Depression causes hair loss

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Avatar n tn use that minoxidil if you are satisfied with that , mean while start using finasteride 1mg tablets this blocks DHT in your hair , which causes hair loss mostly...use multivitamins tablets should include biotin and zinc also...
2010625 tn?1329372056 Stress definitely causes hair loss. I have been taking Biotin 5000 mcg 1 tablet daily (from a healthfood store) for a few months for this. It really helps.
Avatar n tn If your thyroid is not working properly it not only causes hair loss but depression! I wish you all the best and take care.
Avatar m tn I am in a "depression class" (thanks Kaiser), and they say memory loss is very common with depression. With all the physical problems & meds to deal with them, who wouldn't be depressed????? I started on anti-depressants after 3 years sober, still very very depressed. It helps for a while, then stopped. I realize my entire life I have been depressed, and now have Fibromyalgia, and take Wellbutrin for that.
Avatar n tn ve looked at several medication blog sites and have seen numerous posts of women reporting hair loss from anti-depressants including Wellbutrin so I was really questioning the validity of the "less than 1%" finding from the Wellbutrin trials.
Avatar n tn I would suggest you to consult a dermatologist for this as it is important to rule out all the causes of hair loss and reach a confirmatoty diagnosis.Treatment is specific for that diagnosis.Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional queries.Warm regards.
Avatar m tn Hello, Stress can be one of the causes for hair loss. Other than that alopecia aereta should be ruled out. The causes for excessive hair fall may be physiological or pathological and include hormonal changes, fungal infection, physical effects (traction, heat, chemicals), psychological & stress-related reasons, thyroid disorders, iron deficiency anemia, excessive intake of Vitamin A, hereditary reasons etc.
Avatar m tn What causes memory loss for depression, stress or something? By neuron cell breakdown?
Avatar m tn High chromium indicates the loss of chromium through hair. it can be due to mineral imbalance. Biounavailabilty of chromium usually indicates a disrupted cell renewal process leading to subsequent hair loss. It also indicates depleted energy levels. Manganese: This indicates manganese toxicity possibly du to drinking water contamination. This might lead to iron deficiency in future. Usage of hair dyes also gives a false indication of high manganese content.
Avatar f tn Depression is the major cause of hair loss or hair fall..You can cure your depression just by following him directions. Find food for treating depression. , Stop taking pills, Never relapse again, Apply an effective method to discover and eliminate the root problem.
Avatar m tn hiya hunni, im pretty sure there is no link between hair loss and masturbation, because wouldnt that mean that sex causes hair loss? you dont say whether your a girl or boy but im thinking ur a boy. u also dont say if you've been to the doctors. stress can cause hair loss so i hope your not stressing yourself out? because that can cause anxiety which is really nasty.
Avatar f tn For some reason the immune system attacks the hair follicles and destroys them which is what leads to the hair loss. My best friend has it and she has no hair anywhere! Not really sure if it is thyroid realated but I don't think so. With the thyroid you do lose hair but not leading to baldness.
Avatar n tn I take Evening Primrose Oil, which does not stop hair loss but nourishes the hair and helps soften it.... as hypothyroidism causes your hair to become dry brittle and break. I also take 5,000 of biotin each day. I was taking the capsules and there was no improvement after 6 months. My dermatologist told me to take Matrix 5,000 from Amazon. She said that the tablets are better absorbed by most people, so I am trying that now.
1378151 tn?1278974306 Other than that since you had heavy bleeding due to implanon, anemia could be a cause for this hair loss. Hair loss can also be due to dandruff, dermatitis, shampoos, oils, soaps, dust and dirt etc. Thyroid disorders (ruled out in your case) and diabetes too could be a cause. Insomnia, stress and anxiety along with poor diet and excess of caffeine too can be the cause. Get hemoglobin and iron level and blood sugar tested. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn Hi, the only thing I can think that may be causing my hair loss is my shampoo. I'm using herbal essence and I read that It causes hair loss on a lot of people. I'll try a diff shampoo. Do you have any advise?
Avatar n tn Hun, Get a different doc, you know, they are just ppl, and, as ppl, some are *sses, and some are not, Please have them do thyroid check!! Thyroid problems will cause depression, weight gain (or loss) as well as HAIR LOSS, i had a circular patch oh top of my head, and doc decided to check my thyroid, now i on synthroid, and hair grew back, emotions under control..
Avatar f tn There are permanent and temporary type of hair loss occurs. There are several causes of hair loss of human beings, but normally hair fall rapidly cleaning using any chemical substance, hair dyes, hair coloured and in head surgery, mental illness, anemia, sickness, etc. Poor diet is also cause to hair loss. Proper vitamin required to Hair Growth Cycle may affect by unhealthy dietary. Low iron and minerals levels are the common dietary reason of women facing experience for her hair loss.