Depression medication that causes weight loss

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Avatar n tn There is no evidence which suggests vitamin B12 supplementation causes weight loss. There may be indirect factors which lead to weight loss. One of them is the awareness of being overweight. Seroquel does play a role in weight gain. And the most important factor to be considered is the depression. Depression itself is a major risk factor for weight gain. Treat your depression, get to a good exercise schedule and you will see a reduction in weight.
Avatar n tn In some meds cause weight gain and in some it causes weight loss. The loss of weight statistically is higher then those who gain weight. But keep in mind that is statistics. Only those who have reported it can be apart of a statistic. I work for a mental health organization but also suffer from bi-polarism and insomnia. If taken right my meds work for me. You also need to keep in mind that medications for these illnesses are kind of like a shot in the dark.
Avatar f tn Klonopin, on the other hand, being an anti-anxiety medication, does not usually cause any weight gain, but will cause drowsiness and that is why, I assume, your doctor placed you on it, although there are many other medications to aid in sleep that are not as habit-forming as Klonopin. I don't know what your diagnois is, but if it is just for depression, I would discuss the use of Klonopin for sleep, unless you also suffer from an anxiety disorder.
459133 tn?1212851291 Your herbal weight loss tea may be the problem if it has a stimulant in won't be the xenical that causes the rapid heart beat.
Avatar n tn If you are happy about the weight loss and find it beneficial to your health, consider that a very nice side effect. Some ADs DO affect our weight, but usually not to extremes. You are not losing weight at a dangerous rate. 4.5lbs a month is a safe and healthy rate. My concern would be that you only weighed 105lbs before the weight loss. I think I would still let my doctor know if you were not intentionally trying to lose weight.
Avatar m tn Persistant Cough, Night Sweats, Anemia, Blood in Urine, Sudden Weight Loss, Vomiting, Fatigue, White Blood Count High - has had two scopes, ultrasound, multiple blood tests. Addison's has been ruled out, all organs, lungs, and small intestines are clear. Oncologist does not think leukemia/lymphoma, says levels are not indicating these??? Any ideas where to turn???
Avatar n tn If you have cut down on fat and carbohydrates then this can explain the weight loss. There are many causes like worms in stool, depression, anorexia nervosa, AIDS, cancers especially colon cancers, drug abuse, infections and loss of appetite. Loss of appetite can again be due to certain medications, drug abuse, depression, AIDS, acute and chronic infections, cancers and hypothyroidism. Either you do not eat well or there is increased metabolism as in hyperthyroid states, HIV, cancer etc.
Avatar f tn Guilty as charged but a good tool if a patient is truly their own best advocate. Unexplained Weight Loss/Appetite Loss/Depression are all symptoms of various cancers, thyroid issues. So...I'm scared and sad and a bit at a loss. The weight continues to drop (indicated more by clothes fit than scale) and it seems to my eyes to be more muscle than fat. I continue to have nearly no interest in food and at this point, 2 drs are going to blame a nearly 30 lb weight loss on anxiety. Again...
Avatar f tn Oh, and your dosage of klonopin is pretty high. You may need it that high, but just saying. I think you're overmedicated.
Avatar f tn My doctor told me that Effexor XR does not affect your weight and if anything it causes loss of appetite or weight loss, which I did read on the perscription label from the pharmacy. Lately, I've been doing more research and all I am finding are blogs about people who have gained a minimum of 25 lbs!!!!! Can someone give me a straight answer as to yes, it makes you gain weight or no it does not?
5032487 tn?1365824021 s a mood stabilizer that actually aides in weight loss. I was taking it wil seroquil because I was terrified of gaining weight. I didn't know it was going to make me lose weight- and quickly. Someone mentioned trileptal above and I have taken that before too. I just wanted to compare it to topomax- they are both anti-convulsants/ anti seizure medication. I do not know if they are both used in treating bi-polar, topomax is for sure.
1581886 tn?1296541435 just started looking into effects of stopping Abillify, because of weight gain 30 lbs. in a matter of months, but did not realize a recent addition of Toprimax could have caused the last recent 10 lbs. I stopped taking the Abilify this morning and continued with the Toprimax thinking it would be helping with the weight gain. GREAT! Don't Drs. know part of the depression and Anxiety are caused by large weight gains!
2063301 tn?1343833074 Causes of secondary amenorrhea include stress and anxiety, malnutrition, depression, overexercising, sudden weight loss or gain (obesity),thyroid disorders and hormonal imbalance due to polycystic ovarian syndrome(PCOS).Smoking is also associated with secondary amenorrhea. Sometimes tumors of the ovaries and brain may also cause absence of menstruation. Some of these causes are modifiable like if you are having stress then yoga and meditation and antianxiety medicines can help you out.
Avatar n tn Also, my medication that I have to be on for the rest of my life causes Weight Gain. I am in a group with others who are on the same medication. A good 75% are having the same problem I am having. Others are just too sick to eat. I really need to correspnd more often with others going through the same thing. I really believe the mood your in is what makes us eat. I am trying to stop and think about why I am eating. Am I really hungry or is just something to occupy me.
Avatar f tn actually, most SSRI medications do not in themselves cause weight gain. There have been a lot of double blind controled studies involving weight loss or gain associated with SSRI medications and most of them have been proven not to effect the bodies metabolism. Older tri-cyclic antidepressants and Tetracyclic antidepressant cause weight gain. It is proven and a well known side effect. Many mood stabilizers can also cause weight gain.
Avatar n tn I say this agreeing that anyone with depression can benefit by exercising, but you know, pro athletes suffer depression and they certainly get their exercise. Nobody knows what causes depression, and no medication yet invented cures it, they just tamp down the symptoms. If you were taking medication and it wasn't working, psychiatrists will often add medications to it.
8186495 tn?1396915293 Can MS be contributing to lack of weight loss?
Avatar n tn Also, the panic attcks I have sufferred from for many years have increased. I know that weight loss can accompany other depressive symptoms, but can someone please explain to me what is physically going on in my body that causes this to happen? It is baffling to me how I can be dropping weight like this! Also, what can I do to stop this & regain the weight in a healthy way? Maybe I could just eat an entire pizza??
Avatar m tn s over medicated, the medication could make him feel this way. Does he have other symptoms of over medication, such as sudden weight loss, diarrhea, hand tremors, rapid heart rate, etc? Does he also have a Free T3 result? Those symptoms could also apply to hypothyroidism, which is under medication and could happen if he's not converting the Free T4 to Free T3, which is the thyroid hormone that's actually used by individual cells in the body.
20801560 tn?1512718136 lots of people are suffering due to stress, depression and mental problem. But they are hiding that to survive along with people. Need to know that how depression feels like.
Avatar f tn It could be depression, or if you're on medication that might be it. Not really sure about anxiety causing weight changes though, I'm now curious.
Avatar f tn If you are still depressed you might be stress eating or eating to relieve some of your symptoms. Weight gain or loss is a common symptom of depression. Taking more medicine could actually help you out. I typically lose my appetite when I get depressed. There's always a correction period when I start to feel better and get my appetite back. I always gain a few pounds because I'm healthy again - not because of the medication. Do you think it could be either one of those?
Avatar f tn Hello,`I am new at this soo.. i was diagnosed a yr ago and was put on effexor that didn't help, and serequel for racing thoughts. then my doc put me on wellbutrin xr that was ok for a couple of months but my depression has worsed tremendously and i am taking wellbutrin xr 200 mg, serequel 50mg, and clonapin. the wellbutrin has no effect on me at all and i was actually wondering about topamax. i have tried almost every antidepressent and nothing.
Avatar f tn My experience is that those taking Paxil that noticed weight gain, could also have issues with additional weight gain taking Abilify. This is not a certainty, but I would put the odds at slightly better than 50/50 that it may occur. Even if this is the case, a few extra pounds would be worth your sanity. Talk to your doctor about the many choices based on your own physiology. Any pre-existing conditions will come into play if/when your doctor makes changes to your med list.
Avatar f tn I think depression can lead to weight loss. Before i went on mirtazapine My weight was a bit under what is should have been. Now Ive put on over a stone and want to get off mitrazapine as it no longer helps with depression. But I lost nearly a stone five years ago due to severe depression so it can cause weight loss. I want now want to lose a stone and get back to my normal weight of 11 stone for my build . I hate being overweight.
Avatar m tn I am in a "depression class" (thanks Kaiser), and they say memory loss is very common with depression. With all the physical problems & meds to deal with them, who wouldn't be depressed????? I started on anti-depressants after 3 years sober, still very very depressed. It helps for a while, then stopped. I realize my entire life I have been depressed, and now have Fibromyalgia, and take Wellbutrin for that.