Depo provera and coumadin

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Avatar n tn It covered my feet, ankles, legs, and arms. My Hematologist doesn't seem to think it is the Coumadin, but this is the only change in my meds. My other Meds are as follows: 1. Depo Provera Injection 150mg q 3 months(received 10 days ago)first injection ever....used for Endometriosis/Adenomyosis. 2. Effexor 37.5mg daily for depression started two weeks ago, but was on it about a year ago for approx. six months. 3. Coumadin 6mg qd for DVT's started at 5mg qd in Oct. 1999.
Avatar n tn I developed a blood clot post operatively in my leg and was also on bc pills which I had to stop. Another gyn had put me on depo-provera (which I guess was a no-no) and from what I was told that once you've developed a clot your likely to get them again and that's what happened.
Avatar n tn Today I went by the health department to pick up some foam and condoms (my physician told me I can never get pregnant again due to those complications, plus I had gestational diabetes and postpartum preeclampsia) and the nurse told me that she thought I could take a progesterone shot, such as Depo Provera or Lunelle. Now that I've finally gotten around to asking my question, can a woman with a history of PEs take Depo or Lunelle safely?
Avatar n tn I started to get skipped beats about 8 months ago , about 6 months into my anxiety. I was on the depo provera injection and decided to come off this as i thought it might be contributing to my anxiety. At this stage i was only experiencing "skipped beats" on the rare occasion. When I came off the depo all my anxiety symptoms disappeared by about 80% and when my periods returned after 4 months i was completely anxiety free except for the "skipped beats".
Avatar n tn I just started using Seasonique (used to be called Seasonal) Dec 19,2006 and I'm hoping there will be some ladies on here that can provide me with some feed back. I was hoping I would be able to read the insert that was supposed to come with the filled prescription, but the pharmacy didn't include it in the bag. Anywho, can anyone tell me if they had swollen, sore breast and sore nipples when they first started taking this type of bc? My stomach is also a little tender to the touch.
Avatar n tn I had an ultrasound to discover it was an interuterine pregnancy and I was about 9 weeks. I am now 17 weeks and for the past month trying to decide to terminate or continue. I am having a very hard time finding any info on any one with this happening to them and the risks to me or my unborn child. I have seen several doctors and none of them have ever heard of this happening and 2 have suggested termination. I have an appointment with a high risk specialist on Thursday (02/27/03).
Avatar n tn I had the novasure procedure done almost exactly a year ago. I was on Depo for 5 years and than started bleeding one day last year out of the blue and never stopped. I almost died, it was very frighting. I have had no period since than. But yesterday I started bleeding and pretty heavy. Not enough that I'm going to bleed to death, but a lot. Has any one had this happen to them and is this normal? I feel like I should have my Uterus taken out and not deal with this any more.