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1673665 tn?1304114810 Hey i recently discovered that i got dandruff like white very small and rarely a very small quantty of this dandruff is orange and very little hair loss. i looked closer to my scalp and i saw in the mirror two red dots one on the top and the other one like 2 cm near my left ear.. i have no itchings and i always used a shampooo Head and Shoulders with selenium sulfide ...
Avatar m tn wondering if anyone has had skin peeling from the inside of their nose? what is this called and is there any treatment for it?
Avatar m tn It healed, then I moved to a much warmer climate. My face is red and irritated, with patches of dry flaky skin (looks like dandruff) around my nose and under my eyebrows (literally under the hair that makes up my eyebrows). I can no longer use soap or any type of cleanser as they irritate my skin further. I have been rinsing my face with luke warm water (water too hot or too cold burns) I have been to the dr (military doctors mind you, the same dr. who diagnosed my 4 yr.
Avatar f tn Until then it is itchey scalp 24/7 that will eat dandruff shampoos for breakfast and waste your money ! Not to mention you will lose 30 lbs in 2 months when on this sacred healthy diet ! Yes most people that eat wheat and dairy are often overweight .The stuff is garbage !
Avatar m tn please can some one help me i have a red itchy rash on either side of my nose. It gets worst in winter time when the air is cold, also gets worst when i sweat. I have been to the doctors, they ruled out roceasa and gave me hydrocortis cream but that made it worse.
Avatar n tn for 5 years i have had this flaky skin in crese of my nose and have done everything to try to get ride of it ,but nothing works, it comes rite back...,I need help please .
881034 tn?1240471877 Hi, i have a red rash in the creses of my nose and it has been there for over a year now, it will not go away and i have tried so many creams but none of them help, i have also been to the doctor and they gave me an anti bacterial cream which didnt help at all.
Avatar f tn Well, It all started out with a pimple on my nose..and now..the skin on my nose is at times hard like leather.. and then flakes.. if i pull the skin off.. then it's RED! and very sensitive... I hate to go out of the house because it looks so bad.. cover up makes it worse.. and my 1 yr old points and say oweeee! Not good!! Help please.
Avatar m tn About 2 months ago I noticed the skin under my nose, where I shave, is very dry and it flakes up like dandruff. The area is only where I shave on my top lip and only affects the area where I shave. I dont shave off my mustache. Lately the dry area has been spreading to the edge of my lip. The area gets real dry, the skin hardens and it became darker than the rest of my shadow on my face. I can natuarlly get darker in the summer due to my puerto rican/south american descent.
Avatar m tn It started with having multiple colds in a row, blowing my nose all the time, and using a Neti pot (a pot were you rinse your sinuses with saltwater). I think it's from a combination of the two, although the salt water may have made it worse. Then, some months ago, after trying hydrocortisone and various moisturizers, my mother gave me an advice to try and put Head & Shoulders for dandruff which she had gotten advised from her dermatologist to use for different skin rashes she had.
Avatar m tn If any bit of skin peels off it is gone for good and the place it has come from never heals, hence the slow thinning progression in my nose. He confirmed my beard has seborrheic dermatitis. Could the dermatitis be affecting the nose too? The dermatologist didn't seem to think so, but said "maybe" as he really didn't have any answer. And that I should use the creams he suggested on the nose tip in any case. So confusing. What do I do?
Avatar f tn The rash on my face did eventually go away, except for around my nose. It's red with tinny little pin head like bumps which sometimes has white stuff in them like a pimple. Or the skin is just red and raw looking and constantly flakes. It right around the underneath edges of my nose sometimes partly coming out from inside my nose. I feel it tingle at times, but I try to never touch it. I have been dealing with this for 25 years and no ointment in the world works.
Avatar m tn I've been experiencing red and often flaky skin on my forehead and around the sides of my nose. The skin in these areas is a little stiffer than the surrounding unaffected parts. I haven't tried any treatments yet; but try to remove the scaly parts in the shower every day with a lufa. I also have reoccurring dandruff that may be linked to the problem. Is there any way I can cure this ailment?
Avatar n tn i have had this dry red skin around my nose for about two years now, it just will not go away. it is now slowly spreading around my face. it does itch, it is uncomfortable and sometimes very sensitive..
Avatar n tn I have a rash by my nose that I figured was just a function of other irregular skin conditions during puberty, but it doesn't seem to have gone away. It seems to be agitated by cold weather(it clears up somewhat in warmer months), allergies(hayfever), the flu, washing more than once a day (with cetaphil the mildest cleanser I could find, other cleansers make inflammation much worse) and irregular sleep patterns.
Avatar n tn ( I dont know if u call it a big pimple cos it was big enough like a small pea!! But after 15-20 days it used to dry and leave a small black bulging scar on the nose.. So I have around 6-7 scars and on the nose.On the tip of the nose are 2 scars which join forming a big cyst kind of a thing.1 is a depression caused because I squeezed the pimple before it came out and that skin got depressed and some are like small bulged up skin..
Avatar n tn It's been about five months since this redness started appearing on either side of my nose. I first thought it was a reaction to something, so I stopped using acne medication etc, but the redness has continued. The strange thing is that it has gone away a couple of times (for maybe a week at a time) only to come back in full force. I have seen this question asked a couple of other times on this forum, but it has not been answered. Here is a picture: http://img177.imageshack.
906667 tn?1242443850 A strange thick patch appeared under my skin in the nose bridge area about 3 months ago. There's now this huge line between my forhead and upper nosebrigde because of that... Little history on my skin: Since I was born, I had skin problems such as severe allergies to fruits, nuts, grases, pollen etc. I had neurodemitis and could only eat special products. Also, I was born with a smaller kidney size. My father had very bad acne and my mom had the most beautiful skin but very bad allergies.
Avatar n tn He has been on Proactiv, Minocycline, Doxycycline, tazorac, duac, cleocin t and at least 20+ kenalog shots to the nose. The problem is, he only has cysts on the nose. The rest of his face is completely clear. Now the derm wants to put him on Accutane. I've looked into this drug and to tell you the truth, I wouldn't be able to sleep nights knowing that I have given this drug to him. I've read all the good and bad about this drug and I'm afraid.
Avatar n tn I have never had dandruff before. at the age off 33 I've got really bad. I get a very itchy and when I go to put my hair up it looks like Im creating snow with the amount of flaks that come out. so why would my dandruff appear after so long without any?
Avatar f tn Now once again it's happening, the weather here in England has been 30c and she works in a School kitchen with no air con so you can imagine how hot it is for her. Her upper back and neck are red and covered in spots that look like a heat rash, and now the yellow crusting has started, her hair is so sweaty at work and in bed which doesn't help, she's really upset with it, she is trying e45 but it hasn't done alot. What can she do? Is this Cradle Cap? Thanks .x.
Avatar n tn I have these pearl sized red spots under my nose and on the sides of my nose. Sometimes I get the same type of spot near the crease when you smile on your cheek. These spots come and go. They will go away and then I will wake up and there is bright red spots that are sore. The spots sometimes get "oozy" and will have like a clear fluid come out, then they get flaky as it heals. There is one spot that is pretty persistant.
Avatar n tn For the last year or so, I have had a rash around my nose (in the creases, and under my nose). It is not itchy or flaky, and does not come and go. There are a few broken capillaries in the red area as well. I have sensitive, oily skin. I went to a dermatologist that diagnosed me with seborrheic dermatitis, and prescribed me several medications over several visits: ketoconazole 2% cream, sulfur sulfacetamide (sp?), metrogel (i guess she might have considered it possibly rosacea?
Avatar f tn Hi there, I have sensitive skin but for months I have had really bad dry skin under my beard. It's so bad that if I rub my beard, chunks of skin fall out. This also happens in my eyebrows. It is effecting my life greatly, very embarrassing. What can I do to cure this ??
Avatar n tn I am 33 years old male ,For about 5 years i have had this dry flaky skin just in the crese of my nose i have used everything and nothing works i rub it off then it turns red put all kinds of stuff on it and it drys back out .What is this and what should i use on it to make it go away plz help Doc...
Avatar n tn But today (for 2nd time) I saw something little with the size of dandruff in red colour in my saliva. When I touched it a red colour blended with my saliva I mean when I touched (pressed it) it "decomposed", something like when you dip a brush soaked with red water-colours to a clear water. Any idea?
Avatar n tn Hi There, I am almost six months pregnant, and have developed a rash around my nose (this started in the second month). I sometimes had some redness and roughness there before, which went away when I put a mud mask on it, but now nothing works! It's not on my nose, but around both nostrils, extending to my cheek a bit. It's not itchy, but the skin is really sensitive (stings sometimes) and very red.
Avatar n tn t have a runny nose but i do have alot of drainage in the back of my throat. Sometimes i wish i just could reach up in my nose and pull out what ever is causing the preasure....
Avatar n tn I also experience these weird pains in my head that come for about a second and then go and come back again every 10minutes or so. These pains are in 1 area in the back of my head in about a 1 square inch area.. Any ideas???