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Avatar n tn okay so my friend is 24wks pregs and i caught her out smoking, she said she only has one every few days, maybe 5 or so a week. i told her its still not good, but she says she can't quit completely.. i am currently 21+4 myself and quit about 3months ago to keep risks down. but how bad is a few a week really?
Avatar m tn what are other causes for the pancreas to become inflammed, to the point the pain sent me to the hospital, other than booze as I haven't drank heavily for years and now only have 1 or 2 drinks a month if that. the Doctors are persistant in saying that this is alcohol related but, I haven't had a drink in three weeks prior to this incodent. Please help me to understand!!! This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/522945'>pancreatitius</a>.
Avatar f tn When I stopped smoking I went looking for nicotine withdrawal symptoms on the Internet because I was having panic attacks and I found out that nicotine does in fact have an effect on some meds. Of course, smoking also causes anxiety you know. If you google nicotine interactions, I think you will find the answer you're looking for. Good Luck!!
Avatar n tn My husband has been in depression for awhile now an is on antidepressants prior to the depression he had spent over 30yrs smoking Marjunana he no longer smokes it now but his mind is crazy an driving me crazy its like hes losing his mind, is it possible that he is losing his mind slowly an cant think anymore? Denise.............
Avatar n tn It causes CNS depression, increased heart rate, impaired coordination and balance, delayed reaction time,diminished short-term memory,anxiety and panic,nausea,vomitings,tremors ,sleepiness and altered body temperature. These symptoms will go away in a couple of days after leaving marijuana.However if they persist then pls consult a psychiatrist. I hope it helps.Pls let me know if there is anything else.Regards.
Avatar n tn Well just 2 months later I find out I am pregnant again, put on progesterone pills and told not to do house work or anything like that (also quit smoking the day I found out I was pregnant). Well I am no 30 weeks along, found out I have gull stones and gestational diabetes and have put on 55 pounds. I hate myself everytime I look in a mirror and feel so sad all the time. I guess in my head something is going to happen where I dont have my baby.
Avatar f tn My heart started beating really fast and this is normal for someonw who suffers anxiety. 3. Tingling sensation of my legs 4. Depression. Nicotine has an anti anxiety and depression effect but since you stopped your body is now reacting. Depression was probably the toughest one i encountered. The feeling of emptiness, numbness inside, no emotions, no happiness just all sadness. I cried so many times and got mad at god for making me go through what I was going through.
Avatar m tn Just stop smoking weed......period. Whether it causes issues or not none of finding out.
Avatar f tn i have suffered depression when i have quit smoking. i started smoking again. i am now on meds for depression so i can quit smoking again. i do think smoking masks emotions. there is a good site to get on about smoking cessation. it is on about .com. there is really good support there.
228936 tn?1249097848 Yes, smoking most definitly causes more anxiety if you are prone to that disorder which usually goes hand in hand with depression. I stopped smoking 7wks ago and began with the losenge, but couldn't tolerate the side effects so stopped after 5 days and just went cold turkey. Your still ingesting nicotine so eventually would have to go through w/d from the losenge too so I figured just get it over with.
Avatar f tn Okay im 20 weeks pregnant ill be 21 weeks pregnant Friday i found out i was pregnant Nov 16th n before i found out i was pregnant i was smoking weed but once i found out i stopped smoking for like 3weeks n then it was like every two weeks once a week but a few times out of that day. Now its all i wanna do and its the only thing that keeps me calm and not sick i can't really keep my food down or wanna unless i smoke i also smoke cigarettes .
Avatar f tn 6098-101. Heavy smoking and liver. Smoking causes a variety of adverse effects on organs that have no direct contact with the smoke itself such as the liver. It induces three major adverse effects on the liver: direct or indirect toxic effects, immunological effects and oncogenic effects. Smoking yields chemical substances with cytotoxic potential which increase necro-inflammation and fibrosis.
Avatar f tn I am having anxiey problem without any specific reason and have depression also for the last five years. I m undergoing treatment for this problem. I am also taking treatment from neurologist. Pls. advice me.
883075 tn?1284603308 i feel like its a little hard to breathe,i actually feel like my brain lost some oxygen and thats what causes it all,and i have alot of stomach related problems,well,i wasnt diagnosed with anything about it,but i have those intense stomache aches ,and chest problems.
311051 tn?1193419806 Like after I have a cig I feel really dizzy and lightheaded bad. I know smoking naturally causes you to feel lightheaded, but I hae been smoking for 8 yrs and never had this happen. Please let me know if anyone has had this happen. Or why?
Avatar f tn just because you became a mother doesn't mean you are grown enough to be a mother or even make grown up decisions someone was talking about blunt wraps hello they are tobacco which causes cancer and asthma in infants quit smoking for nine months for Christ sake ur not gonna die...get meds from the Dr sweety..
Avatar n tn I also know someone who only smoked 'black' but when his girlfriend stopped him seeing his son he was duped into smoking heroin by being told it was a new stronger black he believed this because he knew about and had tried 'skunk' so had no reason to doubt what he was being told. He ended up with a massive heroin habit for over 8 years, lost his job, home and all his belongings. Often people seem to use hard drugs to escape their troubles and stress.
Avatar f tn First of all, smoking anything during pregnancy deprives the fetus of oxygen. Just as smoking tobacco is discouraged in pregnant women, so is smoking marijuana. Smoking any type of substance interferes with the fetus's blood supply. This can mean the fetus doesn't get enough oxygen, and s/he may be born smaller in both weight and length.
Avatar n tn those 3 years of a constant high may have did it though i forgot to mention i have pleurisy (inflammation of the chest wall) started back in November, and about a month before that i developed walking pneumonia. figures the pain in my ribs returns the day after i quit smoking. its hard for me to get out of bed, let alone do housework. i need to exercise but i just can't right now. i'd take the drugs, but i have a low tolerance to them and i don't need anything else screwing with my appetite.
Avatar m tn There are several causes of erectile dysfunction problem in males and some of them are listed below. Have a look. Smoking: Smoking is the main cause of having erectile dysfunction problem in men. If a men smoke too much then the chances of getting effected by this disease increased up to 50%. Hence; stop smoking as soon as possible to avoid erectile dysfunction problem. Drinking Alcohol: Drinking too much alcohol is also the main cause of erectile dysfunction problem in men.
618210 tn?1223930565 What you took most certainly would not have been 100% ecstasy. Dealers mix and match that sh!t up with cocaine and pcp and other subtances. Ecstasy causes serotonin levels to drop below normal, which impairs the brain's ability to learn, retain information and regulate mood. It appears that Ecstasy causes serotonin receptors, which allow the serotonin to fire in the brain, to shrink from overuse.
Avatar m tn Hi there, I have 2 questions: Firstly i have recently given up smoking and have discovered the many benefits of it. One of of which is an increased sex drive and lots more ( and enjoyable) masturbation sessions. The problem is that i my balls hurt afterwards and i can be quite painful, any ideas why? this also occurs sometimes when i'm in need to!
Avatar n tn Fischer and colleagues suggested that medical cannabis may be especially beneficial for patients on methadone maintenance, since methadone can cause some of the same side effects as interferon (e.g., fatigue, bone aches, depression). They added that, while further research is underway, they “advocate that in the interim existing barriers to cannabis use are removed for drug users undergoing HCV treatment.
774736 tn?1311334985 This suggests that MAO A inhibition needs to be considered as a potential contributing variable in the high rate of smoking in depression and in the development of more effective strategies for smoking cessation.
Avatar m tn Other causes are diabetes, autonomic nervous system problem, excessive alcohol ingestion or tobacco smoking etc. You may need to consult your doctor to see which amongst these causes are responsible for your problem. The commonly prescribed drug by the doctors is sildenafil, which causes erections to be stronger and long lasting. It is not safe to take this drug without doctor’s advice. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar f tn The way I see it is yes marijuana can cause a few (very few from what I've read) issues when the child is older. But the lack of food consumption causes premature birth and other issues and the depression can cause depression in young children (I've seen it in my own family, it happens). Just think about all the other medications we allow into our bodies that can cause birth defects or neurological challenges for the baby vs. smoking pot which has very very few side effects for the baby.
Avatar f tn I smoked through both my other pregnancies of 40 fags a day, my little boy is fine, however my 12 year old daughter is a severe asthmatic, i no my smoking is so much to do with that. I am currently smoking between 10 to 15 rolls ups a day. I s there anyone out there who can give me some advice or share their experiences with me if similar.
309783 tn?1271961829 I wonder to what extent the occurance of depression after taking roaccutane is related to relapse, that is that the acne causes the depression. Or does it occur to the same extent in those who's treatment resulted in remission? I would be interested to hear from those who's treatment cured their acne but still developed depression, what did your negative thoughts center around? i feel depressed because the acne is back.