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Dandruff natural products

Common Questions and Answers about Dandruff natural products


Avatar n tn hi friends, when ever i sctratch my head , some white wetty substance get stucked into my nails.... what is this ? is this fungus ? or dandruff? i shampoo four times a week with garnier antidandruff, ......pls help me...
436973 tn?1217947089 Well, if you are sure this isn't dander, then it could be mites, fleas, sunburn or sensitivity to something new in the house, like new carpet, or new odor eliminating spray. Anything new in the house that you recall? Usually, winter is a season when many places become extremely dry. What are the humidity levels in your place? If your hands feel very dry, then your cat might be experiencing this as well. Check her for parasites, fleas, mites etc. Is she indoors or outdoors?
Avatar n tn I have been suffering from dandruff for more than 10 years. I have tried Nizoral, coal tar, head and shoulder, selsum blue etc but nothing seems to help. Especially in 3 area in my head near the centre, I big circle of dandruff forming. They can be almost the size of dime. Its thicken , raised flaky transparent skin layer with dots. I have been noticing this for atleast 4 years now. I scratch and take it out but it rebuilds in just couple of day in the excact location.
Avatar m tn all the things available in the market seem to be for dry dandruff. what products should i be using? any changes in my diet or lifestyle u could recommend?
Avatar n tn t seem to have made much of a dent in the dandruff. Like I said, the dandruff is minimal on some days and heavier on other days with seemingly no rhyme or reason. I've tried adding some olive oil to his food, and even rubbing some on him because I read it might help, but really when I massaged some olive oil into his skin it almost seemed to make the dandruff worse. What do you all think? I have read they sell dog balm and dog moisturizers, which I'd never even heard of before.
Avatar m tn My 7 yr old female cat has developed what appears to be dandruff thick skin flakes that slough off. Is this a cat's allergy or a dietary problem?
Avatar f tn No matter what i do, for the past 9 years i have had what i thought was severe dandruff. however, i have tried every single anti-dandruff solution they sell and most just make my head more itchy. its weird cuz my scalp comes off in larger chunks than i thought dandruff was. it is also slightly yellower. it is constant, i never have a break from it. its super embarassing too, because i cannot resist to itch it and once i start to scratch i can't stop for like 2 or 3 minutes.
Avatar n tn she is old and beautiful and sweet but she seems to have a bit of dandruff. does anyone know what causes this and how to stop it?
446049 tn?1649005835 I just noticed a patch of dandruff that I had checked out and it turns out it's scalp psoriasis. My dermatologist told me to start using Nizoral. After just 3 days I'm noticing a difference. My only question is will I need to use this forever or will it be just until flaking is gone? My dermatologist will charge me $435 to have her answer the question at a visit, so I'm asking here for advice. Thanks in advance.
Avatar f tn Are any of you mama's experiencing seriously dry scalp? Mine is flaking off (way worse than dandruff) it hurts and have been getting small sores on it. I don't use hair products except my normal shampoo and conditioner. I also don't blow dry or curl my hair.
Avatar n tn It started out of the blue, my scalp became very itchy and I could not help scratching it, when I scratched it, what appeared to be white flakes of skin came off. I thought this was just normal dandruff so bought Anti-dandruff shampoo (over the years I have tried every Anti-dandruff shampoo you can think of, even stuff from my GP).
Avatar m tn Sometimes an allergy to dairy products, nuts and chocolates may cause dandruff, in which case you should avoid them for about eight weeks to be able to access its effect. Eat a healthy diet. You can also take vit B6 and vit A and E which are good for hair and skin. Try medicated shampoos for dandruff. There are a number of over-the-counter shampoos available that can help.
Avatar n tn I think this resulted in me developing serious dandruff. its been a problem for a while now. I think there is some hairloss and scalp is very dry and itchy. Everytime I run my fingers through my hand i can see flakes falling down. I plan on shaving my head and start applying some cream. Can you recommend any medicine or any remedies. I would really appreciate some help. thank you, max.
890634 tn?1241186679 I am limited in products that I can use because my Celiac Disease causes me to react to topical products that contain gluten, which is in most products for dandruff shampoo. My scalp is in terrible shape, and my hair is shedding way more than is normal. I do take vitamin supplements and fish oil daily. Please help! Thank you.
Avatar f tn Since pregnancy I'm all dried out and dandruff is an issue!? Never was before! What do I do? Anyone know a trick?
Avatar f tn Hi there! I hope someone out there can offer some insight. I have an almost 7-year-old Boston male who is a very, very picky eater. We tried every brand under the sun and the only food he would eat unfortunately was Beneful so that's what we were feeding him. On his last vet visit the vet recommended Natural Balance. I wanted to get him on something more nutritious, so I gradually switched him over to the Natural Balance limited ingredient chicken and sweet potato variety.
Avatar n tn Will switching to a Selsun blue or dandruff shampoo help? What should I do about the pink flaky skin around my hairline? Any help is much appreciated. Its not itchy or irritating but it does not look good and I hate having flaking.
Avatar f tn Jason Natural Products - Shampoo Dandruff Relief, but i was afraid it would dry my out way out (google for ingredients). at any rate, head and shoulders is working for me. it is drying my hair out a bit (even with really good conditioner). i researched gentler products and just got the following shampoo and condition from whole foods after researching the topic more. hopefully these ideas help!
Avatar m tn These past few months i have realised that my hair has become alot thinner than it used to be.i am really quite worried because every time I wash my hair, at least about 20 hairs fall out. (I wash my hair every 2 days) not only this, my hair always feels really dry and very itchy, it sometimes even stings a bit. even when input conditioner in my hair it is still dry and itchy. Although my hair is dry I don't usually see any dandruff.
1351676 tn?1301339436 Hello, I have just started to notice my black cat has got dandruff,. How do I treat this?
Avatar m tn I use them after a dandruff treatment, the t/gel dandruff shampoo set that contains 3 types of dandruff control, all of them are anti-fungal. I also use tea tree or sea buckthorn soap, which are natural antibacterials. (not sure that is needed, now i think it is a fungus). To sooth my skin, I use jojoba oil and chemical-free lotions. The olive oil hair product from Hollywood Products also helps. I do this everyday. For some odd reason, keeping my neck moist makes me feel much more comfortable.
2078979 tn?1332206668 Ive and what I thought was dadruff most of my life but I found out that dandruff is actually a scalp condition that is caused by a natural bacteria that grows on ur scalp and u can use oils like tea tree, and eucaliptus to kill it and calm/get rid of dadruff. But u could just have dry scalp which is different. Try drinking more water (even tho we all have to pee more we still need drink lots...
Avatar f tn I started off with an itchy scalp about 4-5 weeks ago - i then noticed i had some dandruff - i wasn't too concerned intil i found myself itching quite a lot - ive had dandruff before and it generally goes soon enough and doesn't cause too much itching. Anyway i started to become paranoid thinking i had lice - as my cousins were visiting i thought perhaps i had got lice from one of them. However nobody was itching but me.
Avatar m tn I am 28 years old male. I have itchy scalp because of dandruff and my hair looks dry and damaged. One year ago I had good volume of hair but currently I had lost more hair reason because of dandruff. I feel very embarrassed. I was using coconut oil for my hair from my childhood and was still using it. But from one week I stopped using oil because when I use it now my hair look less and to hide it I don't use it. When I don't use oil my hair looks more.
Avatar f tn Hi, wondering if anyone has an answer for me. I used to get dandruff on and off and I used head & shoulders or others like it and it worked fine. This winter, however, my scalp has gotten extremly dry and itchy and flaky, and sore from all the scratching. I tried a bunch of more heavy duty OTC shampoos for dandruff, but none worked. I used an essential oils scalp massage and that worked for a bit. Now it is out of control and driving me crazy.
Avatar n tn I have never had dandruff before. The flakes are pretty big and there is this one spot where if i go to scratch my scalp it always bleeds. I have tried changing shampoos and washing my hair with cold water instead of hot but nothing has made it go away. I notice a reduction in flakes the day i shower but after that it gets worse. Im not sure if i should see a doctor or not. What could it be?
Avatar f tn I ll use weleda baby products. I use weleda myself, after a range of issues with other products (itching, rash, dandruff, ...) and finally found products i'm happy with, and my skin problem-free.