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Avatar n tn On Dec. 5th,2003 i received my first shot of depo-provera. In the month of Jan. I spoted for almost 3 weeks straight, and for two days in the month of Feb.On March 6th,2004 i missed my second shot.On the 15, i felt my baby move for the first time ,and i am just starting to have pregnancy symptoms like sleepiness, frequent urination.I also startd my period again after missing my shot. I still continue to feel my baby on a regular basis.
Avatar n tn I was given a shot of depo-provera yesterday...and when I asked about side affects all I was told was nausea, headache, and dizziness. After reading quite a few articles online, it seems there are a lot more serious side affects than I was led to believe. I've been having lots of chest pain and shortness of breath, but the doctor doesn't seem to think it's related to the shot.
432411 tn?1206475709 I was on Depo Provera for BC for 8 years with no side effects but headaches, which were manageable. Also had no periods, which was great! However, I became ill when I stopped having the injections at age 45. I experienced fatigue, joint pain and swelling, and depression. I was tested for everything from Lyme disease and Lupus, to thyroid conditons - all negative. My Dr. finally gave up and diagnosed me with Chronic Fatigue syndrome.
Avatar f tn I missed a dose of Depo provera by 7 days now. I know that I am not pregnant due to no intercourse. My question is do I still have to wait until I get a cycle? What if I dont have a cycle for several months, in the past my cycle was abnornal to begin with. If I have the depo without being on my cycle will I still be protected? I started the depo Aug. 2008. And had never missed a dose until this time. My dose was due May 1, 2009. Can anyone help me with this???
Avatar f tn I've been off the depo provera injection for about 1 year (was on for 2). I'm getting the contraceptive implant (implanon) next week and was wondering if the side effects will be similar. I had a lot of spotting which went away after about a year but the drug otherwise worked well with my body.
5363805 tn?1366921550 I am suffering from depression and anxiety due to depo-provera (already talked to an OB, and she said that it HAS to be from that), and I am barely coping. It's been 6 days and I'm already ready to give up on myself, and I see no end in sight. I'm losing hope. I wish I had never taken it. I'm also suffering from fatigue and headaches. My head feels so heavy, I can barely hold it up.
Avatar n tn After being on depo provera for 1 year, I decided to discontinue use and switch to the pill. I decided to be single (and not sexually active) for a while, so I decided to wait until I got my period to start taking the pill. The only problem is that I STILL haven't had a period! It's been 6 or 7 months since I stopped getting the shots. I had normal periods while on the shot, and before I was on the shot, but once I stopped getting it my periods vanished...
Avatar n tn My husband and I are TTC and I took the Depo shot twice and stopped 11/04 and then started BCP till 8/05 and havent had a period since except with provera. I think the Depo is still in my system and is screwing everything up. I hope the provera works for you and best of luck with the clomid.
Avatar f tn I have been taking the Depo-Provera shot for over a year now. I am a 33 year old. I have 2 children, 10 years old and 7 years old, and have hot flashes during the day, and worse at night, along with cold sweats. The reason the doctor insisted on the depo was because of maternal family history of estrogen-fed breast cancer. My question is whether the depo shot is inducing menopause hot flashes, or do I need to be concerned about other things, such as cancer.
Avatar f tn I usually respond terribly to hormone treatments but I'm in such a terrible and desperate position right now that I just started taking the Depo provera shot. Last Tuesday to be exact. Still in excruciating pain and have searched the net high & low for days for the answer to this question. Has anyone here tried this treatment for endo pain and gotten relief? Was wondering how long it usually takes to start working for pain.
Avatar n tn I have been on depo for 11 years. I would be due for my next shot on 9/27 but my Doctor has advised that I stop having it. She has been treating me for migraines and depression with Imitrex (when needed) and a daily dosage of Prozac of 10mg. The Imitrex thankfully, works, and the migraines have also been lessened by the Prozac.
Avatar f tn I've just turned 18 and I've been using the depo shot for at least 7 months because the pill was making me sick.When I asked my Nurse about depo she just told me about the positives which left me very much in the dark about this contraception.Since starting my shots I have gained 14LBS in just SEVEN months!!I have gone back to the nurse since and explained that my diet and exercise hasn't changed but I'm gaining weight,she wasn't exactly sympathic and insisted I eat less!
Avatar n tn Hi my name is Marie and i was on depo provera in May 07 and i had my periods in december. It was regular and my last period was in March 08. Since then i never got my periods again. Im confused and lost. Sometimes i take pregnancy tests and they all come out negative. So i really dont know what's the cause. I really need some help and answers! Recently i had sex with my boyfriend and my periods are still not here. But i feel tired and moody from time to times.
487969 tn?1249316891 Constant cycle brought on BCPs, Depo Provera, Depo Lupron, etc. and eventually, the fertilaty doc that administered the Depo Lupron told me I would not be able to have kids (at 17 I was told that). Had 2 Endometreiosis surgeries in addition to this. Nothing helped. At 21 I got pregnant (what a shock). Cycle was ok after that, but with gradual return of pain. At 27 had another child. Unable to breastfeed (which I was not entirely unhappy about) and had no leakage after cessation.
Avatar f tn Hi! If you conceived while on depo shot or took Depo Provera just after conceiving then usually there is no harm to baby. However, yes, the baby can have low birth weight or birth defects (less likely). You must immediately inform your Obs and Gyn, so that they are extra careful about monitoring your baby for birth defects and weight etc. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.
Avatar n tn The pelvic scan showed no issues but the trans vaginal revealed a right side ovarian cyst, which my GP felt was most likely functional. I am on Depo Provera contraceptive jab and have not had a period in many years so this seemed odd to me!! I am now seeing a private gynaecologist who arranged another scan - he didn't seem to consider functional cysts an option either.
5108300 tn?1371830920 If you stop getting Depo-Provera injections, your period usually returns within 3 to 10 months but sometimes it may take 12-18 mths. Hence chances of pregnancy especially when there is no history of intercourse are remote. You should talk to your doctor and shift to alternate form of birth control. If the symptoms persist then you should get it evaluated from a gynecologist.
Avatar f tn I was on depo for 6 years after the birth of my last child. I stopped depo, it took 3 years for my menstrual cycle to return. I began depo again for 2 years, stopped it for again for 1 1/2 years and my menstrual cycle did not return. Approximately 3 months ago I had one shot of depo. I am happily married and my husband and I are now actively wanting to conceive, with the history I have given, what would be your prognosis for return of mensrual cycle/fertility.Or suggestions for conception?
Avatar n tn Hi! I had my first baby in January of 2006 and I got the depo provera shot 2 days after she was born. It lasted for 3 months, and then I had to get another one... But I decided not to because after I had the baby I gained 50 pounds in 3 months because of the shot. So I went on the pills... 3 months after I stopped the Depo, I was pregnant again! So in my case it didn't take long to conceive after getting the stupid thing. I hope everything works out for you, and you get what your wishing for!!!!
384896 tn?1335297931 hmmm... i'd look more in to this: "Dr. Hale also mentions studies that suggest that male infants exposed to early postnatal progestins have ""higher feminine scores,"" as well as studies that refute this finding. He adds that further research is necessary to fully study this possible side effect of these drugs." (http://www.breastfeed.
Avatar f tn Future Fertility -- Women who want to become pregnant may stop using Depo Provera at any time. For some women, fertility returns immediately. For others, it may take 6-18 months or longer for the body's hormone cycle to go back to normal. ...
Avatar n tn I used depo provera injections for two and a half years. It's been over a year since my last injection. within the first six months after stopping the shot I gained 40lbs without a change in my diet and excercise.I was told this was unusual to gain after stopping the shot and that i may never lose the weight. Is this true? or is the only way to go back on the shot because while i was on the shot i actually lost weight.but if that's the answer won't i be trapped on the shot forever?
Avatar f tn I've been on depo provera almost for years never had this problem i missed my shot that was de in August but i went on the 21 of November so the night after intercourse on the eleventh of november i started spotting i only could see it when i wiped it was on and off and still is happening the other day i noticed clear ordorless discharge when i was bleeding. Then stopped bleeding now its bck nd im scared i can't wait til Monday any opinions? Its been on andoff for 21days its light tho.
Avatar f tn In October, I got my first shot of Depo-Provera. I know several women on depo and they have all told me they have had the same experience: no periods, no spotting and no other side effects whatsoever. My experience has been horrible. For the first 6 weeks, all was well, no bleeding/spotting and no other symptoms. A few weeks ago, however, I began spotting. Every day it became heavier.
Avatar n tn ________________ Dear Leondra Many persons may have emotional swings with changes in hormonal levels such as those with Depo-Provera. The thing that concerns me is the degree of symptoms you are having and the extent to which they are impacting you. I would strongly suggest that you explore these issues with your care provider. Its important to know your full medical history and the presence of any other physical or mental conditions that could be impacting your emotional state. Good Luck!
Avatar n tn The test where they put a needle into your muscle and listen to it shows that there is some abnormality, but the shock test shows there is nothing blocking the electricity. I have been on depo provera for 3 years. I was looking at the side effects to the depo shot online a few days ago - one of the side effects is paralysis. However, I cannot find any stories on how this paralysis is manifested. Does the depo shot cause nerve damage, and how does it go about it?
Avatar f tn This month, I have only had light, intermittent spotting. Is this normal after a Provera regimen? I was really hoping that the Provera would regulate me. I am sexually active and I am not on birth control, but with my history, I am not even sure if I am ovulating. I took a pregnancy test a 2-3 weeks ago just in case; it was negative. Any help and insight would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn I have never aken the depo shot...but I would suggest going to see the Dr. ASAP, especially if you are know your body the best!!! maybe you just need a dose or two of provera to get your period started...your Dr. will tell you more about it...Let us know what you decide and what happens...
Avatar n tn I have had endo for over ten years now and after a few surgeries and depo provera i finally put my foot down along with my husband and said Enough is enough, i couldnt live like that any longer! so i started Lucrin in Jan and i've got my last injection in a few days time. I was terrified of going on it after reading side effects but...the hot flushes, night sweats, headaches and feeling pregnant lol are nothing compared to how much pain i was in before!