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Avatar f tn i have tried everything, from lupron, to laparoscopies, to yaz, to smoking marijuana - currently i am on Depo Provera and have been for the past year and a half. I am noticing a lot of side affects from this as time goes on, and unfortunately for me this has been the only thing that even remotely helps, and i still have a lot of pain.
Avatar n tn Just from my experence I was on depo shot and you have signs of pregnancy and are not pregnant and there is no way possiable you could feel you baby kick so soon you don't start feeling any movement until your about 4months pregnant I had a baby about 5months ago tomorrow is 5months and well I didn't actually really feel him move until I was 4months along maybe a lil ferther and I had a m/c on the depo shot the shot was in my systom but the shot killed the baby well anyways I don't think a baby
Avatar f tn 2011 and now it is March 2012 and I have gained 15 pounds and I have constant bloating and uncomfortableness in my stomach. This is every day and has affected my life to the point where I am extremely depressed about it. I have had so many tests done and have even visited a gastroenterologist about my stomach weight gain to rule anything out. Well I am positive now that it is due to Depo. In January I started the Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 and was religious about it.
Avatar f tn I have been having light bleeding since November 8, along with really bad pelvic pain, blood clots, bloating, fatigue, weakness, and feeling like I am getting sick. I have used a nasal spray (DDAVP) for three weeks, but the bleeding did not stop. I tried doubling up on the nasal spray since I was prescribed the wrong strength, but it did not help. I had my second Depo Provera shot on December 7. I thought it would help make the bleeding stop, but I am still bleeding.
Avatar n tn hi guys i need some helo i got the depo provera shot on february12 2015 and my next shot wouldve been on may 14 i didnt get it so ive been off for about ten months now and am wanting to conceive i know it can take up to 2 years but ive also read at 15 months is when about 80% get pregnant im just excited for me and my husband to conceive. please help.
Avatar m tn well i thought ok this is my mind messing with me but now i have been freaking out i am supposed to get my period in a week but just got the depo provera 2 days ago now i have been eating everything in sight, headaches, breast tenderness like never before but my main concern is me peeing every 30 min and i have wat seems a bulge i dont know if its the depo or if its a pregnancy and im wondering if i should go get a ultrasound to ease my mind.
Avatar n tn I was given a shot of depo-provera yesterday...and when I asked about side affects all I was told was nausea, headache, and dizziness. After reading quite a few articles online, it seems there are a lot more serious side affects than I was led to believe. I've been having lots of chest pain and shortness of breath, but the doctor doesn't seem to think it's related to the shot.
Avatar n tn I've had the depo for 6 months the first 3 months was all fine. But when the last three months came all I got was like brownish spotting discharge and stuff like that have not stop its constant. And will not stop.
Avatar n tn You girls have to discontinue Depo Provera at once and I highly recommend never putting any hormones into your bodies ever again. I have experienced a living nightmare from Depo Prover for the past three years. After I got the Depo shot I went home and researched on the web about the drug. I cried for three hours in fear that that could happen to me. What happened was worse. Five days after the shot a menstrual cycle started that would not cease. It wasn't a normal cycle.
Avatar f tn I wonder what the difference between the two depo shots are and I wonder why my gyno recommended the other depo shot if the depo-subq provera 104 shot is specific for endo ?
Avatar n tn here is my web site and depo group web address. please feel free to take a look and ask me questions!!! love...kimmie
Avatar f tn I will never go on Depo Provera again. My daughter was on Depo Provera at college, and discontinued the shot and has lost that weight and is thin again.'s free site has helped me keep up with my carb intake, and also tells me how many calories, how much fat etc. I use. It does this automatically when I put my food in for the day. Also Magic Bus has a forum where you can learn how to lose weight quick and even post on a challenge to keep you honest and responsible.
Avatar n tn Well I got my period immediately after the first pack, went and saw the main doctor and was told that the resident was uninformed about the side effects of Depo, and they were foolish to tell me that I had PCOS. It ABSOLUTELY was an effect of Depo. I've been regular ever since! Like I said, you should be fine. If it takes you a little longer than you were hoping to get back to normal don't freak out.
Avatar n tn Well I didnt have AF and most likely it was due to me previously being on Depo Provera in 2004 and BC pills. So in December 2005 my Dr gave me provera. I took it for 7 days 10mg and I got AF 2 days later...usually you get AF anywhere 3 to 10 days after the last pill. Well in Jan 06 still no AF since the one in Dec. So I again took Provera, same dosage. Well in Feb still no AF and I took a HPT and got a BFP!
1394877 tn?1280268960 . and they only told me that i would get less and less periods which i have had, and spotting, but they gave me this paper to read about it.. swear it took me an hr to read one side of it, so i just stopped there.. prolly a stupid idea of me lol, But i thank you all for the info!
Avatar n tn I'm not a doctor, and this knowledge is more what I have seen and heard from other women who have been on the depo shot- some women are very happy on it, others struggle with weight gain along with the other issues you have mentioned while on it. The only thing that assisted them was getting off the depo shot. It's best if you call your doctor and let them know of the side effects you are seeing- talk it over with them, but I personally would lean towards just going off of it.
Avatar n tn Yes, Depo Provera can and often does make you gain weight. Lots of people have used it and gained weight on it.
Avatar m tn I ovulated the next Sunday(on the 25th) Now a week after my depo shot, my period is supposed to be due, and ive had cramping but no bleeding, back pains, and bloating. Could this be a side effect of the depo? Or could I be pregnant?
Avatar n tn I was on depo for about a month after my son was born, and I said never again. I'm now having alot of problems and I'm not sure if its from that or just other things. I would say go get checked out to be safe. I have my period that last me for 2 months straight but this time it lasted 2 months straight took 1 week off, started back up and now its still on an every other day routine.
Avatar n tn She told me to never eat anything white (except chicken). Well her advice worked. It's something about the Depo Provera and and inability to metabolize carbs while Depo is still hiding in your tissues. She told me to eat this way until I lost the weight I want, and that then I could eat bread, salad, and the foods I love again. She also said the weight will not come back, as the depo will be gone. So I look forward to that in another month or so. I have already lost 45 lbs!
Avatar n tn Ok I am a day late here, but I hope you get this and it can be of help, I was on Depo for 3 years and when I went off I got AF pretty fast but then it has been irregular since. I was off everything for the year after depo and never really had a normal peroid. THen I went back on the pill and even that didnt really regulate it. It regulated the start date a little but some months would be heavy, others light, sometimes it would last one day and others it could last a week.
Avatar f tn I used Depo-Parva last year in the last week of November only took one shot and never went back because of all the side effects. Had a period the first 2 months on it then in febuary I didnt. In march I kinda spot bleed sometime in the last week. In the second week of april we had sex pull out method I didnt take any contraceptive because I didnt think I was fertile for a while. Last couple of weeks ive had tender breast back pain bloating I also sleep alot. Ive taken 3 pregnancy test..
Avatar n tn I have been on depo since feb 2005 and had my last needle sept 2005. December 15 i started to get heavy bleeding the time when i was due for my next needle. the bleeding stoped around december 25, since then around the middle of january i experienced two days of some light brown spotting only when i wiped. i've been having some early signs of pregnancy like being tired, fuller breast, frequent trips to the bathroom, neausa, headache, and bloating.
Avatar n tn i had the depo provera on december and is due april and i waited the right time to have unprotected sex and to let my boyfriend ejaculate in me for the first time and i was so panicy thinking i was pregnant i didnt get any signs i took a test and was negative and again my boyfriend ejaculated in me now i starting to get brown rims arounf my nipples thats it and its only been around 12 hours since we had unprotected sex could i be pregnant if imon Depo Provera ???
Avatar f tn im 20 yrs old and i have been on the depo shot for a month and i have been on my period for 16 days when will it stop??? and is it normal ???
Avatar n tn Other side effects of Depo Provera can include headaches, nervousness, mood changes, bloating, hot flashes, decreased interest in sex, breast tenderness, acne, hair loss, and back ache. After the last shot of Depo Provera, it can take over 6 months for the drug to leave the body. Side effects may linger until the drug is completely gone.
Avatar f tn Seeing how you said the 3 month injection you mean like Depo Provera. I was on Depo for 3 years and it seems to sound as though you're dealing with the issues of the side effects of the birth control. It happens and really sometimes you get them sooner or in your case later.
Avatar n tn My body was having a lot of complications to birth control over the several years that I was using it (six years, in which I tried pills, the patch and depo provera) and finally when my body was convinced that I was pregnant after using Depo for almost two years, I decided to quit taking contraceptives (per my Physician’s suggestion).
Avatar f tn Don't give up, there is probably a pill out there that can make your periods more manageable. Have you tried Depo Provera, or Loestrin? Something that would at least reduce the frequency & heaviness? That might be better than having bleeding every day. Good luck, sorry, but you probably need a doc's advice on this one.