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Avatar n tn I'm looking for the protacol for administering depo-provera with adol. patient.If anyone can help I'd appreciate it.
Avatar f tn I usually respond terribly to hormone treatments but I'm in such a terrible and desperate position right now that I just started taking the Depo provera shot. Last Tuesday to be exact. Still in excruciating pain and have searched the net high & low for days for the answer to this question. Has anyone here tried this treatment for endo pain and gotten relief? Was wondering how long it usually takes to start working for pain.
Avatar n tn Hello again. I just got my current Depo Provera shot, but I have noticed that in between my shots ( and I tend to get them every 12 or 13 weeks) I get spotting - not brown discharge or anything but actual noticeable blood. I thought that if I were to come off the Depo, it would take time before I would have my period again - does this spotting mean that once I come off the shot, I'll get my period immediately??
Avatar f tn I'll definitley ask about this. So far the recommendaton from the DR that did my surgery is Depo Provera shot or Luprin (?). I am 36 and have not had kids yet and am not sure if I want any. However, I'm leaning toward the Depo as the Luprin has menopause type symptoms which I don't think I am ready to deal with even temporarily. I"ll get another opinion on Monday. Will let you know what my regular DR. recommends. How are you treating your endo?
Avatar f tn I have tried the pill, which I would forget about, depo provera made me bleed for over a year straight and had to be put on different hormone pills and iron supplements.
Avatar n tn I did not have an eating disorder, but after going off of depo, I did not have a period for almost a year, and the dr. gave me provera to jump start my period. It worked just fine.
505857 tn?1329685117 Did you get the depo lupron or the depo provera shot? The lupron is used for management of endometriosis and pain along with the hopes to reduce endometriotic lesions. The depo provera is a birth control shot. How long ago has it been since stopping the depo provera shots? Sometimes women's fertility returns right away and others it can take 6-18 months. Did you mention this to your dr and let them know how long ago it has been since stopping the depo provera shots?
Avatar n tn I just had an abortion using the ru-486 pills, and got the depo provera shot at the same time. I know because of the abortion im suppose to bleed for about 2 weeks. but ive been bleeding for a month now, heavy at times. at times big blood clumps. Is this normal. is it because of the abortion or the shot? will the bleeding stop? i also get depressed at times, i feel tired, i think cuz of loss of blood, irritated. im sure from the depo provera. is there anything that can counteract this shot?
Avatar f tn I had had all kinds of period issues, from spotting to severe cramps, in the past (hmmm, endo?), so I figured I would change my birth control to depo provera. It's been great in the sense that it eventually eliminated my periods, so no monthly pain associated with the mass. I know it is a bandaid fix, since it depo isn't recommended for the long run (I take 1200mg of calcium daily). I've been monitoring the thing since it was finally found via trans-vaginal ultrasound last October.
Avatar n tn I already feel like I've been a pain in the a*s since I'm gone in twice for stitch removal, a depo provera shot, and called with questions at least twice. (I even asked my regular GP about it... she said I'd need to talk to the gyn *sigh again*) My mood swings are soo much better on the depo shot, but I also know that a side effect can be depression, and I've been kinda down lately. The recurrence of the symptoms just make me more down, and I'm feeling kinda hopeless about it all.
Avatar n tn After having an ultrasound done I was told I have an ovarian cyst the size of my ovary. She told me why women get cysts but until December I've been on Depo Provera and only quit taking it because of a lowering of bone density. Problem 2: During this visit I had lab work done and found out my AST (124) and ALT (166) levels were high. I don't have a history of drinking, in fact my last alcoholic drink was July of last year during a going away party.
Avatar f tn By October, I found out I had a golf-ball sized mass on my left ovary. I have been monitoring the mass and blood since then. I am on depo provera now, so I don't get periods. That being said, I don't get cramps--but I know that is just a bandaid fix. I do feel a constant pressure where the mass is, and it drives me psychologically insane--the wondering if it could be bad. I have been to many doctors, and they all highly doubt malignancy.
202436 tn?1326477933 Something else he suggested was the depo provera shot, he said that sometimes it helps boost milk production. I wasn't planning on taking any hormonal birth control, was just gonna do natural family planning. But with theses issues I really don't need the increased risk of pregnancy that comes wtih natural family planning so I went ahead and opted for getting the depo. We'll see if it helps. I've never used any BC other than pills so I'm not sure how it's gonna go but we'll see.
Avatar n tn He did say I could have tested false/positive. Since my family history of uterine cancer and endometriosis. I went on depo provera but it only made the pain worse. I asked him about this and he was deeply concerned about it. I had my husband drive me to see him since its about 2 hrs away and I couldnt handle the pelvic and lower back pain. He had to pull into a gas station so I could at least stand up for a few minutes. That didnt help out much either.
232077 tn?1218426943 I was put on Lupron Depot for a couple of months and then after that my doctor suggested Depo Provera. Being that I read a million horror stories on the internet I said NO WAY JOSE!! Well in a few months I was having more pain and a cyst was now on my ovary. I got on the Depo and I never regretted it. My cyst resolved and I do not have any side effects.
Avatar f tn Oh honey- same thing just happened to me! I was bleeding for two months straight and found out I have adenomyosis. I went on the depo shot a couple days ago (progestrin) and the bleeding stopped. I've also heard the Mirena IUD stops it as well.
746181 tn?1232920995 I have been on birth control all of them even depo provera, which I didn't like the ups and downs it was too much, so I just stopped. Cysts were not that bad after that, until now. My only concern is that this cyst has doubled in size in the last year. Has anyone ever had a slightly complex cyst turn into a simple cyst after a year? You guys are so nice here, I have posted the same questions on other gyn forums and cyst forums and nobody has given me any advice THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
Avatar n tn She is not pregnant (actually impossible due to some complications of long term depo-provera use) No fever, bp normal. The latest attack the ER doc prescribed strong acid suppressant to try to rule out the collection of ulcer related issues but she has no gas, burping, dirarea heartburn etc. Her family doc sent her for blood tests but we don't have any results yet.
Avatar n tn This report relates to the remaining 44. 34 were treated with Depo-Provera (medroxyprogesterone acetate), 9 with Colprone (megestrone acetate), and 1 with Megace (megestrol acetate). Of the 34 patients treated with Depo-Provera 13 showed regression of the tumor; 3 of the 9 treated with Colprone showed regression. In an additional 11 (25%) of cases growth of the tumors was arrested. 7 of these were later found to have abdominal metastases; however, 3 were free of symptoms for over 43 months.
Avatar f tn Im hoping to lose my baby weight plus the weight I gained of Depo Provera after this pregnancy. If you dont want a c-section and want to at least try for a vaginal delivery then get a 2nd opinion.
Avatar n tn I've had multiple ultrasounds, again with nothing showing. Doc put me on Depo-Provera, thinking this would stop my periods altogether and solve the issue. It worked for about a year, but now, I've been bleeding since last September (2008) almost non-stop. And i'm still sick with it - sick to my stomach, that is. Now, I have to come up with a different plan, because i certainly cannot continue living like this!
Avatar n tn Hi First, here is info on Depo: What "The Shot" Is and How It Works Depo-Provera is the brand name of a prescription method of reversible birth control. It is a hormone like progesterone, one of the hormones that regulates the menstrual cycle. It is called depot- medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA). A shot of DMPA in the buttock or arm can prevent pregnancy for 12 weeks.
Avatar n tn release,,,so when he did the exploratroy surgery/he could not take all of it out as I had not signed the release kids were 10 and 14//and i was divorced I am on Depo Provera to this day cos I never went bacvk and had the hysterectomy I needed then...Depo is bad for ur bones so I know this has not helped my spine be sure u get the right DR for what u need..may have to try a few//the first one is not always the best one..,.
Avatar n tn Hi Cindy, I believe that you know when your problems started. And I believe that it is very possible that the Depo-provera could have caused your problem. I say this because in the past couple of years the medical community has discovered that Hormone replacment Therapy improves memory and delayes Alzheimers. So if Hormone replacement can help memory problems then why couldn't Depo-provera(hormones)mess up your hormone functioning.
10977101 tn?1414282594 and it didn't help the cramps or the heavy bleeding. went back and was put on the depo provera shot and my mom asked the doctor what could be causing me to have severe cramps and the weight loss. the doctor told my mom that i was aneroxic and bulemic and that i should see a pyschatrist. after that being said i decided to not go back to that obygn after i stopped taking the depo provera shot because that wasn't helping the pain either. at that point in my life i was loosing hope.
455726 tn?1213096430 Im a little nervous cuz I dont like needles. I'm also at the current time weening off of Depo Provera...but I'm not due again untill the 14th, why have I gotta my period early?? I never get my period inbetween shots...and I'm not getting another one. Stress? maybe?
Avatar n tn My doc did put me on birth control for 2 months, before my m/c to help regulate my cycle after depo provera, and I wasn't ovulating. The first month on birth control pills, is the first month I ovulated since the depo shot, and I got pregnant the first month! I guess you have to do what your doc says, they know whats best for you. I guess I haven't really heard of waiting 6 months, but every doc does things differently. it was not my intention to try to get pregnant this soon.
Avatar f tn No pain, and nothing unsual, which was kind of surprising given I was on the Depo-Provera injection for many years with no period at all. My body has pretty much went back to normal. The only thing is that I had two periods for the month of January (Tubal was Dec. 9th) one period at the beginning of the month and one now. But no cramping or bad pain associated with it and not too heavy, just like before for me.
Avatar n tn After many different kinds of pills, including one progestogen only pill( that worked but was then taken off the market), my family planning clinic put me on Depo Provera. I remained on Depo for 12 years! I did have a 1 year break only because I was in a country where it wasn't available, and all the spotting symptoms and heavy periods returned. I finally came off all contraception 3 years ago. And of course, the bleeding returned.
Avatar n tn I was taken to the ER and told I was having normal period. However, I am on the Depo Provera birth control shot. So normal - no. The pain did not go away. I went to see my ob/gyn and they sent me to my family doc. The family doc sent me for a ct scan. The ct scan showed what looked like an absess on my left falopian tube. I was given back to my ob/gyn doc. They treated me for a bacterial infection first. Still in pain after a week, they gave me another ct scan. No changes.