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Avatar n tn 8 mg in them - sold OTC in Canada, Oz, UK.......) - which I was taking - usually 24 per day - all at once (for the effect!) - ie 308 mg codeine. Now - from my research I discovered that hospitals will taper long term users of codeine down very rapidly in some cases and I have been following the suggestions. Start with 50% cut for 2 days and then 25% every 2 days thereafter. So - that is what I have done. 24 pills on Sunday, 12 on Monday & Tuesday, 9 on Wed and Thurs..........
251922 tn?1193786078 so no change this morning but i do feel smaller! maybe i just haven't eliminated what i've lost yet. so 23 days vlcd and 15.2lbs. cloths feel so much better. i think i'll be in the 160's by early next week!!