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455726 tn?1213096430 Im a little nervous cuz I dont like needles. I'm also at the current time weening off of Depo Provera...but I'm not due again untill the 14th, why have I gotta my period early?? I never get my period inbetween shots...and I'm not getting another one. Stress? maybe?
Avatar f tn Having spent several years on Ortho evra (I have since switched to Depo Provera), my endometriosis has indeed gotten worse. I have always had long, heavy periods, but with Orth Evra, afetr some time the bleeding (not spotting, but actual heavy bleeding) would last 24 - 30 days. I finally called my doctor in tears when the last period lasted 54 days and I was paler than a ghost and could barely sutup straight anymore. All this in addition to unbearable pain.
Avatar n tn I NEVER had a problem with anxiety until the seasonale and the depo-provera. I'm still dealing with after-effects from those things. I had severe anxiety (like, would my house burn down because I wasn't home, kind of anxiety), and it was all caused by the hormones. Just a thought...
Avatar f tn Oh I forgot to mention that the same day I was put on levothyroxine, I also received a depo provera shot for my endometriosis. As far as I know there are no drug interactions.
Avatar n tn Hormonal treatment – Oral contraceptive pills (OCPs), also called birth control pills, as well as other hormonal treatments (patch, vaginal hormonal ring, Depo-provera, IUD and hormonal implants) are often prescribed because the hormones thin out the lining of the uterus which lessens the blood flow and cramping.
Avatar m tn I admit I'm still wrapping my head around it because you hear a new pill being advertised on tv every day but then a class action lawsuit five years later. I myself took depo provera and that was a big mistake. Still, Wilko1956 wants to do it and it's worth a try. The good news his liver can't get any worse as explained by the doctor so I'm hoping the betting the only way now is up! Thanks meNtoby!
Avatar n tn This compares with 10 for the normal IUCD, 20 for the Pill and 10-15 for the injection (Depo Provera). This is comparable to the effectiveness of sterilisation. Mirena acts as a contraceptive in two ways: it makes the mucus at the neck of the womb (the cervix) much thicker, preventing sperm from getting through and it also makes the lining of the womb extremely thin, stopping implantation. In some women it prevents egg release (ovulation). A.
Avatar n tn No caffeine,nicotene or stress that i know of. I was wondering if anyone knows of a relation to pvc's and depo provera (progesterone).
Avatar f tn That was what finally got me diagnosed. Doctors in amercia don't know much at all about this so they are waiting until people are on deaths door before they finally start treatment. Behcet's patients believe treatment needs to start sooner for better results and for a better life in the mean time. We really have to teach the medical community to inform their patients something else causes gentital sores other thatn STD's.
Avatar n tn My family has no history of heart disease (no deaths due to heart disease in my family ever). One of my brother in law is a doctor and he told me it's 99% due to anxiety in my case. He told me even he gets it when he works 90 hours straight. Anyways, I think it's mostly related to stress/anxiety from all the cases I have been reading here. If you have chest pain, tightness, shortness of breath and numbness, than I'd go check it out with doctor.
Avatar n tn effexor is very,very,very hard to withdrawl from though.i was put on it when i had alote of deaths in my family close togather.i started topamax for headaces, as of yesterday i have lost 36 lbs. the only time i ever weighed more than 123 was if i was pregnant.@ 123 that was soon after haveing my 4th child. my normal weight from around the age 13 untill 29 was between 103-113 @5foot4. good luck!!
Avatar n tn thinks either adenomyosis or endo, but she told me if yaz doesnt help the next step might be the depo provera shot I dont know much about it but that may be a possibility for you, or possibly even lupron depo she suggested, even though I think you get many side effects from it. It's like a fake menopause! Well good luck lemme know how things works out!
Avatar n tn Well...I was just looking up my symptoms on the web and tada...found this page. I seem to have very similiar symptoms. I get chills/shakes at night and various times through out the day. My heart will beat really hard, especially at night. but various times during the day as well. I am sick to my stomach often. It's worse at night, but right now as I type this during the day I feel very sick and nausiated. I was diagnosed with IBS...but never had symptoms like these before.
Avatar f tn I am 36 and so glad I am not alone. Wish one of us would get answers though, I hate not knowing and worrying about cancer. I have this same problem and I have talked to everyone and NO one has this. About 1 year ago when I finally had enough, I went to my family Dr. He put me on an antibiotic to see if maybe it was an infection in my lymph nodes. That did not help. When I went to the dentist he thought maybe it was an infected wisdom tooth, had it removed did not help.