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Avatar n tn On Dec. 5th,2003 i received my first shot of depo-provera. In the month of Jan. I spoted for almost 3 weeks straight, and for two days in the month of Feb.On March 6th,2004 i missed my second shot.On the 15, i felt my baby move for the first time ,and i am just starting to have pregnancy symptoms like sleepiness, frequent urination.I also startd my period again after missing my shot. I still continue to feel my baby on a regular basis.
1467678 tn?1370945132 Nuvaring ( I got continuous uti infections from having this inside me) Implanon- no sex drive at all ( relationship issues due to that) Depo provera injection worked for me was happy with this but I'm not sure its suitable to my above conditions. My fertility specialist advised that i could go on the morena, and I've heard nothing but bad news re this contraception and considering the nuvaring didn't want I'm not even wanting to consider this option. My thoughts are hysterectomy?
232077 tn?1218426943 I was put on Lupron Depot for a couple of months and then after that my doctor suggested Depo Provera. Being that I read a million horror stories on the internet I said NO WAY JOSE!! Well in a few months I was having more pain and a cyst was now on my ovary. I got on the Depo and I never regretted it. My cyst resolved and I do not have any side effects.
Avatar n tn I have also heard of poeple not getting a positive blood test until 3 months pg...But I start Provera tomorrow to jump start my period since I am 2 weeks late then CD5-9 I will take my Clomid and we will go from there...well keep me posted and I will do the same for you!! Be Blesed!!
1160836 tn?1332333769 I don't have PCOS just simply haven't ovulated in 4 months. Last regular AF was November 09. All my other's have been Provera induced. Did clomid 50 mg last cycle and still didn't ovulate. This next cycle doing provera agian and clomid 100 mg. Hopefully I ovulated. Have my fingers crossed. SBD!
Avatar n tn I was on the depo provera shot for a little over 13 years with no periods. I have been off of the shot since October 2006. In January, my periods started back, however, I have bright red blood frequently, and almost always HUGE blood clots. Sometimes I can feel myself pushing them out. My period has been on since January, with the exception of maybe two to three weeks. I am afraid that I am or will be anemic or worse soon if the bleeding doesn't stop.
Avatar n tn This compares with 10 for the normal IUCD, 20 for the Pill and 10-15 for the injection (Depo Provera). This is comparable to the effectiveness of sterilisation. Mirena acts as a contraceptive in two ways: it makes the mucus at the neck of the womb (the cervix) much thicker, preventing sperm from getting through and it also makes the lining of the womb extremely thin, stopping implantation. In some women it prevents egg release (ovulation). A.
280700 tn?1210287416 I also took clomid 50mg last month and never ovulated, so the cycle was a bust and the doctor prescribed Provera again casue it could be some time before i get my period. He upped my dosage to 100mg and i'm on day 3 today of clomind. I'm basically taking clomid cd 2-6 as the specialist wanted and then he will start monitoring me on CD 9. I'm also getting IUI done so hopefully tis would help but if I don't ovulate then this cycle would be a bust also. I'm crossing my fingers as well.
Avatar n tn I'm curious because I'm having strange symptoms and keep reading these message boards - but no one ever posts any good news or answers. I'm a week late, nauseas at night, crampy down real low, but had 3 negative hpt's and a negative blood test today. What is up? I'm never late, and these symptoms are not in my head. Ugh.
298579 tn?1192250448 The only thing I have seen that helps the pain is an herbal wrap that you heat up(you can get them @ walmart), and I lay that on my stomach. I have been on the depo shot for four years, I have asked if this is a contributing factor and have been told no. I have no kids. I hope someone comes up with an explanation, because I am too young to be giving up on my sex life!
Avatar n tn ***@**** because I won't always come back to this site, lol. I'm apart of several messages boards on -- a GREAT, wonderful site but I was desperate last night for even more opinions considering my confusion about my body right now so I found this site & posted!! Feel free to e-mail me. I look forward to hearing a possible BFP, I'll say a prayer for you. Keep me updated!!
Avatar n tn Thinking this message board is probably past due, but was looking up white creamy discharge on day of missed period and came across this site. I have been TTC since June 07. I'm 41 yrs old and was starting to give up hope. Its been 10 yrs since I conceived last (gave birth to a healthy son) and I don't remember any of the past pregnancy symptoms prior to getting a positive pregnacy result last go around. Yesterday was my first missed period.
Avatar n tn I guess we all just have to take it one day at a time, cause at this point, I guess that only time will tell. I do remember reading on another message board where this girl said that her doctor told her that this happens to 30% of women. He said that they get negative results in blood and urine until about the 4th month before it starts to show positive. That kinda gave me some hope there.
Avatar n tn I'd like to think that there are people out there who don't experience side effects and therefore have no need to seek out these discussion boards regarding the issues, but I'm pretty sure no one could have a positive experience with any aspect of this pill. Needless to say I declined to pay for it too. I'm picking up my prescription for Loestrin 24 today. Wish me luck!
Avatar n tn can someone please message me about this too? can you get tears on the outside? becuase i just had sex with my boyfriend for the first time too and he is also large and i was scared i might have an std...becasue when i urinate its painful and burns and when i recently looked at it i have a red tear like a cut or an open wound and it is so painful...what is that? do i have an std? or a tear?
Avatar f tn In every post I've read across multiple message boards, everyone says that there was no change in hair care or diet - so I have to think this is a chemical imbalance of some sort. There's just no other explanation for so many people having this exact same persistent problem without a real definite cause. Everyone's symptoms are the same, and like the wax on my head, the mystery only continues to build.
Avatar n tn Depo isn't the monster that people make it out to be. It's a good option for some people so don't be afraid to look into it). The doctor I went to prefers to do the insertion on a patient who is on her period. But since I have been on Depo Provera I haven't had a period in about 22 months! Because I had previously had a vaginal delivery (my daughter is 16 years old now) the doc decided to give insertion a try without my period (this was last month). OMFG... OUCH! And I mean: OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1294995 tn?1330666336 I'm 4 days past provera and nothing yet. I'm getting alittle worried because I've been on provera like 6 times and almost always like clock work I get it two days after stopping it. I'll wait until it's been 7 days past then I'll call my dr. Didn't realize I could wish so much for AF :-) Well I have enjoyed this day off. Back to work tomorrow. Hope you all had a great weekend :-) SSBD!!!!
Avatar n tn dose anyone no any thing about Depo-Provera aka the shot and what some woman can get with periods and if a dark brown with a little hint of orange dicharge is normal?
Avatar n tn I too have had this problem for about the last year. I first noticed it after I switched from the shot (depo provera sp?), to Yaz. During that time also I was on antibiotics for strep throat and did developed a yeast infection. I was certain that it was because of Yaz. I went to the doctor and she didn't believe me and wouldn't switch me to another pill. I did see someone else and now I am on ortho tri-cylin. They seem to not be as bad but still occur 2-3 times per month.
Avatar n tn thinks either adenomyosis or endo, but she told me if yaz doesnt help the next step might be the depo provera shot I dont know much about it but that may be a possibility for you, or possibly even lupron depo she suggested, even though I think you get many side effects from it. It's like a fake menopause! Well good luck lemme know how things works out!
162948 tn?1205256292 Well no sooner than I posted that message did I go to the restroom to discover that low and behold, SHE'S HERE! So my AF returned 33 days after removal (excluding the bleeding that lasted about a week afterwards which would be about a 26 day cycle which is where I was pre-baby.
Avatar n tn Well...I was just looking up my symptoms on the web and tada...found this page. I seem to have very similiar symptoms. I get chills/shakes at night and various times through out the day. My heart will beat really hard, especially at night. but various times during the day as well. I am sick to my stomach often. It's worse at night, but right now as I type this during the day I feel very sick and nausiated. I was diagnosed with IBS...but never had symptoms like these before.
1055869 tn?1294203119 All I have not posted in a few days (getting ready for the holidays and I didnt know about the new thread until I received a message) but we are just on stand by ....
Avatar n tn I had the novasure procedure done almost exactly a year ago. I was on Depo for 5 years and than started bleeding one day last year out of the blue and never stopped. I almost died, it was very frighting. I have had no period since than. But yesterday I started bleeding and pretty heavy. Not enough that I'm going to bleed to death, but a lot. Has any one had this happen to them and is this normal? I feel like I should have my Uterus taken out and not deal with this any more.