Depo provera for mares

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Avatar n tn Reiss gives women big-time credit for kind of self-adjusting their hormones based on how they feel and respond. Or, I am wondering if you are at a point where you might call Dr. Erika ( and see what she says. She has been doing this for about 15-20 years. Let me know how things are going.
Avatar n tn No caffeine,nicotene or stress that i know of. I was wondering if anyone knows of a relation to pvc's and depo provera (progesterone).
Avatar n tn found the malignant cyst). Off to care for my patient. Look for the posts and just print and study later...gosh, I sound like a teacher...
Avatar n tn thinks either adenomyosis or endo, but she told me if yaz doesnt help the next step might be the depo provera shot I dont know much about it but that may be a possibility for you, or possibly even lupron depo she suggested, even though I think you get many side effects from it. It's like a fake menopause! Well good luck lemme know how things works out!