Depression causes procrastination

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1246403 tn?1268677138 Its true it is depression. But this part of depression may be cause by things i get feeling of depression all the time and its not always me feeling like a failure but when it was none stop like that it was because my life had come to a stop.
1059647 tn?1255039454 I always think of procrastination as a symptom of my ADD, but sometimes it's more than just a symptom. Sometimes I am just simply procrastinating, time mismanagement and low motivation, but then there are the ones that give it a whole new meaning. And lately its been happening a lot, probably due to mounting stress from school and new unemployment.
Avatar f tn 0) I've been suffering for YEARS with all symptoms (chronic Depression, always cold, irregular period spotting, irritability, fatigue, no sex drive..) but doctors never blinked an eye or did anything. i hear that "Optimal level" for TSH is 1-2.0, so would TSH of 4.5-6.0 be MILD case of Hypothyroid? I am new to all of this. How high is considered clinically "Serious" or "Dangerous" if you are close to the top range TSH 4.5 ?
Avatar n tn The only person that can diagnose you is a professional,. To me it doesnt sound like Bi-polar but almost depression. Please get in and get seen so you can get some answers and start to feel better. I am glad that you have no self harm thoughts.
447130 tn?1225474466 depression is a complex problem, and although doctors often like to throw every drug in the book at it, it is good to try other approaches such as some kind of therapy (CBT, for example, often helps people learn to escape from the cycle of depression. It really helped a close friend of mine).
Avatar m tn , left side Abdominal cramping - frequent diarrhea or lose stool (often 5-6 BM in the morning), unable to eat large meals, bloating Low-grade Depression - frequent thoughts of decreased quality of life puts me over the edge and causes stress Sudden onset of muscle twitch in upper left eyelid, now advanced to movement of the neck Facial whincing - as if anticipating pain through physical exertion - any trigger (opening a jar, bending over, sex), usually unaware Gait issues - ankle and foot pain T
Avatar f tn For the last 2 1/2 years I have suffered from bouts of depression ranging from the moderate to severe. About a year ago I was at my worst in terms of severity when I came very close to cutting the corners of my mouth and cheeks into a permanent scarred smile or/and killing myself. More recently I jumped out a car driving at 40mph and OD on sleeping tablets. I also have highs although these are short lived.
Avatar f tn As well as also seems to go hand in hand with the bipolarity -- is depression (major), PTSD (which can be a trigger for the onset of the bipolarity) generalized anxiety disorders, personality disorders ( coping mechanisms) and drug /alcohol addictions.... The reason why i was interested in BPD at that time and kept asking others like this lady, is the mania that i had, i also happened to have asked the same question to the BPD forum whether the BPD persons can get manic ?
477959 tn?1208207605 However, did your doctor give you an full physical to rule out other causes for your symptoms? Thyroid problems are just one example of a disorder that could also cause your symptoms. ii) NEVER, EVER CHANGE MEDICATION DOSAGE WITHOUT APPROVAL FROM YOUR DOCTOR - NEVER! This can be DANGEROUS! Xanax is a very poor choice for treating anxiety long term and should NOT be taken the way you have been taking it.
Avatar m tn that was the 1st x i was diagnosed with depression. i'm glad i knew my body well enough to know that this was not depression but some kind of brain wiring malfunction. at the x i described it that way bc i didn't know neurotransmitter deficiency and excess could cross wires so to say. the next hormone wreaking havoc is estrogen. i have too much or estrogen or estrogen dominance and the ripple effect of all these deficits and excesses is causing much more imbalances.
Avatar f tn When I go to the doctor with that one symptom, they diagnose me with depression. I am not depressed. I don't want to sleep all day, I just feel like I need to go to sleep at any time of the day. I've been on all different depression meds off and on over this 5 year time period. They've done nothing for my fatigue. I finally have an apointment with a Dr. on Mon. June 2. My nurse practitioner referred me to him. I think he is going to order me a sleep test. This is my last resort.
Avatar m tn I have been having racing thoughts since i was a kid an have never been able to stop it for one second (it causes so much headache an my brain gets so hot that it makes me wanna kill myself!). it affects my concentration very greatly and has destroyed my educational and social life. I have been getting sexually aroused in since i was about eight years old and tend to stare at women's breasts at that young age (without control) even till now! and i cannot control it.
Avatar f tn Individuals tend to chew on their anxieties and some often worry more about experiencing it than about the actual situation which causes it. There is a circular quality to this style of thinking, and the circle often develops maladaptive coping methods. Research suggests that anxiety symptoms can become worse when a person is under stress.
Avatar n tn What are the withdrawal symptoms of ZOloft? I'm a 27-year old female and have been taking Zoloft for chronic depression for a year and a half and decided not to take it anymore.... "I abruptly stopped 10 days ago and am starting to feel crazy. I'm light-headed, dizzy, disoriented, sleepy, irritable, and more emotional than usual. I'm having difficutly concentrating. Today I didn't feel "together" enough to drive my car.
1010685 tn?1295036236 you can always stop after wk 36 if your having a ruff time...i went tru 2 years of TX...and probs....
1899400 tn?1333127736 Its just the tremendous confusion with being given everything you need to feel you fit in ( I look at it like over-compensation by my mom ) but inside things dont add up.
Avatar n tn i am so glad you made so far and in good spirits, and that your HGB held well, that one makes a HUGE difference,as anemia can incapacitate, but mostly it causes aches, fatigue, depression, brain damage and anything oxygen deprived cells and organs can get.
Avatar n tn WYA; Those two "fluid bubbles" are probably varicoceles - totally benign condition (non-cancerous), but they can mess up your urogenital system something fierce. Search under "Megazoid" and "varicocele" and see if the problem he describes is similar to what you are facing. Enigmaman; I just started a trial run of Flomax, and I'm telling you, that stuff is wonderful. Almost as good as the Cipro!
Avatar m tn It seems to happen more often if I go to bed late and if I don't eat enough dinner (bad habit from procrastination, I sometimes ignore it, go to bed hungry, and eat more in the morning so that I don't have digestion problems while sleeping). I know I should see a doctor about this, but I apparently have some kind of doctor phobia.
Avatar f tn I have to say that she is a perfect example of someone who would benefit from more CBT and medication because she definitely doesn't have any depression, she just has GAD with panic. I would love to know who on this board has agoraphobia and if they have been housebound or are still housebound and how they are dealing with it.
Avatar n tn - anxiety, panic attacks, heart palpitations and fluttering - depression - excessive weight gain - hair loss *I already have a prob. with depression, anxiety and panic attacks, so I am currently on medication. (Will be weaned off if not good during the pregnancy - just wanted you to know I am thinking it all through:) *It is one thing to gain maybe 5 lbs. or to gain weight when pregnant. I have been pregnant before and understand weight gain comes with this.
784382 tn?1376934640 This past year I have felt totally back to my old self and my therapist and I are thinking about doing a taper and see how I do. If the depression begins to return, I will immediately go back on the Zoloft and if I need it the rest of my life, so be it........I will need my heart medications the rest of my life. All I can think is "thank God those medicines are there for me!" I really wasn't too keen on the option.
Avatar n tn I also take Wellbutrin for depression so I was nervous when trying Topamax knowing it could effect my treatment for depression. At first the depression seemed to get worse for a couple of weeks but my doctor encouraged me to try and stick out the side effects as most side effects subside after several weeks of introducing a new medication to your body. He also explained that Topamax is a mood stabalizer and I really needed to give it a fair chance before throwing in the towel.
Avatar n tn I went into withdrawal. Thought I was going to jump out of my skin. Went into panic, depression, etc. I called drs. answering service and the guy on call must've felt sorry for me. He prescribed 4 Lortab. My husband and I went through the drive thru window at Walgreens at 1:00 a.m. All I could think of was the fact that we've got babies that are born into this world feeling (withdrawal) like I was feeling. Now I'm on vicodin (5 mg per pill).