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Avatar f tn Too little TSH indicates you have hyperthyroidism or over active thyroid, producing too much thyroid hormone - common symptoms are weight loss, diarrhea, hand tremors, fatigue, depression, rapid heart rate, palpitations, anxiety, hair loss.
548747 tn?1238811270 Would natural progesterone cream help hair loss? I'm 54, had a partial hysterectomy 13 years ago and I haven't taken any HRT, etc. However, during this past year the menopausal symptoms have gotten worse (difficulty sleeping, hot flashes, mild depression, vaginal dryness, etc.). The most depressing side effect I've had during the past 7 months is hair loss. I had an FSH test done and my gyn relayed the message through the nurse that I was "in menopause.
Avatar n tn Alopecia areata is a genetic condition which causes sudden round patches on the scalp along with inflammation of the roots of the hair follicles. However, the hair follicles are not destroyed and hair growth continues after inflammation subsides. Folliculitis may cause hair loss and is caused by a virus, fungus, or yeast. Sometimes a skin biopsy is conducted to confirm the diagnosis.
Avatar n tn I believe there is a site on the internet with these questions. Hair loss does not sound like depression, but then we are all different when it comes to the symptoms. Certainly irrability is a sign of depression, but then it could just be stress. Only a doctor can tell you this.
Avatar f tn i have been suffering with depression i think ever since my son took his own life 6 years ago,but i never really new it back then,till my daughter did the same thing, i miss them so much that i feel suicidal my self. i feel nobody is hearing me when i tell them.i feel i am not here g.p.put me on 150mg.of lustral a can one tablet take the place of your children.
Avatar f tn It's not bad enough that it's depressing to have MS, but MS also causes depression because it affects the brain. I thought i would just deal with this and be fine but I ended up needing something. I am glad I did. I tried once to stop taking it and it didn't take any time before I was back feeling hopeless. I hope you can start to feel better about things even if you don't take an antidepressant. Everyone here is so helpful. They have picked me up when I didn't think I could get up.
Avatar m tn You will probably have to wean yourself off of one at time to find out if the medication is causing hair loss, or look for other causes of hair loss unrelated to these medications.
Avatar n tn However, a couple of years ago I was on a variety of medications including Zoloft, Xanax, Trazadone and Clonapin and noticed the hair loss. I went from having thick hair to very thin and brittle. My hair is finally starting to thicken up. Has your doctor said anything about the combination of medication that you may be taking? Best of luck to you.
Avatar n tn You may also want to consult with a dermatologist about other possible causes of the hair loss or treatment options.
1924131 tn?1328501170 My hair is starting to come out, before it was just a lil more than the normal hair loss when you shower or brush your hair. Now its like a half of a handfull of hair. I'm getting what seems like an almost bald spot. Im so worried bout losing my hair. What should i do?
354706 tn?1279474395 During operation after 3 chemo, very little signs of chemo and an optimal debulking. During the first 3 chemo, very little side effects except hair loss and occasional tiredness – no drop in blood count of red/white blood cells. Mum continued with her consultancy business throughout the chemo. Surgery went well – wound heal well. Then on the 2nd day upon discharge from hospital, everything changed. My mum had depression – started to cry at every instance.
Avatar n tn We sometimes force our hair to speed up their life cycle. This causes more hair loss then normal and less hair growing back due to the hair dying prematurely. So, now that we all have lost hair from the Topamax. I believe that it has killed some of our hair follicles and may never grow back. Taking vitamins and stuff will help alot so we should all continue doing that. All the vitamins that have been mentioned are excellent for hair. Don't let the stupid doctors tell you its stress etc.
Avatar f tn Hi, Hair loss could be due to stress, hormonal problems, certain medications, infection, or as part of underlying disease such as diabetes and lupus. If your thyroid gland is not functioning well, hair may fall out. Hair loss may also occur if male or female hormones are out of balance. If it is hormone-related, correcting the hormone imbalance may stop your hair loss.
604197 tn?1292308636 I was 43 when my accident occurred. I will probably not ever be the same again. I suffer from dizziness and loss of balance, loss of coordination and a tremor in my right hand whenever I try to write, eat or do anything that involves fine motor skills. But I still see small improvements after 4 yrs. so don't ever give up. Its a long road to recovery and I'm much better off than I was at first.
Avatar m tn my doctor doesnt see anything wrong ive seen 3 and their attitude is if your going bald your going bald. But a month seems fast.... I have noticed any dramatic hair loss in shower to note, a few more coming out when i noticed and keep running hand through it. Non on pillow or nothing like that. My father is now fully bald more a less at 49, but had full head at 30 im sure. His brother (uncle) was balding fast in mid 20's and so was my grandad his dad.
277535 tn?1218139798 I just want to know if anybody has had improvements with their hair while taking synthroid. Did hair loss slow and then new hair start growing while on synthroid? Did other meds work better for hair loss for some people? I guess I need to hear some positive stories about synthroid and hair loss before I totally lose my mind....and all my hair!! ;-) I keep hoping that the hair falling out is being pushed out by new hair growth. It would make me sleep a little better at night!!
Avatar n tn When the hormones return to pre-pregnancy levels, that hair falls out and the normal cycle of growth and loss starts again. Some medicines can cause hair loss. This type of hair loss improves when you stop taking the medicine. Medicines that can cause hair loss include blood thinners (also called anticoagulants), medicines used for gout, medicines used in chemotherapy to treat cancer, vitamin A (if too much is taken), birth control pills and antidepressants.
Avatar f tn fever (90-95%) abdominal pain chest pain shortness of breath blood in urine hair falling out (27%) fatigue (90%) muscle pain and weakness (90%) dizziness poor memory headaches poor circulation in fingers and toes tingling in extremities diarrhea bloating nausea weight loss blurred vision depression palpitations raynauds (where fingers turn white when cold) intollerance to cold sore throat lymph node swelling (50%) ...
Avatar f tn 25 I sleep better but have extra sleepiness in the evening and morning. I am worried about my hair loss and muscle and bladder weakness. I have sitting difficulties. Sometimes I cannot keep my head up and I have tremor (muscular dystonia!). In this year I have had a four-month period of intermittent bad feeling behind eyes or other eye symptoms. I let my eye muscles scanned with mri - nothing abnormal was found. I have never had thyroid antibodies in my blood.
Avatar f tn Yeap, I have acne... I haven't noticed hair loss... Earlier I had more hair but I've been dying them a lot lately so of course I don't have as much hair as I had before... :) To Live_now: Well, I have never heard of such option.. as I understand such hair removing is avaiable in usa?? Well, I 'little' too far from my country..
7559119 tn?1391996331 Hello, Causes of hair fall could be like nutrients and proteins deficiency in the hair cells, emotional or physical stress, hormonal imbalances, dandruff, and serious illness like a tumors, infectious disease and Alopecia areata.. If there is underlying disease or nutritional deficiency .Give your diet an overhaul if you're lacking vital nutrients for growth and switch to foods for healthy hair. If it's related to an illness, it can be reversed by effectively treating the underlying cause.
1378151 tn?1278977906 Other than that since you had heavy bleeding due to implanon, anemia could be a cause for this hair loss. Hair loss can also be due to dandruff, dermatitis, shampoos, oils, soaps, dust and dirt etc. Thyroid disorders (ruled out in your case) and diabetes too could be a cause. Insomnia, stress and anxiety along with poor diet and excess of caffeine too can be the cause. Get hemoglobin and iron level and blood sugar tested. Hope this helps.
Avatar m tn Hello, Thanks for posting your query. I can understand your concern for the hair loss. Although there are many causes of hair loss in men like stress, fungal infections, alopecia aereata, hormonal imbalance (overproduction of dihydrotestosterone and thyroid hormones irregularities),malnutrition, telogen effluvium and sebum plugs on skin, but important ones in your case are stress, weather change and telogen effluvium.
Avatar f tn Doctors are quick to tell me its genetic because of where my hair is thinnest (front bang area), and because hair loss does run in my family. However, even though I've always had massive amounts of thick hair, it's always been much thinner in the bang area. My hair loss is diffuse, and it's most noticeable there only because it's always been on the thinner side in that area, and that's why it's the most obvious.
Avatar n tn It sounds like a thyroid problem, to be honest. The fatigue, weight gain, hair loss and low body temperature are classic symptoms. I think you should go see a dr. I know that you said you have no insurance, but when I lived in the states and couldn't afford medical care, there were a few clinics around that offered health care on a sliding scale fee based on your income. It's not expensive and the most I ever paid was around $50 and that was for $300 worth of blood tests and exams.
Avatar f tn Severe fatigue(even with 10 hours and naps on the weekends), memory loss or confusion, depression and hair loss. In reading this initial post, I was surprised that hair loss could result from going on the Synthroid when that is also a symptom. I take my Synthroid in the morning before eating, then a B12 late morning with. Multi vitamin and Lexapro in the evening. Is there anything I need to look out for or advice from this group. Thank you.
Avatar f tn You probably have symptoms - but they are very subtle - low libido, depression, no /impaired sleeping, acne, fatigue, poor healing, hair changes, etc. All symptoms of something else but they oddly will not respond to meds... I thought for years it was my thyroid, PCOS, etc but no... Your doc should look at the tests - and look for the source - find an expert.
Avatar n tn A hyperthyroidism patient will experience anxiety, depression and loss of mental clarity . The patient will experience changes in bowel habits mainly diarrhea. Sometimes abdominal bloating also regarded as the symptom. If we’ll consider symptoms for women, changes in menstrual patterns are the biggest one. Even sometimes, indication in the sex hormones in men such as testosterone and estrogen levels gets influenced by this disorder. Sometimes, thyroid conditions influence hormonal conversions.
2033435 tn?1329947108 It's kind of impossible to differentiate. Once you know that you are hypo, I would assume the depression is thyroid related until thyroid hormones were optimized. It's such a common symptom of hypo. If it doesn't go away, you can look elsewhere later. I'm sure there also is a psychological element to it. We're human...our minds prey on us.