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Avatar m tn Lately i have noticed i have dandruff, i heard of shampoo that gets rid of it, does anyone know any kind of shampoo or other thing that does, i have tried showering even More often then i do, which is alot, and it still doesnt go away, i want to get rid of it soon, only got it about a week ago. Thx for ur answers.
Avatar n tn then i started to develop light dandruff (white, very little grains) and seem not to manage to get it under control with normal dandruff shampoos etc. while googling dandruff i read that dandruff (but i assume heavy) can be a sign of hiv infection. then i started reading about scary high aids rates in portugal. especially as most new infections here come from hetero sexual encounters.
Avatar n tn I would take her to the vets.. there's a few reasons for dandruff, but with the sensitive skin, it makes me think that it may be Cheyletiellosis mite. Good luck to you both.
Avatar n tn Hi, The best way to treat dandruff is to use a dandruff shampoo. Look for shampoos with ingredients such as zinc pyrithone, salicyclic acid, coal tar, selenium silfide, or ketoconazole. All of these ingredients have been shown to work on dandruff; to use the shampoo, apply it to your scalp and hair, rub vigorously, and allow it to sit for five minutes so that the ingredients can work before rinsing it out.
Avatar m tn Then I recently contracted pneumonia and was given a round of strong antibiotics. My dandruff disappeared on the 7th day of my antibiotic treatment and has not returned for a couple of weeks now. This makes no sense to me, as I know that dandruff is not bacterial in nature. Do you have an explanation for this?
Avatar n tn I think this resulted in me developing serious dandruff. its been a problem for a while now. I think there is some hairloss and scalp is very dry and itchy. Everytime I run my fingers through my hand i can see flakes falling down. I plan on shaving my head and start applying some cream. Can you recommend any medicine or any remedies. I would really appreciate some help. thank you, max.
Avatar f tn You can tell its dandruff or dry scalp by the colour and if there is a smell present or not. Dandruff is yellowish and gives off an odour.
Avatar f tn Ive always suffered from dandruff and so i used T-gel and capisal anti-dandfuff shampoos, but when i got pregnant my doc told me not to use them because of coal tar and so i stopped, it also says on the back of the bottle not reccomended during pregnancy, its been 9 weeks and my head is soo itchy its driving me mad :( .. Anyone know any good natural ways to get rid of it?
Avatar n tn I have been suffering from dandruff for more than 10 years. I have tried Nizoral, coal tar, head and shoulder, selsum blue etc but nothing seems to help. Especially in 3 area in my head near the centre, I big circle of dandruff forming. They can be almost the size of dime. Its thicken , raised flaky transparent skin layer with dots. I have been noticing this for atleast 4 years now. I scratch and take it out but it rebuilds in just couple of day in the excact location.
Avatar f tn The first doctor prescribed a steroid cream and told me to wash my hair with dandruff shampoo and put a little of the suds in my ears and on my groin. The steroid cream worked for a couple of weeks and then stopped. A few years later a second doctor gave me samples of an anti-fungal cream and told me to use it. That did nothing. So basically I've been itching non-stop and clawing my body up pretty good for 15 years.
1392168 tn?1280074408 They are mostly light, and flakey, so flakes come off like dandruff. Even if I spend months not itching them, there are still some there. Sometimes, it's better than others and clears up. But it seems to be a constant problem, because, if I get rid of one patch there's just another somewhere else. They are not really itchy unless I think about them, even then It's overcomeable. Not like how a rash might itch. I also have dyed my hair a few times and used bleach.
Avatar n tn t anything visible except dandruff, so is my hair loss without scalp disease? My father has dandruff too but not hair loss. so, is my hair loss associated with tinea? Once I did take pills suggested by a dermatologist but that did not really help.
Avatar f tn We went on a gluten free diet (foods that contain wheat, barley, rye and possibly oats) for other reasons, and realized we all got scalp relief - no more itching, crusting, etc. Food intolerances, like gluten and cow's milk foods, when not digested, allow yeast to overgrow. It causes yeast overgrowth in and on the body. Of course, sugar is another promoter of yeast. But the gluten free diet relieved all of our scalps about 95%. Only minimal symptoms left behind.
Avatar n tn com/skin-problems-and-treatments/understanding-dandruff-treatment)If these do not help, you may need stronger prescription shampoo from your doctor. Take care and regards.
Avatar m tn Hi Everyone, around a month ago my alt was 176 and going to start my treatment next week. Now a days i feel very very itchy specially on face and head. all of a sudden i have a whole lot of dandruff all over my head. i even used anti dandruff shampoo everyday but didn't help. is this because of Hep c? i have genotype 3. Please englighten me.
Avatar m tn I wish I also had thick hair like you but whatever little I had…. I had to save them. So After the dandruff treatment I continued my treatment for hair fall which has also reduced to a significant percent. He will also suggest or infact give you a chart to follow a proper diet pattern. So if you too believe in homeopathy I would suggest you to try him. I would have loved to give you the name of the anti-fungal tablets but sorry to say that his medicines are not available in the market.
Avatar f tn I'm facing dandruff flacks for past 2 years, i have taken lot of treaments and medicine but it's not cured... First i have faced dandruff problems and then it's started to hair fall and white hair started to coming and the dandruff started to spread on my entire body exept my chest and later i was got acne and after the acne is gone,my skin appears black dots where the acne was came... I have to get rid off 1.hairfall 2.black dots 3.dandruff plz help me....
9562964 tn?1416928231 Will the selection of shampoo have results on my dandruff and hair-fall? If so suggest a shampoo to get rid of both t.he things..
Avatar m tn I had the same problem for years,until i was able to afford insurance.i was told by my doctor i had "dermatitis".there's differant kinds so you might want to look on line and see what symptoms best fits your problem.dermatitis causes severe itch,dandruff,and under the dandruff there's a rash.I'm no doctor but i think this info well help.i found it helpful to use shampoos that treat dermatitis.sence there's no cures.hope this info helps.
Avatar n tn He strached his head very much, and a lot of Dandruff flow in the air and some flow down on my body, some on my lip, some into my nose. I saw some dandruff with blood on it. I feel worrid. If I inhale some of it into my respiratory track and lungs. Is there any risk to get HIV? Many persons come to this hospital for HIV and HPC. And Is there any risk to inhale something in to respiratory track and lungs? Somebody said it need enough virus to go into body to get infected.
Avatar n tn It started out of the blue, my scalp became very itchy and I could not help scratching it, when I scratched it, what appeared to be white flakes of skin came off. I thought this was just normal dandruff so bought Anti-dandruff shampoo (over the years I have tried every Anti-dandruff shampoo you can think of, even stuff from my GP).
Avatar f tn I really wish i knew what was wrong with my scalp - ill accept anything as long as it isnt lice - perhaps the treatment just wont work? My scalp feels more dry than oily and the dandruff flakes are small and white and do remove from my head when i scratch - reassuring me they arent lice eggs.
Avatar f tn It sounds like you have dandruff- which the selsun blue shampoo should help, but sometimes it can be resistant to anti-dandruff shampoos for various reasons. You could try some other brands (such as head and shoulders) or you could try some home remedies- lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. If that doesn't work, you may want to head back to your doctor to see if the flakes are indications of another medical condition- it could be something like eczema.