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Avatar m tn what are other causes for the pancreas to become inflammed, to the point the pain sent me to the hospital, other than booze as I haven't drank heavily for years and now only have 1 or 2 drinks a month if that. the Doctors are persistant in saying that this is alcohol related but, I haven't had a drink in three weeks prior to this incodent. Please help me to understand!!! This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/522945'>pancreatitius</a>.
Avatar m tn I would suggest going to the doctors for a full physical examination to rule out causes such as thyroid problems etc. If they come back clear, then your next step would be counselling. Talking about what you are feeling may help. Hope this helps!
Avatar n tn it may be important to consider a psychotherapist in conjunction with the meds to hopefully get to the emotional root causes of her depression.
Avatar n tn I do know that for people with pre-existing psychiatric problems (depression, schizophrenia, etc) smoking marijuana is not recommended. If you think your husband is "losing his mind" or undergoing severe personality changes he needs to be evaluated by a psychiatrist and perhaps a physician.
Avatar n tn The Chinese believe depression causes a decrease in the flow of qi (chi), which is your life force, and the use of Chinese herbs re-energizes the flow of qi through the chest, Chinese herbs and Acupuncture work effectively together to relieve depression
Avatar n tn Has anyone experienced depression problems that have resulted in seeing a specialist?
Avatar n tn I had to stop treatment because of depression. I still battle with depression almost on a daily basis. I never had trouble with depression before. I think the meds somehow changed my body. I deal with the depression by saying to myself everything is fine, be happy. I'm gettin sick of bucking myself up. I don't tell my wife about this problem because it gets old quick. Is there anyone out there who feels like this!
Avatar f tn I'm not sure if this has anything to do with my pregnancy or not, but I've been suffering from depression for a while now. If I think back on it I feel like it started when I got pregnant even though I knew I was having emotional problems before I was pregnant. I wish I could say how far along I am but I honestly don't know. I'm supposed to be 31 weeks but the doctor said I'm measuring 33 weeks. I just want to know if it's consistent with my pregnancy or if it's just me? Please let me know.
Avatar n tn I didn't go on antidepressants until about 15 years ago (when I was about 32)when I was having anxiety attacks with the depression. I have been married for 27 years. We have had our relationship problems and trials in raising kids, but I truly believe that some people's brains just don't make the right chemicals which causes depression. At times though, situations do make the depression worse. The worst part is not always knowing what really causes and triggers it.
Avatar n tn Relieving those symptoms supposedly allos us to think more clearly, identify the problems causing depression and fix those problems which in turn fixes the depression. That's the theory. Some of us have long term treatment resistant depression and even though we know what started it etc just cannot change it and how we think and react to life. For such people, including myself, a negative event is devastating and causes relapses from being OK.
Avatar f tn as most of u know i have been having some terrible depression problems and i was wondering,since i have a dr.s appt today,should i ask her for some depression meds or ?...after my accident i was put on lexapro ....after about 2yrs she weaned me off that because she felt i was better.....i was at that time i guess because i was on oc's and didnt give a **** that i've stopped the oc's i've been having panic attacks and feelings like i had right after my accident......i'm just sad .....
Avatar m tn Believe me adding sex with school is just a major distraction from your studies and causes a lot of problems for yourself and takes you away from reaching your life's goals. The right lady will be there for you because you are a total gentleman.
Avatar f tn Which in turn is stressful and thus causing depression, anxiety and many other problems. Environment; Say you have a poor, low paid job, with loads of hours. And you just hate it. Home life is a mess, a loved one has died. Of course you're going to be depressed, this is a part of acceptance, and because you've basically just "given up" on everything. The fact that you've given up, means that you have a negative attitude towards allot of things. And it's just a huge factor.
Avatar f tn This is because I have been told by several doctors that interferon causes severe depression and so much so that some people that have been on it have been known to get so intensely depressed that they have committed suicide. The last psychiatrist and Hep C Dr. that I was seeing knew of my depression and both decided I was not a candidate for treatment. However there is hope. My new Hep C Dr. is now sending me to a new psychiatrist at the same hospital and told me this Dr.
233622 tn?1279338505 Maybe grief and fatigue. I know Avonex can cause problems with depression. I just wish I could go sit and not have to move. Just some rest. My older daughter just graduated from college and has a job where she can work from home. MAYBE I might be able to get a time or two out shopping. I don't want to be bymyself, but a nice shopping trip with my husband would be great. People ask me how I am doing and it is all I can do to hold myself together while I lie and said "fine".
Avatar n tn I would like to know, if there is any way that I can get to know that my depression may be linked to the above-mentioned problems. What should I do to be able to learn more? I just cannot stand being depressed. Thanks in advance for any advice...
Avatar n tn I am posting for anyone,whom, like myself has had bouts or constant depression due to injury or chronic pain and how it effects/changes and even ruins yours, and the lives of those around us. I was in the prime of my life,Branch Manager of an indutral/mdical gases and welding supply house with a company located worldwide. I had no degree but worked my way up with hardwork and long hours. Married and raising 4 children, life was good.
354706 tn?1279474395 Then on the 2nd day upon discharge from hospital, everything changed. My mum had depression – started to cry at every instance. This caught everyone by surprise since my mum broke down after responding to the treatment. My sister has to extend her no pay leave to look after my mum. I could hardly concentrate at work worrying. Mum getting better but still prone to depression and she refused to take remeron to stabilize her emotions for fear of addition.
Avatar n tn Hi everyone i am a 24 year old female and I would just like to say before I start I have hypothyroidism and anxiety depression and gastritis but I am developing more and more symptoms all my sypmtoms include dizziness, headaches, tired, throat feels clogged blocked tight swollen sore blocked nose I think I have developed nasal drip I also have monduler goitre lumps in my thyroid glands and also chest pain heart burn stomach cramps abdominal pain frequent urinating constipation hot flushes then
Avatar n tn can depression if left untreated for more than ayear cause oral problems, dry mouth and then to thrush ?
Avatar m tn What causes memory loss for depression, stress or something? By neuron cell breakdown?
1342745 tn?1276191560 You might want to talk to a Psychiatrist about how your feeling. Medical conditions can cause you to feel depressed and depression can cause physical problems. Did they do blood work on you? I take it they did since you've had so many tests. I do think depression can run in families. It does in mine. Yes, I have depression and I get sick a lot with sinus infections and such.
955560 tn?1250198145 Well i am 26 yr old female and i just experience pantic attacks to where i cant sleep at night i always fear things and it has literally drove me crazy to where everytime i have these attacks i feel like i need to go to the ER i feel like i am going to die..Has anyone ever faced these problems like i am having..
Avatar n tn A few years ago I decided to stop taking them, because I was feeling fine and didn't have any problems with depression that I needed medication for. But last spring I had what I can only describe as a mental break down. It was like something in me just switched, I went from being fine to crying all the time, feeling hopeless, worthless, not eating. There were no real triggers, no stressful event.