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Dandruff shampoo use on dogs

Common Questions and Answers about Dandruff shampoo use on dogs


Avatar f tn I have heard that you can use human dandruff shampoo on them
Avatar n tn i am 21 yr old boy, in the center-back of my scalp there are small non itchy white bumps, seems like layers of dandruff , when i harshly comb at tht part then a lot of dandruff gets created, i use zpto and ketoconazole shampoo but these non itchy bumps remain.
Avatar f tn I take it you have noticed no other hair loss anywhere else on the body? Did the Vet tell you to use that shampoo? Us that the human shampoo? I am not that familiar with your breed but, as a breeder, and assuming I know the lineage of my dogs and who I got them from, I would be contacting the owners of the sires and dams to see if they would be forthcoming with any similar problems in their lines.
9562964 tn?1416928231 Will the selection of shampoo have results on my dandruff and hair-fall? If so suggest a shampoo to get rid of both t.he things..
Avatar f tn I've had the same problem all throughout my pregnancy. I'm 25 weeks right now. I use coconut oil... and also loreals total repair shampoo seems to be the only shampoo that doesn't make it worse. Hope this helps!
Avatar n tn All of these ingredients have been shown to work on dandruff; to use the shampoo, apply it to your scalp and hair, rub vigorously, and allow it to sit for five minutes so that the ingredients can work before rinsing it out. Dandruff shampoo should be used every few days, and you may need to try several shampoos before you find one which works.
Avatar n tn s scalp and direction on how to treat it. You may be allergic to ketocanazole shampoo as severe itching is a sign of that. A lot of times, a tar based shampoo can be effective for dandruff. Here's a guide that goes through options. But your best bet at this point is to speak to a dermatologist.
Avatar n tn What does dandruff shampoo do for the flaky dermatitis on the eyelid? Are you saying by strictly using a dandruff shampoo that will help the flaky dry skin go away on your eyelid? Or do you use the shampoo and also rub it on your eyelid during the process? Hmmm, confused.
Avatar n tn I agree with jemma116 about going back to the doctor. Did you see a dermatologist or your primary care physician? If you didn't see a dermatologist, I would suggest seeing one for this type of issue. It could be that the shampoo is drying your scalp out and exacerbating the dandruff and irritating the sores, preventing healing. I've personally found Head & Shoulders, Nizoral, Selsun Blue, and all those anti-dandruff shampoos to make my scalp worse.
Avatar n tn That could be it any easily treated with a pill. Otherwise try omega fish oil supplement for dogs and a good shampoo like Allergroom or Chlorhexiderm or Hexadene. Good Luck!
Avatar f tn I have to constantly lotion and my face is always peeling.
2078979 tn?1332206668 I'm exactly the opposite. If I don't use a specific shampoo, my hair is filthy oily by the time it dries after a shower.
Avatar m tn Lately i have noticed i have dandruff, i heard of shampoo that gets rid of it, does anyone know any kind of shampoo or other thing that does, i have tried showering even More often then i do, which is alot, and it still doesnt go away, i want to get rid of it soon, only got it about a week ago. Thx for ur answers.
890634 tn?1241186679 I have developed seborrhea on my scalp, and the coal tar shampoo has not helped. I am limited in products that I can use because my Celiac Disease causes me to react to topical products that contain gluten, which is in most products for dandruff shampoo. My scalp is in terrible shape, and my hair is shedding way more than is normal. I do take vitamin supplements and fish oil daily. Please help! Thank you.
1351676 tn?1301339436 I would never recommend giving a cat a bath this will only dry out the natural skin oils even more, I too have a totally black cat and he has no white flaking. dry skin would indeed be more noticeable in their black hair. using even a pet shampoo spray would dry out their skin and leave 'white flakes' as a residue......if you want to use anything use a conditioning spray to help with the dryness. brushing is very good to help with the conditioning and stimulation of natural oils..
Avatar f tn Once you have the condition under control, use a more gentle shampoo for your hair type - you may be better off using the baby shampoo - nothing to be embarrassed about.
Avatar f tn Hi I've had this problem for my hole life I'm 14 weeks pregnant i went to visit my doctor a month ago for the same problem and she recommend me the HEAD & SHOULDERS CLINICAL STRENGHT DANDRUFF ITS DOCTORS it's the only one that comes in blue bottle use it for 3 days the other days use your choice of shampoo but wash your hair everyday GOODLUCK HOPE IT WORKS IT WORK FOR ME I LOVE THE SMELL OF IT TOO
Avatar m tn I myself have had the same sort of thing lucky you had no burning it does sound like seborrhiec dermatitis using an anti dandruff shampoo such as nizorelle (costs about £5.00) contains ketocozanle which acts as an anti fungal ingredient and can also be used as a body wash (so my doc informs me) in the dry hair only formulation it uses collagen to nourish and repair the hair shaft as well as improving overall condition.
Avatar n tn The white wetty substance on you scalp is most likely excess scalp buildup from a fungus or yeast infection. A great natural shampoo to use is Tea Tree shampoo. Tea Tree is a natural anti fungal and antibacterial herb. This shampoo is sold online and also in health stores. There is no harm in trying this, you will probably notice you scalp returning to a normal balance.
Avatar m tn Hi I've just found this forum and I'm delighted! I have to wash my hair EVERY day and by lunchtime it smells bad, more so on my scalp but my hair too! I've tried T-Gel, Nizorel, Vosene, Sulphur shampoo, anti dandruff stuff prescribed by the doctor (who actually didn't believe me, she clearly didn't get close enough!) and I'm starting to get paranoid, not to mention worried about the condition of my hair due to constant washing, drying straightening.
Avatar f tn are u serious u cant use dandruff shampoo ?? ive been using head and shoulders .. holly **** i had no idea ..... O.
1305767 tn?1361192676 You may be reacting to the shampoo you use so you could ask your pharmacist what other shampoo might be of help but have a more mild effect. If that doesn't help improve things then it would be worthwhile to see a dermatologist.
9571159 tn?1419571005 I use johnsons baby shampoo n condition for hair I had same problem
Avatar f tn You can use selsun dandruff shampoo too, just be careful not to get it in the eyes
20900786 tn?1598014440 I hope you can help. I have what I can only describe as huge, thick wad of dead, dry skin on my scalp above m my forehead. It feels awful and it's so irritating. Nothing will make it go away, not even a special shampoo a dermatologist prescribed. It's been awhile since I was seen. What is it, and are there any home remedies I can use? Dandruff shampoo doesn't work.
Avatar n tn Perhaps due to this scalp infection pimples keep appearing now and then on my forehead and along the hair lines on my face, for which i use clearsil soap with which it goes only to reappear again. i wash my hair with Head and Shoulders shampoo on alernate days and have my even started using Candid TV shampoo, 2 days a week, but there is no relief. Please suggest a remedy.
Avatar f tn Just make sure the dandruff shampoo is okay'd by your dr. I know, crazy, it's just shampoo right? But personal care products can have things in them you shouldn't use, esp during first trimester. Motherrisk at Sick Kids can also help.