Depression causes infidelity

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Avatar f tn The issue that comes up is when my husband and I are intimate it causes me severe pain. We have tried different positions and techniques and they all cause some form of increase in pain.I will probably be in pain for the rest of my life and as much as I love my husband I dread intimacy. Sometimes I feel like if he truely loved me he wouldnt be willing to hurt me. I realize when we entered this marriage that this wasnt in the plans and it was very often and very good.
Avatar f tn We all know the two involved in the infidelity and their immediate families are affected by their actions. However! I wonder how many stop to think of how many others are affected permanantly by their actions. My daughter and her hubby are going for divorce because of her infedelity. I called to c if I could keep the kids tonight and was told no. Why, because wife did not want hubby free to roam, thinking he may come to where she works if given the chance. Ok! So, why am I so angry!
Avatar f tn I will admidt we have had a slew of problems the past year including him being diagnosed bipolar and me having an infidelity. The last time we discussed our sex issue he said he didn't feel sexually attracted to me anymore and sex just doesn't feel the same. If we do have sex it's because I started it and the only time he's initiated was my birthday. I try to hint to him and in the mood, and have tried being direct but nothing seems to work.
Avatar f tn I had just wrote a comment to someone in the Relationship Forum about just how hard it is working through infidelity. I can say that I am happy and Richie and I are doing well. But there are times when I feel just how you feel. We are human and we have emotions and even though we can move forward, those thoughts will always be there. It's sad because you wish that memories of the infidelity can be erased and unfortunately, they are tatooed on our brains.
Avatar n tn I believe the interferon causes the depression, while the ribavirin just makes you plumb crazy. I believe there's a difference :) There used to be some good stuff on interferon-induced depression over at Projects In Knowledge http://www.projectsinknowledge.
Avatar m tn That is not the same as clinical depression. I have never hear of fevers being related to depression, though. Try to address your feelings and the cause of the guilt in order to help the situation.
Avatar f tn You are the type of person that does this. Nothing warrants infidelity. Nothing excuses infidelity. Nothing makes infidelity excusable. Never in a million years will what I did be okay, nor will it be okay with what any of you have been through. I was the dirty, disgusting, dog mentioned above. I did everything listed in lor662's last post. I am/was what I hated most. I self perpetuated what I despise.
1051479 tn?1256534145 Parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents,...causes dysfunctional environment * Neighbors: Witnessing fighting, abusive behavior, neglected kids, unattended kids neglected pets. * Pets: they suffer stress from the fighting, neglect (food, walks, etc) depression * House - get's neglected, dysfunctional * Financially: Bills, Attorneys, car, gas, babysitters to watch while at attorneys, etc.
172023 tn?1334675884 There is an unfortunate sameness to many root causes of divorce. And most people going through divorce seem to have the same agonies, issues, and questions. Perhaps something that someone reads here may help...who knows? Be warned: There is nothing humorous contained here. If you are looking for a funny Peekawho story, look elsewhere. Ever since I discovered "the affair", my stomach has been in literal knots. I started vomiting every single thing I ate.
2047155 tn?1527167564 It's a very painful experience to go through and I do not think the cheater understands or cares how devastating it can be to the person they've cheated on. It certainly causes a lot of damage emotionally....
Avatar f tn For ever person who is hypersexual during mania there are people with little to no sex drive during depression and also those who alternate between the two. Complex issue as there are societal factors involved. The best thing is as long as its consenting adult, safe sex for people to accept each other's sexual preferences but if someone loses judgment because of mania in any area that's always of concern. Any act should be done with clear judgment beforehand of the consequences.
Avatar f tn Sometimes you can find something there. Cheaters cheat. Liers lie. Etc. And it takes a monumental, life-changing event that causes them to see the error of their ways and change. If his family means anything to him then perhaps the thought or the threat of losing them might be what keeps him in line and makes him see that sort of behavior is unacceptable. But that won't happen if he thinks you won't leave him and he'll continue doing the same things until one of you has had enough and leaves.
1034736 tn?1319562635 We have had our ups and downs including infidelity on my part, emotional and verbal abuse on his part, and physical abuse on both of our parts. He says he is very devoted to me but I am unsure if I have the patience or the energy to fix our marriage. NYE, we got into a very physical fight and unbeknownst to me, two of the kids witnessed it.
Avatar n tn 29 y/o Male here. So 14 weeks ago I engaged in unprotected, heterosexual drunken sex with a stranger. I have crippling anxiety which has caused me to constantly worry about the possibility of contracting an STI. We only had sex once. Here are my symptoms: - intermittent pain in penis, in the urethra, not while urinating. Just while sitting at work. - after urinating it feels like there's a small amount left in the tank that won't empty.
Avatar m tn Do you think you have a low level depression that resulted in all of this happening in the first place? Just a thought. But you need to address the first couple of issues alone. Then you also need to see a couple's therapist to address rebuilding the marriage (and any issues that had really been there before the affair and contributed to its happening). I wish you lots of luck. You can make this up to her by being the best husband possible for the rest of your life.
Avatar f tn If you don't you will go down the black hole of hell( Depression )....and my angel please do not go there as once you have been there its easier the second time .
Avatar f tn After a month or so we got back to normal and I forgave him once again.  I told him it was the last time I could handle it.  I can't live in depression bc my husband is looking at other women.  Now just about 2 weeks ago,  I found out he had looked at porn on and off during my pregnancy n after...before i found the Facebook stuff. I told him I 100 percent knew so don't lie.
Avatar m tn Does she have a physical or emotional problem that is impacting her sex drive? (Clinical depression comes to mind, but there are many others.) Is she having self-esteem problems? Is she just not attracted to him any more? It could be anything, and he's not going to know until he talks to her. He needs to tell her that it is hurtful to be rejected sexually. He needs to tell her he wants to get back to the sex life they had, if that's the comparison he's making here, to their past frequency.
Avatar n tn This sucks, why can some people just be able to take pain meds and that's it, but others have to take ALL of them???? I know, woe is me! Bull! I hate myself for being like this. My depression gets deeper every day!
Avatar n tn Also, there have been problems with trust in our relationship since I found out he was lying to me about various issues. There has been no infidelity as far as I know. Is this normal or should I give up and believe that it is me that causes this problem.
5843642 tn?1375442089 i have been told i am trash and even left outside of a trash dump late one night. i suffer from depression. i was on antidepressants for awhile. he called them my crazy pills. to him those were proof that he was right all along. that i am a mental case. and that is my biggest worry and what confuses me the most. i have never talked to anyone about this because i am afraid he may be right. what if there is nothing wrong with him and its really me.
Avatar n tn the men go through phases THE ******* PHASE THE GUILTY PHASE THE KING OF THE JUNGLE PHASE (USUALLY WITH A WOMAN 20 YEARS YOUNGER) THE DEPRESSION AND REGRET STAGE, Because they loose that intimacy, that mature love that lasted so long. They loose more than they gain in the end believe me. Why do nice people get treated like this.
Avatar f tn Infidelity is ALWAYS painful, to Each and EveryOne!! but I believe, Truely and Sincerely, that when it's a "long term" Marriage and when it involves "numerous" Children - that it adds ANOTHER dimension.
Avatar n tn I do suffer with stress but do not know if this is the cause or if stress causes the symptoms. I did have an issue with food when i was younger but i eat well now. I should also mention that I have never has regular periods but that they are better now i'm on the pill. I have also had intense abdominal pain where i feel like keeling over so I eat less bread and wheat now I'm so glad, i am not the only one. i was starting to think i was mad.
Avatar n tn My husband has lied to me in the past, around issues of infidelity, and it hurt beyond words. My ability to trust him ever again was damaged, but not beyond repair. We worked it out. I've also lied to him, a lot, about my hydrocodone addiction. The vicodin was MY affair (as Frank Lee refers to valium as his other is not joke..I totally understand) He hung in there with me, and for that I am grateful.
Avatar n tn maybe as an adult teenager or in my early 20's (if I absolutely had to know) but I too vote for DON'T TELL because the only thing it's going to do is put your child in a state of depression. I love my dad and I know he loves me and now it's our secret (my mom died last year) but it still hurts.
Avatar f tn Find statistics about divorces and their causes, etc. Talk to people (especially divorced wives) who went to hell and back because their husband cheated on them... and why (events that led to it). Look up the porn industry and find out the horror and victimization you are supporting by using it. Read a few books on it. Porn makes masturbation easier for a man? Why do you think this is? Those naked bodies of strangers turn you on (and other men who watch porn) because men are usually visual.
Avatar n tn Welcome to the forum. I don't know of any other online sites, but there are members on here that have family members addicted to drugs. Addiction is a family disease and I am sorry your going through this. In active addiction, the most important thing to us is the drugs and it's sad, but true. You will get support and advice here and I hope your wife gets the help she needs. Maybe it's time for some tough love? Have you ever heard of alanon meetings? I will send you the link to check out.