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Avatar n tn Despite what docs reassure you, please READ THE SIDE EFFECTS AND CONTRAINDICATIONS OF DEPO PROVERA ON THEIR SITE!! Here are some things you may not have been told: * antibiotics DO decrease the effect of any birth control, whether it is oral, topical, or by injection. * bleeding can and does occur during pregnancy, and esp.
Avatar f tn Hi I was on depo not for long either my side effects were soooo bad I Also have exactly what you have now my doctor now has me on antidepresants its funny I was in the exact siutation as you just had a baby went on depo have very bad side effects now that I got off and my doctor has me on antidepressants Im okay but I did visit a sit on the web about depo horr story It opeaned my eyes ( mabe a little to wide) but in my sisuation my doctor blamed new born baby depo and basicaly the hormone thing.
432411 tn?1206475709 I was on Depo Provera for BC for 8 years with no side effects but headaches, which were manageable. Also had no periods, which was great! However, I became ill when I stopped having the injections at age 45. I experienced fatigue, joint pain and swelling, and depression. I was tested for everything from Lyme disease and Lupus, to thyroid conditons - all negative. My Dr. finally gave up and diagnosed me with Chronic Fatigue syndrome.
Avatar n tn Has anyone experienced any bad side effects from the hcg shots? I am administering them myself and just want to know what to look out for.
Avatar f tn I've been reading alot of different side effects from different people on the depo provera shot.. some that go from hair loss to joint pain,mood swings, water retention, WEIGHT GAIN ..and the list goes on and on.
Avatar f tn Hi there, Every birth control method has few side effects. Depo vera is injected every 12 weeks while the contraceptive has the power to prevent conception up to 14 weeks, the injections are usually given every 12 weeks to ensure that there is no gap in the effectiveness of the birth control between shots. If such a schedule is maintained, pregnancy while on Depo-Provera is extremely rare .
Avatar n tn Is it like saying just taking longer birth control pills? What are the side effects? What are the benefits? Has FDA approved? Where i can search more about Yaz? Will it affect my future plan of having a healthy pregnancy? Also, i was told if i do want to get pregnant, i should wait 6 months after taking the birth control pills. is that true?
Avatar n tn my last AF was 2/6 and i 'o'ed on the 21st as well. We have been TTCing after depo for 14 months now. I was 3 days late and tested BFN and wiped and saw pink. I assumed it was AF and then she went away. Where i am on clomid my doc made me go in friday for a blood level to see if i am PG. i have not tested with urine since cuz i cannot stand the disappointment. I know how frustrating this can be for sure. it is even harder when you want it so bad to keep your mind on anything else.
1160836 tn?1332333769 My doctor thought it was enviormental (exercise, stress...etc) as I just started to go do body pump right around that time. Every cycle before that was 30-31 days to the day!! So we will see.....
Avatar n tn maybe you should get checked out anyway, if your in a lot of pain don't take the chance. Depo Side Effects One of the major side effects of depo provera is the irreversible loss of bone density with prolonged use. This may also lead to the higher risk of osteoporosis in women. Therefore, it is always recommended that you should not use this contraceptive for more than two years. Women are also advised to exercise and take in a lot of calcium while using this method.
Avatar f tn I have been on the Depo Provera shot for one year - before I say anything else I should mention to you that it's more immediately effective if they give you the shot in your hip like they recommend, not in your arm. I have had no normal periods while on it; on a rare occasion I will have a small amount of blood when I wipe after going to the bathroom (sorry if that detail was gross).
3105573 tn?1355983065 I HATED the depo abnormal bleeding and weight gain r the most common side effects. Like tomorrow264 said some ppl actually have no periods at all while on depo but for those who get that random bleeding its sooo annoying..I took one shot and never ever ever again. Then I used nuvaring and loved it. So easy.
Avatar n tn Yes, you should consult with your doctor, especially considering the family history. However, you should also ask if your symptoms might be unwanted side effects of the Depro-Provera shots.
Avatar n tn I went with the Depo-Provera shot, and my only side effects, besides being hungry more often (but I get fuller faster, so it balances out), is that I'm a little more depressed (but I was already prone to depression before the shot). The ultimate goal is to not have a cycle, so the endometrial tissue, both where it should be and where it shouldn't be, doesn't bleed, so no scar tissue, etc. From what I've heard, if there's no blood flow to the endo, then it can actually shrink.
Avatar f tn I was on the pill I had bad side effects from it...
Avatar n tn The same thing happened to me after I had just 1 shot of Depo Provera. It could be that you had some very small symptoms of becoming hypothyroid before you started taking the Yasmin. The Yasmin, could have set it off. People who have hypothyroidism usually need to take it for life. It is rare that this disorder will correct itself. This is not something to play around with. You need to take the medicine or your problems will only get worse and can become debilitating.
Avatar n tn My doctor just put me on a medication called Provera to help with my bleeding. Which has helped but i still have very light spotting from time to time. My history: 3 c sections along with a tubal on my last c section. and 1 DNC. I have a history of bladder, kidney and UTI infections. I also have a Rare disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, which is a brital bone disease but also effects other things.
232077 tn?1218426943 I got on the Depo and I never regretted it. My cyst resolved and I do not have any side effects. It just goes to show you have to go what your doctor says(within reason and if he's great like mine is) and not a bunch of strangers on the internet. Off and on throughout the years I've had recurring pain. More like discomfort than actual pain. Every time I've had an TVUS and abdominal US and everything came back normal.
Avatar f tn I've suffered from depression for more than a decade now and I'm disipramine and mirtazipine to control it (both of which I've been on for a couple years now, with no recent dosage changes). I also use depo-provera as my birth control (which I have been on for 2 years now). The only recent medical oddity is that my blood pressure is low (90/50), and that's just when the doctors can actually get a reading, which they usually can't (and we're talking everyone in office tries and can't get it.
Avatar n tn I have been on depo for three years now and have not experienced any side effects, not even weight gain, except this bleeding with orgasm. However, it comes and goes. Sometimes I bleed when I orgasm. Sometimes I don't. At first I figured, well my lining must be shedding and the contractions make the blood come out, but with all this talk of hysterectomies and endometriosis, I am kind of scared.
Avatar n tn this is leaving me tired, and nausious. I have cramps that go down my legs and on my right side i have cramps,which feels like stabbing pain, and between my overies and the bottome of my rib cage on the righ side, it feels bruised. I have been to 4 docs now, had blood tests to rule out std's and thyroid problems..all tests come back that im negative. I have had a pelvic and trans vaginal ultra sounds.
Avatar n tn Implanon, depot medroxyprogesterone (DMPA) and Norplant used to prevent ovulation are well known for causing depressive moods and emotional lability, Stemetil is used for nausea and is related to medications used in psychiatry (phenothiazines) which cause very troublesome side effects; that is the reason you were given Cogentin. The effects of Implanon should wear off soon. Neither of these medication should have permanent consequences.
Avatar n tn I have read that sometimes antidepressants can cause it, but the two that I am on (Celexa and Wellbutrin) are on the 'least likely to cause those side effects' list. My grandmother, aunt, and mother all had to have hysterectomies in their late 30's and early 40's so I hope that it is nothing too bad.
Avatar n tn When the dr questioned me on why I wanted the device removed I told him the story. Do you know what he said to me ? That these are not side effects of the Mirena. BULLSH.IT !! I see it as my body did everything it could to fight off this foreign object inside of me. That day he asked me when the last time i had an infection and I told him just on Monday that I was itching. So he took a culture and what a surprise I had a bacterial infection !!
1836987 tn?1319119816 It does not sound like he has run any genetic tests or found the hormonal reason being pituitary or adrenal for the reason - and then it can be treated for the cause and not just overload her with meds or hormones which may have other side effects. Have they determined for sure it is LH and FSH secreting? That is a pretty rare tumor - so you can contact NIH and get treatment there. They take on children with odd cases.
Avatar n tn As much as I want to lose weight, the list of side effects for Topomax scares me. My current med, Effexor/Lithium has side effects such as weight gain, constipation, tremor, etc. While I hate being fat, blurry vision ans brain fog don't appeal to me either. Of course there are also the risks of diabetes and heart disease from being overweight too. I'm having a very hard time deciding about this. Any advice is welcome.
Avatar f tn I found out just last year before my surgery for fibroids that my uterus wasnt expelling fluid. I just realized that having had a colpo, and having been on the depo provera for over ten years that it could be a cause of this. It gives me comfort that im not alone in this, I also have hope in my heart again....that ill be able to get pregnant. Naturally. Does anyone know what we can do non medically for this?
Avatar n tn I have not been able to get it up to a high enough dosage to really help yet cause of side effects. I have PCOS (was diagnosed several years ago) and have been off of the pill for years, but really started "trying" in February. I am not patient enough to wait for the Met to work I don't think, but if it is going to work for you, you won't really know until you have been on it for 3-6 months from everything I have read about it. It can take that long to get your cycles regular.
Avatar n tn I switched because I found I was having side effects within the past 6 months or so - same thing happened with my sister - no side effects until a couple years in... weird. What I was experiencing was night sweats occasionally (my sister was getting them every night - and couldn't handle it - so she went off) It was annoying but not bad. Then I noticed a decrease in sex drive, and a few other things that i feel may have been associated, but I'm not sure.