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Avatar m tn Hello. Of course you can get pregnant. I suggest you use a home pregnancy test as a preliminary measure If it's positive, consult your gynecologist regarding options available to you, including RU486 if you don't wish to continue pregnancy at this time. Here's information about Depo from the official site: "Women who want to become pregnant may stop using Depo Provera at any time. For some women, fertility returns immediately.
Avatar n tn This compares with 10 for the normal IUCD, 20 for the Pill and 10-15 for the injection (Depo Provera). This is comparable to the effectiveness of sterilisation. Mirena acts as a contraceptive in two ways: it makes the mucus at the neck of the womb (the cervix) much thicker, preventing sperm from getting through and it also makes the lining of the womb extremely thin, stopping implantation. In some women it prevents egg release (ovulation). A.
Avatar n tn Thanks for your thoughts. Before I found this site I thought I was the only one on the planet in my situation.. It's nice to share similar experiences with each other who all are goiing through the same thing. I totally thought there was something wrong with me to skip my period, I still hope. Do you know if you skip a period, should you expect it the same date 2 months later or would it throw your whole cycle out?
280700 tn?1210287416 it did not post that way either so put fertility friend into google and the site that is called fertility friend is the one you will want...I really like the site. I have never had a site not allow websites to be listed...weird....if it puts **s there this time then I give up.
298579 tn?1192250448 The only thing I have seen that helps the pain is an herbal wrap that you heat up(you can get them @ walmart), and I lay that on my stomach. I have been on the depo shot for four years, I have asked if this is a contributing factor and have been told no. I have no kids. I hope someone comes up with an explanation, because I am too young to be giving up on my sex life!
Avatar n tn BUT BEFORE i had the IUD put in, i was on the Depo Provera... which is the shot form of birth control that lasts three months... i have had constant yeast and bacterial infections since i have been on the shot. Now i am on the IUD, and they both use the same hormones. this is just great (sarcastically speaking) to hear all of this about the IUD as well. i was really hoping after MANY (too many to count) years of dealing with the constant infections that my problems are not going to go away.
Avatar n tn Also, lack of cm is a side effect: In regards to clomid, clomiphene citrate can, as a side effect, cause a decrease in the volume of cervical mucus or produce hostile cervical mucus, according to scientific studies. As Dr. J Ellington, the creator of Pre-Seed writes, "numerous studies have shown that clomid can cause a decreases cervical mucus volume.... and [and] quality.
Avatar n tn I too have had this problem for about the last year. I first noticed it after I switched from the shot (depo provera sp?), to Yaz. During that time also I was on antibiotics for strep throat and did developed a yeast infection. I was certain that it was because of Yaz. I went to the doctor and she didn't believe me and wouldn't switch me to another pill. I did see someone else and now I am on ortho tri-cylin. They seem to not be as bad but still occur 2-3 times per month.
Avatar n tn on another site i saw a girl that had her period though her hole prenancy. This site is good if we still chat others will start to no feel alone and will see our journey through this, what ever it is. I hope the best to you and finding out what is up.
1294995 tn?1330666336 I'm 4 days past provera and nothing yet. I'm getting alittle worried because I've been on provera like 6 times and almost always like clock work I get it two days after stopping it. I'll wait until it's been 7 days past then I'll call my dr. Didn't realize I could wish so much for AF :-) Well I have enjoyed this day off. Back to work tomorrow. Hope you all had a great weekend :-) SSBD!!!!
Avatar n tn im 24 my last official period was may 4th 2005 it was not like my normal period i usually get it was lite and only lasted a few days now it's july 12th still no period i have never before had this happen i've had headaches and back pain and feeling dizzy and nauseas i took a home test last night and it came back negative so i'm feeling sad and not sure what to do or what could be wrong with me so any updated info on any of you would be great thanks
Avatar n tn I am new to this site but I have some input on Metformin from my personal experience. When my husband and I were married just over two years, trying to get pregnant that whole time, we sought the help of infertility specialists. At the time I was about 165 lb at 5'3. I started to gain weight at about age 25 and at age 31 I was very overweight even with diet and exercise. My cycles were all over the place as well.
162948 tn?1205256292 this is the first time i have visited this site and i have a few questions. i am very confused about the abbreviations used here could someone clear them up for me. i had mirena inserted in April of 07 and my hubby pulled the string (no pain what-so-ever) July 6 08. ever since lots of bleeding with several clots. i guess from reading the prior posts this is norm for a while. i hope we don't have to wait a year to concieve baby #7, that would be very depressing.
1055869 tn?1294203119 we have to get bfromthed to ck out this new site.
Avatar n tn So great to find this site - My story is that I was diagnosed with PCOS about 20years ago, (I'm 39yrs now) but for the last 5 years have been as regular as clockwork. In 2001, I fell preganant by 'accident', thinking that it wouldn't happen 'naturally', my husband and I were of course delighted. Our daughter is now 2.5yrs old and we decided to start trying for No. 2 in the Dec 03 cycle, as I know exactly when I'm ovulating, can read my mucas etc.
Avatar n tn It has been banned in Europe and Canada but not in our own beloved USA! Shockig to say the least. I went to a web site called and typed in my favorite hand cream. Low and behold there was the ingredient Methylparaben with all the hazards it causes and it causes skin irritation $ to eyes as well as other horrors. Check it out for yourself and be ready for some shocking information.
Avatar n tn I was very happy to find this site. I had an ablation in August 2005 and now I am 6 1/2 months pregnant. I went into preterm labor but with medication it has stopped. I am on medication every 4 hours to keep things under control. I am very worried about delivery and what could happen, but I have a healthy baby girl developing normal. Since 2005 I did not think I could have children any more. I have a great 13 year old, but still did not want to give up that chance of another baby.
Avatar n tn I came to this site via a search on spontaneous bursting of a blood vessel in fingers. This happened to me a few days ago while on vacation. I didn't injure it or hit it, but suddenly felt my pinkie finger swelling and going numb. It swelled so tight I thought it was going to burst. It was twice as fat as my other pinkie. I used ice, pressure, elevation. My whole finger turned purple. It is now 4 days since it happened and it is back to normal size but still discolored and tender.
Avatar n tn I am new to this site, and I am very excited to see that I am not alone! I had my first IUI on February 1, 2008 and I get to test at home this Saturday. I really have had no symptoms at all, and I'm setting myself up for a negative result. After trying for so long with no success, it's difficult to put all of your hopes on the line...again and again.
Avatar n tn I've found this site to be very helpful and have resigned myself to the fact that I may have it. More importantly, the diagnosis could be worse. At least this won't kill me. Not to mention, I potentially have an answer as to why its happening. Still have some unanswered questions, but if that's what it is and Valtrex will keep it at bay, then all is good. I'm not sure what the rates are for false positives when using the Herpes Select Blood Test.
1647691 tn?1363727302 Remember when the doctor's say no, GOD says yes. So we stand with you in prayer that our first BFP on this site will come any day. GOD I ask of you to implant the seed of life into hepburntj and her DH. Lord we ask of you to allow this precious gift to be implanted and to be strong and mighty. Amen Ladies, you know God has given each and everyone of us the gift of intuition and most of the time that intuition is never wrong. Always go with your gut and we will mostly never be wrong.