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Avatar n tn Hi! My name is Shannon and I will be 12 weeks tomorrow. DH and I bd'cd every other day from cd7 until cd20. I am not sure when I O'd because the opk never showed a positive. I took Robitussin for 5 days before I thought I should O. My first symptoms (early) were bright blue veins in breasts, headaches and a flushed feeling (my skin was hot). I also had a low grade fever, 99.2. I got the BFP on cd 26 of a 30-31 day cycle. I used to determine my fertile days.
1323737 tn?1294318391 I also, do sometimes forgot my password, because of a dozen password that I had to remembered like emails, paypals, etc. remembering them are just very confusing, keeping password that are too many, can cause these confusion or problems, so my advise is just keep only one password for every account so you wouldn't forget. Already did it to all of my accounts and I never had a problems retrieving my passwords anymore.