stress and anxiety are often felt as a pressure like feeling around and behind the eyes.
5898681 tn?1392224610 and although its genetically linked there are cases where it pops up like any other disorder...anxiety, depression, autism, bipolar...anythings possible but as long as you do youre best as a mom the baby will be fine.
1990784 tn?1331875378 We experience withdrawal symptoms because our brain lacks the production of seratonin and dopamine once we stop using, which in turn, causes our own unique physical symptoms. In my opinion I think it all comes down to everyone's body reacting to withdrawals differently.
Avatar m tn Still on prozac and fiddling with dosage at dr's advice. Sometimes it feels like it may be working to improve depression, but have had a lot of compulsiveness on it. Doctors. Very little success. Have not felt comfortable with them to discuss inner thoughts. Maybe more problem than theirs. Am leary, often think they just want to prescribe a pill, kick you out of their office and get paid.
Avatar f tn She actually did start taking an antidepressant and was told the statistics of how many of the students had to start meds. There is no shame or failure in taking medication if you are the type who needs it. There are many circumstances that causes some people more that others to experience anxiety or depression. My daughter even mentioned the "S" word. There is nothing worth taking your life for even if you don't pass which I doubt is the case.
Avatar m tn i'm experiancing syptoms such as a wierd odor, muscle degeneration, lack of energy, lack of apetite, constant embarrasment, depression,and constant irritability. i've tried everything consevable to quit i've prayed, starved, tried to logic/will my way out of earges, punish myself, whip myself, and fire a 360 fps airsoft pistol into my genetails hoping to do enough dammage to make the earges stop. all of these have failed even the pistol.
Avatar f tn I have a discharge which is white and every small which causes me no pain or discomfort... I have had it for awhile now but it has never bothered me... Can someone please help and explain to me the signs of HIV... I feel really scared and the more more I research the more confused I get and the more paranoid I become.... Please someone help me!
Avatar n tn I believe the interferon causes the depression, while the ribavirin just makes you plumb crazy. I believe there's a difference :) There used to be some good stuff on interferon-induced depression over at Projects In Knowledge http://www.projectsinknowledge.
574118 tn?1305138884 High mood + High energy = Mania Low mood + Low energy = Depression Low mood + High energy = mixed states, person is irritable, angry, having rage, he is suffocated (worst phase and very difficult to resolve, shoemakers - I mean pdocs - are bewildered thus giving it names like dysphoric mania, agitated depression, totally illogic of course because you can't mix mania with depression) Bipolar people oscillate continuously between the above 3 phases, because their thermostat is broken.
469720 tn?1388149949 And the most frightening part of the whole equation is the rapidly increasing inclusion of children.
1110243 tn?1281077514 Whether it's the mania mainly which it's your concern or the depression. Lithium is good for mania only (sorry to say that) though some argue that it's good also based on the fact that it's the first and only and 1st line mood stabilizer. Indeed along with the other famous 2 depakote and tegretol are the most acknowledged 3 MS since 40 years almost now (lithium manufactured 60 years ago commercially).
Avatar m tn My wife was trying her damnedest to try to understand my depression. My wife is probably the smartest person I've ever met, but she could not wrap her mind around what I was doing during my depression. Not only that, she was trying to put a "why" on my depression. My therapist summed it up one day, pretty easily. You are trying to put a logical label on something that is illogical. You're trying to come to terms with an illness, its symptoms, and the side affects logically.
242516 tn?1368227505 The placebo treatments had a great deal of benefit, almost 80% improvement in depression symptoms. The antidepressants didn't do any better than placebo. They further concluded that the benefit that these antidepressants had on severely depressed patients was from these patient's lack of benefit from placebo treatment. That is to say, severely depressed patients didn't get better from a placebo (pill without any medicine in it).
393587 tn?1211056644 27 yr. old F, unhealthy since birth. w/ sinusitis every few weeks, illness always abnormally severe. c. pox @ 5 lasted 2 weeks, w/ temp of 104+, hallucenations, & pox over my entire body, scalp & genitals. at 14, a heart arrhythmia w/ tachycardia & PVC's was found. 1 halter showed 22,000 PVC's in 24 hrs. the cardio. DX'd it as congenital & EP study came back normal. i suffer w/ severe depression & anxiety since age 12, tried almost every SRI, w/ no relief.
Avatar m tn Congratulate your doctor for understanding that a suppressed TSH does not mean that you are hyperthyroid, unless you also have hyper symptoms, due to excessive levels of Free T3 and Free T4. TSH causes no symptoms. It is a pituitary hormone that signals to the thyroid gland to increase thyroid hormone output. You can get some good insight into this from the following letter written by a good thyroid doctor that I respect totally.