Depo provera and lunelle

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Avatar n tn She just didn't start taking the depo shot and it didn't work right? She stopped taking it and got pregnant right away? I wouldn't worry too girlfriend was having problems with her birth control pills so they kept switching them and she got pregnant while taking them on time every day and she had a healthy baby girl....I think as long as you stop taking the birth control once you are pregnant everything will be fine....congratulations to your son and yourself - GRANDMA!
Avatar n tn Hi, I have tried this over and over and over again, and everytime, just about all of them killed me. I don't know what it is, but i've been on lunelle, and depo provera and birth control pills, anything and everything with hormones, and it just totally messes me up. I'm thinking this must be a common problem, cause when asked about Birth control by dr's I mention that I have a thyroid problem, and they just say, oh well than you don't want anything with hormones.
Avatar n tn Today I went by the health department to pick up some foam and condoms (my physician told me I can never get pregnant again due to those complications, plus I had gestational diabetes and postpartum preeclampsia) and the nurse told me that she thought I could take a progesterone shot, such as Depo Provera or Lunelle. Now that I've finally gotten around to asking my question, can a woman with a history of PEs take Depo or Lunelle safely?
Avatar n tn She hasn't had her period in over a year because of the birth control she uses. It's called Depo provera (spelling?)However, she JUST switched to a new birth control called lunelle. OK. NEW UPDATE: Less crying now :) She seems to have really bad pain after she eats mainly. She can't really eat anything for days now... even broth and jello make her sick. Still no idea from the DRs... Thanks so much for your help! Any more ideas?
Avatar n tn I have been on Depo, Lunelle (off the market now), various pills (mini & dual hormone), patch and now the Mirena. This is spanned over 19 years. Out of all those only the Mirena caused any problems. I didnt compare Mirena with the patch. What I said was remember they thought the patch was "safe" too. Nothing was said in 2001 that there was an increased chance of blood clots. Not just an increase but double the chance. I know because I was on it the day it hit the shelves.