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202436 tn?1326477933 I wasn't planning on using any birth control after I had Lily, we were just gonna go with natural family planning. Well at my doc appt today he suggested the depo provera shot may help with milk production since I'm having an issue with it due to anemia. I went ahead and got the shot becuase I figured it was worth trying to see if it WILL help AND with the anemia problems right now it's probably best that I elminate as much risk of pregnancy as possible for awhile.
Avatar n tn My husband and I are TTC and I took the Depo shot twice and stopped 11/04 and then started BCP till 8/05 and havent had a period since except with provera. I think the Depo is still in my system and is screwing everything up. I hope the provera works for you and best of luck with the clomid.
Avatar f tn I've just turned 18 and I've been using the depo shot for at least 7 months because the pill was making me sick.When I asked my Nurse about depo she just told me about the positives which left me very much in the dark about this contraception.Since starting my shots I have gained 14LBS in just SEVEN months!!I have gone back to the nurse since and explained that my diet and exercise hasn't changed but I'm gaining weight,she wasn't exactly sympathic and insisted I eat less!
Avatar n tn My husband and I recently decided to have another baby. I have been on depo-provera on and off for years. I was supposed to get my shot 6 days ago, my last shot was in early December. I have always gotten my period soon after I discontinued in the past. How long should it take me to conceive? Is it dangerous to conceive so soon and should I wait?
Avatar n tn The test where they put a needle into your muscle and listen to it shows that there is some abnormality, but the shock test shows there is nothing blocking the electricity. I have been on depo provera for 3 years. I was looking at the side effects to the depo shot online a few days ago - one of the side effects is paralysis. However, I cannot find any stories on how this paralysis is manifested. Does the depo shot cause nerve damage, and how does it go about it?
Avatar n tn From all I've read on this site about coming off Depo, your body can do some crazy things, so just about anything can be a symptom of coming off. It can have some nasty effects. The pg symptoms you describe also sound a lot like PMS symptoms, so it's hard to tell. I think all you can do at this point is wait 1 week and take another hpt if your period doesn't arrive. A more aggressive approach that might suit you is to have your doctor do a blood test. Good luck sweetie!
Avatar f tn for women who are breastfeeding, over age 35, overweight, smoking, or have high blood pressure or history of blood clots. You may also consider patches, or the Depo Provera shot. There are also methods such as the NuvaRing. I personally take Yasmin and have never had any problems.
Avatar n tn I had extreme reactions to all the types of oral BC they tried me on. Even my best friends didn't want to be around me! After surgery they put me on Depo-Provera, which scared me at first, since if I had bad reactions to it, there's no way to get it out of your system for three months, but the one thing I noticed with all the other BC pills is that they have estrogen in them, and are comprised mainly of natural or synthetic estrogen, and just a tiny bit of progesterone.
Avatar f tn Weight gain, depression, breast tenderness, allergic reactions, and menstrual irregularities may continue until Depo Provera is cleared from a woman's body, about 6 to 8 months after her last injection. After discontinuing Depo Provera, women may also have a 6 to 12 month delay in return of fertility." Well there goes that option. It's been 12 months for me.
Avatar n tn The mini-pill is progesterone based like depo-provera. In fact it is the same thing, only in a daily pill form instead of the longer acting shot.
902536 tn?1326917850 should i go see another doctor??? what should i do!!!!!
Avatar n tn 1. Depo Provera Injection 150mg q 3 months(received 10 days ago)first injection ever....used for Endometriosis/Adenomyosis. 2. Effexor 37.5mg daily for depression started two weeks ago, but was on it about a year ago for approx. six months. 3. Coumadin 6mg qd for DVT's started at 5mg qd in Oct. 1999. Increased to 5.5mg qd about two weeks ago, and then yesterday, increased to 6mg qd. 4. Feosol 200mg BID Procrit can cause Iron Deficiency anemia, so my Hematologist has me on this. 5.
Avatar n tn Many people do have negative reactions to certain types of birth control, especially Mirena, Depo provera, implanon and a few of the birth control pills. A birth control method that I have highly had recommended to me was the nuva ring and I must say I would without a doubt recommend it to anyone seeking birth control.
Avatar n tn Maybe in 10 years or so if it continues to recur. I think I'm going to go with the Depo-Provera shot. A little higher dosage to knock the body into not cycling, since the lower dosage hormones don't really work on me. Anyone been on the Depo-Provera shot that can give me advice on it? I have the literature they hand out, but it really doesn't tell you a lot. Thanks all!
Avatar f tn eg You had the depo provera shot about the same time, which could be completely coincidental but it's also possible for you to be having adverse sensory reactions to the depo provera, any numbness, tingling or weakness after a shot should be brought to the attention of your doctor, it's typically not serious though.
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1460427 tn?1285777115 I suffer a slow forming anaphylaxis and most of my reactions are internalized effecting my organs and muscles. When I was tested for this condition with depo provera, my reaction was positive but showed no external symptoms, I developed giant painful satellite lesions under my skin that lasted for several days. For years.
202436 tn?1326477933 Something else he suggested was the depo provera shot, he said that sometimes it helps boost milk production. I wasn't planning on taking any hormonal birth control, was just gonna do natural family planning. But with theses issues I really don't need the increased risk of pregnancy that comes wtih natural family planning so I went ahead and opted for getting the depo. We'll see if it helps. I've never used any BC other than pills so I'm not sure how it's gonna go but we'll see.
Avatar f tn I'm not currently sexually active, yet have been on the Depo Provera shot for about 3 years. I am 19 years old and in my first semester of college, so Hello, freshman 15! Besides a slight, slight weight gain, (I am about 5'7 and 130 lbs.), I have had no other changes. I've done self breast exams, and I would go to the doctor but I have NO INSURANCE. I read caffeine could be a cause to sore breasts, and I drink my usual few cans of diet coke a day.
Avatar n tn If so, you may be suffering from an adverse reaction to that drug. These reactions can come on long after you are treated, and cause symptoms like you are experiencing. The use of steroids often exacerbates the effects greatly. Very often those hurt think they have MS, or ALS, or fibromyalgia, or a host of other maladies. If you are suffering these weird symptoms, I suggest you check out the following sites:
Avatar n tn i have noticed this problem for at least a couple of years and initially my doctor thought it was because i was in depo provera and had abnormal bleeding all the time. i have been on the pill for over 7 months and my periods are back to normal except after this occurrence following orgasm. in april i had an abnormal pap smear that indicated i had HGSIL (high-grade intraepithelial lesions) of the cervix.
Avatar n tn I started Celexa 7 days ago and, although I want to be positive, can't help but worry that it will not alleviate the anxiety and apprehension that were exacerbated by months I spent on Effexor XR and, most recently, by receiving my first Depo Provera treatment. I am doing relaxation exercises and will be starting NLP and TLT shortly. I just want to be me again (happy, carefree and not afraid). Am I making a mistake going on Celexa? Has it been an effective treatment for GAD?
Avatar f tn I did try several birth-control methods when I was in my 20s and 30s's such as Norplant, the pill and Depo Provera but I had many adverse reactions to them. Mainly and most bothersome..., my periods became reversed and I was on my period for three weeks and then off for one week. I haven't been given any info on the other options as to date.
Avatar f tn No pain, and nothing unsual, which was kind of surprising given I was on the Depo-Provera injection for many years with no period at all. My body has pretty much went back to normal. The only thing is that I had two periods for the month of January (Tubal was Dec. 9th) one period at the beginning of the month and one now. But no cramping or bad pain associated with it and not too heavy, just like before for me.
Avatar n tn Since evidently you have some sort of major psychological issue causing these blackouts, i hope you seek therapy ASAP. Provera is medroxy-progesterone, an old birth control pill and is also in the form of depo-provera which is a 3 month form of birth control. It is used in men to chemically castrate in the event of deviant behavior or medical reasons.
Avatar n tn I have had PVCs since the birth of my first child 20 months ago. For me, I am convinced it was being on my follow-up birth control, first depo-provera then Micronor. Both of these are progesterone-only. The PVCs started about 2 weeks after I started the Depo and continued as I went on Micronor. I had the holter, blood tests and 30-day event monitor, but all came back normal. I asked about the BC pills, but my doctor said they wouldn't cause the palps.
1230912 tn?1273496370 Extavia, Depo-Provera Topiramate, Tramadol Those are what I consider my pertinant information at the moment - what do you guys think? If I were to do a bracelet with only 4 lines would you just take out the "medications" line? What do you have on yours if you have one?
Avatar n tn i am 48 yrs old and have been coping with acne with varying degrees of intensity all of my life i've taken drugs used topicals vit A steva ect ect i've be on courses of different horomes and even injections provera in the late 70's which i'm pretty sure didn't do much to improve my general health mental emotional or physical also depo whatever injections in 1998 in association with severe endometriosis.
196469 tn?1365391575 But, progesterone cannot be patented and so the company that makes Premarin came up with a Progestin, as Katie pointed out, and they called it Provera (Depo Provera is a relative of this). The two drugs together, Premarin and Provera, Equal Prempro. It is now theorized that the Progestins are what helps create the big mess in the synthetic world of hormones. The snythetic estrogens are not great either ( I, like you, would only use a bio estrogen like Vivelle) but that Progestin is nasty.