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Avatar f tn I can't imagine how it must be. What I do know is the void after the loss of a parent - the fear of facing the same that she went through (depression, loneliness, uncertainty of what future can bring)... You are absolutely not wasting a therapists time - talking and sorting your horrible experiences is something you do for YOU, for your future, to identify your grief and adjust to this. 6 years might sound like a long time but it isn't.
Avatar f tn Severe, untreatable depression Suicidal Lack of motivation Lack of energy Poor memory Lowered level of intelligence Life with no future Feelings of worthlessness I do not feel sorry for myself at all I am angry about this whole situation and just want it to end. Other than my grown son, I feel no other reason to be around. I don't even like re-reading this, I sound pathetic and I don't like that. I want to feel upbeat again, at least sometimes.
354706 tn?1279474395 Mum getting better but still prone to depression and she refused to take remeron to stabilize her emotions for fear of addition. Oh, when bad news comes, they come in spades. The CA-125 one week after the surgery has elevated to 65. Rationally, I know that it may be a reaction to the surgery but at the back of my mind, there is this fear that the elevation is due to tumor activities. The doctor actually wanted to start the chemo this week but mum is not physically or emotionally ready.
604197 tn?1292308636 I was 43 when my accident occurred. I will probably not ever be the same again. I suffer from dizziness and loss of balance, loss of coordination and a tremor in my right hand whenever I try to write, eat or do anything that involves fine motor skills. But I still see small improvements after 4 yrs. so don't ever give up. Its a long road to recovery and I'm much better off than I was at first.
Avatar f tn I would love to know what the causes of arachnoid cysts are and if medication could also cause an arachnoid cyst.
Avatar f tn I hear that loss of appetite isn't an MS symptom. I've had problems with appetite ever since my gall bladder attack a few months ago. While this is causing me to lose weight, it's a little disconcerting - I love food too. The only thing that drives me to eat is a rumbling tummy, and it really has to rumble. When I was taking steroids, I had more appetite, not less, but I'm sure it's different for everyone.
Avatar f tn I have been on 100mg of Topamax since the end of April. I immediately experienced the loss of appetite. I seaked the advice of a naturopath to use it to my advantage because I had about 80 pounds to lose. I see him every Friday and since then, I have lost 43 pounds...:-) It has not been difficult. It seems like he weight is coming off on its own now. I don't crave anything. I'm hoping to reach my goal by January.
Avatar f tn Pets enable you to share your feelings knowing that you are not being judged and give you something to show love to, just as you wish to be loved. Therefore they give you means of support. The loss of your pet may have given you a reason to let out feelings that you have been keeping inside. It can't hurt to go to a counsellor you trust and so don't wait because you could become irrational. I would reccomed talking to them about it.
618210 tn?1223930565 God, I love this topic. Making a lot of people vent. Lot of anger out there. Good to see people let it all go. Will do you all the world of good. That's it. Don't hold onto those feelings. Let it all out. Forum rage. Keep the posts coming now.
Avatar n tn Accept the FACT that being with the wrong person when the right one passes by is more tragic that losing someone who didn't Love you, by YOUR definition of Love, in he first place! He IS out there... you may not NEED him but it's ok to WANT him! Good Luck!
Avatar m tn Hi Welcome to the MedHelp forum! What you have is an overall weight loss. There are many causes like worms in stool, depression, anorexia nervosa, AIDS, cancers especially colon cancers, drug abuse, infections and loss of appetite. Loss of appetite can again be due to certain medications, drug abuse, depression, AIDS, acute and chronic infections, cancers and hypothyroidism. Either you do not eat well or there is increased metabolism as in hyperthyroid states, HIV, cancer etc.
700590 tn?1279945879 I have text book signs and symptoms of a serious depression BUT in reality, I'm grieving the loss of a friend. She died yesterday and I feel empty. I'm aware of how easy it would be to shift from grieving the sudden death of someone I loved, to slipping into a deep, dark depression; perhaps this time, never coming out of it. Yes, it's early days and I know it will take time. I also mindful of getting enough sleep, exercise, eating well, taking meds etc. etc.
Avatar f tn The way you are taking it builds tolerance, as you found out, and the same addiction issues as a meth addict. Detox of amphetamines definitely causes depression, but depression alone doesn't cause eating disorders on it's own. Like mentioned above, you self-image was suffering before the ephedrine. CBT will be able to help you with redirecting your thinking and help you have a more positive view of yourself. The amino acid L-Phenylananine has helped many with amphetamine recovery.
Avatar n tn Yes, depression is very much a symptom of the withdrawals. It is a double whammy. In part it is due to the physical freak out of the brain, which has been deprived of its normal neurotrasmiters while the narcotics were in us. Narcotics severely deplete serotonin and dopamine, both of which are responsible for mood. when the junk is gone, we are leave neurologically stranded.
1692704 tn?1307215380 I went through a long period of mourning for the old me and the loss of productivity and the loss of a normal life. I do not feel that my life was ever in danger from my disease, but my way of life certainly was, and I recall the possibility of needing to "retire" at 30 looming in my mind. It was an awful feeling to think that I would never again be a productive member of society.
4182046 tn?1355823639 I'm sorry to hear that! I think your depression is ore intense because of your raging hormones. it must be hard stopping your meds as try a really good diet and an adequate amount of exercise...get yourself tired enough to hit the bed and knock out...or try distracting yourself b efore a book. Its working for me with the book 50shades of grey! :) Best of luck!
1559289 tn?1294753213 i am freakin out about this My anxiety just pops up abruptly and causes me to not think clearly, get nervous, head starts to feel funny, heart palpitations, loss of appetite, nausea, etc. I have no idea what to do please if there is any advice you can offer me i am all ears please help if possible. i am on 50 milligrams of pristiq now and take .5 xanax once to sometimes twice a day.
Avatar n tn There must be a good reason for this, I suppose. If you read some of the posts in the MGH depression forums, you will hear a lot of bad things about them. This may sound strange but when I was on Paxil, I started drinking heavily after about three months. I rarely even had hangovers. But it ended me up in the hospital again and back into detox for alcohol. I've heard similar stories from many others. Maybe the doctor is playing it safe?
Avatar n tn The only withdrawal symptoms that I have had are two or three poor nights sleep from stopping drinking and the loss of a habit with regards to the smoking. After the first few days there really has not been any problem other than I have extra time on my hands and if I am not carefull, I start to try to do too much. I get a bit manic. Nothing over the top, but I do get irritated with other people that are either so laid back or self opionated. This causes me to become very withdrawn.
Avatar n tn Depression causes drug abuse ,drug abuse causes depression,to keep it simple get him of the drugs as they are just self medicating the underlying depression,he would have never have turned to drugs if he had not had some degree of depression(it can range from increased needs(love sex friendship) to suicical intent and accomplishment) Every person on the planet is Depessed at some stage or another it is only when it is persistent and interferes with normal functioning,that a Diagnosis is consid
145315 tn?1192241113 Has anyone tried marijuana to help with feelings of depression? Can it be harmful to one while on treatment. I haven't smoked in 10 years, but the way I've been feeling lately, I've been thinking about it. It use to make me laugh alot. I just finish shot 7 and I actually don't feel bad at this time, but there's tomorrow. Has anyone's face gotten smaller during treatment. Thanks All.
337923 tn?1423328772 I hear what you're saying. It can be hard sometimes to tell the difference. Here's my tatke: When I am depressed, I am always fatigued. When I am fatigued, I may or may not be depressed. I've had bouts of clinical depression all my life and have been (and may always be) on "prophylactic" meds . Fatigue has always been part of it.
3199802 tn?1362254159 Medicine does not address the root cause of the depression, but will alleviate the anxiety from the depression for a while. Getting to the cause of the depression and addressing that is of the most importance. Think about it this way. You've got a splinter in the palm of your hand and it is painful. It continues to cause you pain, but you keep putting hydrogen peroxide on it and covering it with a band aide. As time goes by, it continues to hurt....
304970 tn?1331429594 I do have history of depression, but I do have a history of "bad" luck too.. I have been through a lot of c r a p in my life, and when it seems like there is no end in sight.. I get really depressed and negative.. That is how I am now.. I am hoping just speaking to a therapist helps.. He is an older man so I am hoping he has a lot of experience and a lot of patience..
667078 tn?1316004535 It is easy to slip into medical depression and not realize it. Some of the depression related to MS is situational. Having an illness which causes so many medical problems. Financial strain. Relationship issues with changing rolls with family and at work. Our career defining who we are and the loss or changes in careers.Then there is as Shakespeae said "the Strains and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune and the thousand Natural shocks that Flesh is err to.
Avatar m tn I've dealt with feelings of depression for a long time--years. And I've been suicidal in the past. I tried the therapy route. Been prescribed multiple antidepressants. Nothing has worked. I'm done with the whole racket, scam which is the mental health industry. I have not heard from one person, not a single person, who has been "healed" from a mental health "disease".
163305 tn?1333672171 NOBODY on earth can get anymore paranoid than me and these drugs are not causing paranoia at all. Some of the people have had the depression and all that, but it seems your brain and my brain are wired the same concerning this and believe me,,'piece of cake,' I don't even feel like I am taking anything AND not a drop of paranoia. Don't let that worry hold you back. I bet you will glide thru, just like me. BTW I'd doing Pegasys. wish you the best!
Avatar n tn I am sorry to read of your loss. How devastating. All these unknowns and unanswered reasons things like this happen. You have one sweet little angel to watch over you. Lots of huggs for you.
Avatar m tn There have been some reports of memory loss and disturbance of other cognitive functions including alertness following Carbamazepine (Tegretol) use. The effect of the seizure focus in the frontal lobe can't be denied. The two combined together may be responsible for the memory loss.