Dandruff remedies using apple cider vinegar

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17551709 tn?1457744886 When I was younger I did have significant dandruff. For years I've been using tea tree shampoo from ogx, its basically solved my dandruff problem. Good luck! http://www.ulta.com/ulta/browse/productDetail.jsp?
Avatar f tn It sounds like you have dandruff- which the selsun blue shampoo should help, but sometimes it can be resistant to anti-dandruff shampoos for various reasons. You could try some other brands (such as head and shoulders) or you could try some home remedies- lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. If that doesn't work, you may want to head back to your doctor to see if the flakes are indications of another medical condition- it could be something like eczema.
Avatar f tn Apple cider vinager.wash your hair then after rinsing pour apple cider vinager through it( the smell goes away when its dry don't worry)rinse w warm water then condition the ends like normal.
Avatar f tn Apple cider vinegar did work for my warts.
Avatar f tn Try using some Apple Cidar Vinegar topically. Just pour some in a cup and use a cotton ball or makeup pad to soak it up and spread on the scalp.
Avatar f tn Does Apple Cider vinegar actually work? Its been a week that am using it but results aren't showing. Has anybody used it? I made a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar (2:1) and swish the solution around for a minute. Is this technique correct? This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Dental-Health/teeth-whitening/show/2179525">teeth whitening</a>.
Avatar n tn Ramsetty, Do you have any views as to safety and efficacy (if any) of consuming a couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar as a means to slightly reduce glucose levels? I have discovered this "remedy" through some web searches, but am a bit skeptical, since there seem to be a lot of less than fully substantiated nutritional remedies that can be found on the internet.
Avatar m tn I could tell it was not a hair follicle, as I have recently had two warts removed that looked very similar. I decided to try apple cider vinegar since to try and figure our whether or not it was a wart. (i.e. put it on there and see if it turns white/swells/etc). So I did that, and it turned white and swelled up. So i decided to keep applying the ACV over night for the next couple of nights. It went just as planned at first, everything turned brownish black and started to die and scab.
Avatar f tn Has anyone been successful using natural remedies such as lemon juice and apple cider vinegar in lowering urine calcium and uric acid levels? After several episodes of gross hematuria it was determined that I have bilateral stones. A 24 hr urine test showed elevated calcium and uric acid. I was placed on potassium citrate and hydrochlorothiazide but the medicines have horrific side effects.
Avatar f tn I have been successfully using apple cider vinegar to treat external genital warts (after using Aldara with no noticeable improvements). Now I have discovered internal genital warts. Is it safe to use a tampon or cotton ball soaked in apple cider vinegar to treat them? Also, what are the possible complications of internal genital warts (other than discomfort during intercourse)?
Avatar f tn t worsen...if they do then see a doctor. Gargle with raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar diluted with 1/2 water every 2 hours. Drink fluids constantly. Avoid any and all sugars and cold things. Suck on garlic cloves in between gargles. Also gargle with sea salt in water every couple of hours. Drink fluids high in vitamin c, like lemon in water with raw honey. Mix 1/2 raw honey with 1/2 powdered tumeric and place in mouth, allow it to melt slowly.
Avatar f tn But mostly a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar followed by some ice water had taken care of my indigestion and acid reflux. The apple cider vinegar with the "mother" works best. It takes care of it all day! I googled it to make sure my midwife wasn't nuts... but it works! It helped my nausea in the first trimester too.
Avatar f tn I use raw honey. Apple Cider Vinegar is great for you! Helps kill bacteria and wash out toxins. You must and I mean must buy the real stuff. BRAGGS Brand. It will say it has "the mother" in it. It will be cloudy looking. Do this a couple of times a day. Your cold will be gone fast! I take a shot of ACV every night before bed.
Avatar f tn At first, I taught it was lice and I applied lice shampoo to both of our heads. That did not work, so next I tried apple cider vinegar, natural drandruff shampoo, head n shulders,, expensive shampoo from the salon, I don't know what else to do. Our heads itch all the time. It looks like we have dandruff all thru our heads, alot!!!!!
Avatar f tn ve been using medicated wiped with witch hazel and I looked up natural remedies to help resolve the problem and apple cider vinegar was one. I think I may have over done it because the skin surrounding the problem area has become raw and red. I was wonder what I should do to treat this and/or both problems.
Avatar f tn This is totally gross but i go to a homeopathic doctor and he gave my mom this recipe like eleven years ago and she hasn't had to have antibiotics our anything since then, okay get half an onion and two garlic cloves a clump of ginger root and a horse radish root and some apple cider vinegar and a cayenne pepper (if you can't find a cayenne then use habanero) then blend it all up and wait for the pulp to settle then take a shot of the liquid, do it twice a day and you will be all better
Avatar m tn they never itched or anything prior to the apple cider vinegar. I decided to do the apple cider vinegar cotton ball thing again. This time I left it on them for 2 hours. After that, it was painful down there. My skin felt really raw. So I searched for ways to help that. I came across several forums and articles about using coconut oil. I applied pure unrefined coconut oil all over down there just last night. The pain was almost immediately relieved.
Avatar f tn So everything I posted above...I have a note about it. I suggest not using the tea tree oil to help rid the pain...I just did and its like I just set everything on fire and its not one of those feelings that its working and just suck up the pain. Its like I just set the forth of july off in my pants! I don't know if I used to much or what but I won't be doing that anymore. I will be using the aspirin, vit E and apple cider vinegar...it has gone great so far!!!
Avatar f tn I had the same problem. Instead of using damaging soaps and different shampoos I used apple cider vinegar. I'd just pour it on massage and rinse and sometimes I would use shampoo after but mostly just conditioner. Hope it helps you.
Avatar n tn Pickle juice, a little baking soda in some water, seltzer water, ginger or ginger ale, saltines, 2tbsp apple cider vinegar in water. I have used all of those before. Some work better than others, but I hope you find some relief soon.
Avatar f tn Has anyone tried apple cider vinegar to get the herpes 1 to go away in the mouth it feels like its never going to go away i have at least 4 blisters and my throats swollen.i was told to gargle.