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Avatar n tn After being on depo provera for 1 year, I decided to discontinue use and switch to the pill. I decided to be single (and not sexually active) for a while, so I decided to wait until I got my period to start taking the pill. The only problem is that I STILL haven't had a period! It's been 6 or 7 months since I stopped getting the shots. I had normal periods while on the shot, and before I was on the shot, but once I stopped getting it my periods vanished...
Avatar f tn I've just turned 18 and I've been using the depo shot for at least 7 months because the pill was making me sick.When I asked my Nurse about depo she just told me about the positives which left me very much in the dark about this contraception.Since starting my shots I have gained 14LBS in just SEVEN months!!I have gone back to the nurse since and explained that my diet and exercise hasn't changed but I'm gaining weight,she wasn't exactly sympathic and insisted I eat less!
Avatar n tn I have been on depo for 11 years. I would be due for my next shot on 9/27 but my Doctor has advised that I stop having it. She has been treating me for migraines and depression with Imitrex (when needed) and a daily dosage of Prozac of 10mg. The Imitrex thankfully, works, and the migraines have also been lessened by the Prozac.
Avatar n tn I am on the Depo Provera shot and am due for another in at least 6 days. I drank about 3 Corona Beers yesterday and had some bleeding. I never bleed through out my shot cycles. Last shot cycle i had a few beers and spotted again within that 7 day window of getting the next shot. Can alcohol induce bleeding when close to getting the next shot ?
Avatar f tn There are many options including birth control pills/patch, intrauterine devices, the Depo-provera shot, the implant (Nexplanon/Implanon), as well as more permanent options depending on your future childbearing plans. I recommend you talk with your physician about what might work best for you.
Avatar f tn However there is a supposed two week window in which Depo-Provera is supposed to be effective and that window ended October 8th, so just a few weeks ago. However, I got back on birth control 4 days after this two week window ended on October 12th. The doctor advised me to use a condom in the first week and I go ahead like an airhead and have sex that SAME day, unprotected. While my fiance used the 'pull-out' ' method knowing basic biology, it is still possible to get pregnant.
Avatar n tn My Ob gave me prescription of taking provera pill to induce my menstruation. I am still waiting fo rmy period to come. What if the pill she gave me can not effectively jumpstart my period? Does infertility a reason to consider of lacking period?
Avatar m tn let me give a litte backround..had ds in may 3 months pp i got the depo..tried it once and decided not to get it again..that messed up my august i got the shot and was supposed to get it in nov. i got period in december..i was going on a 3 wk i made an appt at my drs..they gave me provera to regulate my periods..bad made it worse..i'd get a heavy period every other week...i thought maybe thats normal...idk..
Avatar n tn I also take darvocet for occasional migraines, but I try to avoid taking it too often. In additon, I take a Depo-Provera injection every three months for birth control. I don't know if any of those meds could be affecting my health in some way, so I figured I should mention it. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
1050219 tn?1255552668 I was scheduled for my depo provera shot on August 20th. I went to the doctor and decided that I wasn't going to get it. Matter of fact, I didn't want any type of birth control. I had been on the shot once before for about 2 1/2 years. Came off the shot and went on the pill for about 9 months and had a lot of issues with it. So I went back on the shot for like 1 1/2 years. Then my fiance and I decided that we wanted to try to have a child.
Avatar n tn i hope everything goes well for you and that you get everything sorted out with your suspected pregnancy thing but i was wondering what this could be because my nipples have been hurting recently too. its mainly just my left one but my right one doesnt seem to hurt. i am on the depo-provera 3 month contraceptive injection and my last period was sometime in december as the depo prevents periods so that isnt a problem. but i was just worrying what this nipple thing could be..
Avatar f tn I know that I have polycystic ovaries and have been on various medication. I came off Depo Provera injections about 2 years ago and was regular up until the day before my wedding (16/10/2009) as I was about to become sexually active for the first time also. The doctor prescribed a pill I'd been on when I was in my teens, although I made mention that these made me sick, at which she told me to hide it in my food! I tried them, but was severely sick, so I came off them.
Avatar n tn Another worry is my use of the depo provera shot I was on it for 8 years I have seen mixed feelings about that birth control and infertility. Any form of info would be greatly appreciated.
232077 tn?1218426943 I've never done Depo Provera but I have a friend who's using it with great success. She's a couple of years older than me and it's kept her from having to have a complete hysterectomy. Her endo isn't as bad as mine though. The last endometrioma I had removed was the size of a soft-ball and it was inside my ovary.
Avatar n tn I`ve tried Ortho tri-cyclen and it ran my blood pressure up. I also tried Depo provera shot, and it made me feel crazy! I was just wondering if anyone else on here has taken Ortho Micronor, and if so, did you have any side effects? Did you like it? Thanks......
Avatar f tn What Im under the understanding is that were trying to get a controlled pregnancy and help speed it up due to the fact that i didnt have AF for 5 years after having my son and being on depo-provera. It took 11months for AF to come back, then I was preg in 3 months. M/C at 15weeks with a singleton- 1 year to the day of my m/c i found out i was preg again, found out it was twins but m/c at 9 weeks lost both. Its been about 8 months since that happpened and no pregnancy.
Avatar n tn Depo Provera shot? When I was on it, it took a couple of months before I got my period again. They say sometimes it takes 6 mos. or more to conceive. You should be good to go now....are you getting your period regularly?
Avatar n tn i have a 10 yr old , after i had him i went on the depo shot for 3 months and had to stop it because it made me so sick but it also took usalmost 6 months to concieve our son, so no 10 years later no other children and not from lack of trying...
166487 tn?1351909251 ), but when I worked as a Zookeeper for the San Diego Zoo for 10 years, we had to determine the ovulation cycles of our Orangutans and Bonobo Chimps (some were previously on Depo-provera, so we were tracking to see when they'd start ovulating again, and others we were trying to determine their cycles for introducing them to a new male or for artificial insemination).
Avatar n tn I have also heard of poeple not getting a positive blood test until 3 months pg...But I start Provera tomorrow to jump start my period since I am 2 weeks late then CD5-9 I will take my Clomid and we will go from there...well keep me posted and I will do the same for you!! Be Blesed!!
1160836 tn?1332333769 I don't have PCOS just simply haven't ovulated in 4 months. Last regular AF was November 09. All my other's have been Provera induced. Did clomid 50 mg last cycle and still didn't ovulate. This next cycle doing provera agian and clomid 100 mg. Hopefully I ovulated. Have my fingers crossed. SBD!
Avatar f tn I had to have an abdominal laparoscopy done to remove the cysts, because they were large. My OBGYN told me that if I didnt want anymore cysts to get on the Depo Provera shot. so I started taking the shot and I have not had one cyst that I know of since. I have a pelvic ultrasound done every 6 months to check for them and the ultrasound is always negative.
1636472 tn?1439186588 So there are things you can do during your fertile window to prevent that from happening. Such as taking Robitussin, but it has to be the cough suppressant one only with only one ingredient called Guaifenesin. Its an expectorant that helps thin out your cervical mucus. Men can take it to during that time, it is suppose to help make it easier for the sperm to swim up there. I don't know that it always works because I have only tried it once and I am not prego.
Avatar n tn Hey, well i was in the same situation until last month which was the 1st time i had my period from April, i was perscribed Provera, to bring it on and it did, but i'm trying to have a baby, My gyno has perscribed me clomiphine to stimulate the ovaries, all i know is after taking the provera i had really bad peroid pain and it came back with a vengence, I have a really good gyno and if u are trying to concieve, i've been through a lot of pelvic ultrasounds (internal) cause it's the best way to se
Avatar n tn I was on the depo provera shot for a little over 13 years with no periods. I have been off of the shot since October 2006. In January, my periods started back, however, I have bright red blood frequently, and almost always HUGE blood clots. Sometimes I can feel myself pushing them out. My period has been on since January, with the exception of maybe two to three weeks. I am afraid that I am or will be anemic or worse soon if the bleeding doesn't stop.
280700 tn?1210287416 I also took clomid 50mg last month and never ovulated, so the cycle was a bust and the doctor prescribed Provera again casue it could be some time before i get my period. He upped my dosage to 100mg and i'm on day 3 today of clomind. I'm basically taking clomid cd 2-6 as the specialist wanted and then he will start monitoring me on CD 9. I'm also getting IUI done so hopefully tis would help but if I don't ovulate then this cycle would be a bust also. I'm crossing my fingers as well.
Avatar n tn But that theory has been blown out the window because I was due on the 4th January!!! Aaaaargh, it's so frustrating isn't it? But then again, maybe each woman is different, so if you are going to get your period then it 'may' arrive next Thursday as if nothing happened! I really hope for you that it does not appear, I keep praying every night that mine holds off too! At the end of the day as long as we still have hope, then we have something to hold onto!
470885 tn?1326332637 i might as well throw my $ right out the window. i can't help it tho. it's so exciting! i ordered a bunch of internet tests so they will be here this week. at least i won't spend so much on HPTs in the store now. i was so hoping to get a BFP for tomorrow, mother's day!! good luck to anyone testing tomorrow!!!!!!