Depo provera and abilify

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Avatar f tn I currently take Prozac, Lithium (ER), and Vyvanse each 1x a day. I also get an injection of Depo-Provera once every 3 months. I also have an Rx for Xanex, which is to be taken as needed, but I have not taken it in months. I also often self-medicate with caffine pills - I took two 200mg caffine pills yesterday around 5pm. I also took some Aleve at that time, as I have been having eye pain and headaches for the last two weeks and I was hoping to aleviate that pain.
Avatar n tn I take pills too called Abilify that maybe the cause as will. MY tip for you is research more on it in book and off the net and take it to your Doctor and look over it together and take tests to see what you have and cause of it! AS I find Doctor don't know everything thing and it I find it bad if they send away to other doctors as you don't get same answers and less likely to knew what wrong. so try to stick to the same doctor if you can!