Depression causes irregular heartbeat

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Avatar m tn Irregular heart beat. 3 - 2- 1-1- 2 So irregular the first time that the machine reset once.
Avatar f tn having irregular beat, took meds.
Avatar n tn The recident doctor told us she passed out because she had an irregular heartbeat that was showing up on the monitor. The next day she was released and told to stay on a low-sodium diet. Shouldn't she seek further testing? This seems more serious then they are treating it? What should I do for her?
612876 tn?1355514495 Irregular Heartbeat according to BP cuff
Avatar f tn It is almost certainly not life threatening from the info you gave above, but there are many causes for reported irregular beats including inaccurate reporting from the blood pressure cough. If you have symptoms, it is worth asking about. The key question about the holter is if you were having the same symptoms when your heart rate elevated -- if you did, you have your answer. I hope this helps.
Avatar n tn Now, at my last appointment a couple of days ago, my ob noticed that my sons heartbeat was irregular. There is (what she described as) a pre-beat before each regular beat. She referred me to a specialist and he pretty much told me the same thing. Everything that I have read on the subject has said that this is nothing to be too concerned about right now. That these things usually resolve before or shortly after birth.
877337 tn?1249844450 There was an irregular heartbeat during this BP check.
Avatar n tn woke up at 2 am with irregular heartbeats ate two bananas and it calmed down . driving to work had another attack scarry.........and a few more at work.......
Avatar f tn after I sneezed! 111/75, heart rate at 106 at 9:04 116/62 heart rate at 96 at 8:55 a.m.
Avatar f tn 09, i was feeling so fatigued and my heart was beating so fast and irregular, i just fell asleep as soon as i lay in bed, it was so bad! so after 1 month went to doc and tested my blood. i only had low iron so was told to take supplements. so for few months i was taking those, eventually made me feel better, although i had heavy head feeling and my heart beat was just weird still, so i somehow became aware of it. i kept having paltipations.
Avatar f tn I have 3 children my youngest is 2 1/2 and about 11 months after having the last one I began having an irregular heartbeat. Sometimes once or twice a day and other times 20-30 times a day. With my first two children I had hyperthyroidism after both children and have a very fast resting heart rate (130 bpm) and was put on beta blockers until my thyroid resumed normal function.
1221269 tn?1267588769 Irregular Heartbeat is Back. Occassional weak feeling from irregular pulse and fairly consistent amount of chest pressure w/ occassional sharp pain.
Avatar f tn had irregular heartbeat in the PM.
Avatar n tn feeling horrible. Severe chest pain-center. BP machine showed irregular heartbeat.
Avatar m tn ) Changes in your body’s autonomic tone can affect how frequently PVC’s occur, or how prominent the sensation is when they do occur (most of the time PVC’s are asymptomatic). Sometimes, the increased vagal tone after eating causes a slower heartbeat, which facilitates the premature beats. There are many things that can cause these to occur.
Avatar n tn _ Dear Allison, Thank you for your question. What you describe is not at all uncommon and is usually nothing to worry about. Fatigue could contribute to this and I would encourage you to get as much rest as possible. The hormone cycle also plays a role in palpitations. I don'' have any information about chronic fatigue and its relation to palpitations. Hang in there. It is possible you are having PVC's.
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Avatar f tn I have noticed for the last couple weeks an irregular heartbeat. I take synthroid for thyroid cancer I had 10 years ago and orignally thought my pulse was fast. I went to my endo and mentioned the fast pulse and she reduced my synthroid. While taking my pulse I noticed a pause. I am extremely worried about this I went to my regular doctor he listened and said my heart sounded fine and everyone has a skip beat.
Avatar n tn The irregular heartbeat went on for hours, with a racing heart, causing discomfort. And it was very irregular beating. Also have high blood pressure. A couple years ago the Doctor said there was a valve issue, sometimes that causes blood to reenter the heart somehow. What is going on?? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/876715'>Re: Irregular heartbeat-high blood pressure</a>.