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630344 tn?1280108583 I have chronic back and leg pain due to scar tissue from disk surgery at L5-S1 I and been taking vicodin since 2000 and it helps a lot but I have been trying to find something else that will help that is non narcotic so I can get of the vics. My Dr prescribed Cymbalta and I noticed a significant difference in just a few days, however it does have side effects and at least for me made having an orgasm almost impossible or it took a long time to get there.
Avatar f tn I stopped using Elavil and Tramadol (was only on it for a month) Been on vicodin 5 months and the Dr now put me on cymbalta and lorazepam but will not refill vicodin. I was only taking about 3-4 pills a day but dont I need to wein off and will I have withdrawls?? And replacing the vicodin with these other drugs cant be a good thing, can it?? Need some advice quickly if possible.
Avatar n tn that said, this ole body has gotten through Valium and Cymbalta withdrawels in just the last few weeks so it might be saying, "oh screw it . . ." let the girl have some peace, already . . . I'll be honest with you. My single most biggest concern is not having energy to live my life anymore . . .two kids, a private practice, running a household, constant papers, five animals . . .and I am wondering how I am going to do all of this if I feel sooo damned tired all of the time.
Avatar n tn there are other anti-depressants that work better for addictions symptoms and anxiety, i am hearing alot about cymbalta...its worth asking your doc. about... youre doing great if your at week3, keep it will feel better soon....
394774 tn?1235074439 I had some lyrica left before being prescribed the cymbalta and noticed that by taking only one cymbalta in the morning and one of the left over lyrica at night with the AmbienCr I have been feeling a whole lot better. If the weather is bad then I take Vicodin for pain as needed. So maybe it just may work for you and in that sense.
217229 tn?1192766004 I am currently taking cymbalta, celexa, and lyrica and the only thing it does for me is make me tired......
Avatar f tn I am having My son in a week and have been abusing vicodin for a couple days a week during My last 2trimesters. Is there a way to flush it out of My sons system so it wont be detected? Also ive been on an antidepressant cymbalta, for 6 years and i just dont want My son to have issues. I got hooked on vicodin because i self medicated after falling down the stairs.
329994 tn?1301666848 I took Cymbalta for 4 yrs and finally just got off of it. While Cymbalta did help manage both my depression and muscle pain, the side effects were what i hated about it. I never had digestion problems from it, but my stomach hurt constantly and my appetite disappeared. Eating became a chore and if i got distracted with school/work responsibilities, i would forget to eat, sometimes for 2 days. I also developed hyperhydrosis and always had a chemical/metalic taste in my mouth.
Avatar f tn I can live with knowing i will physically detox 3-5 days... my question though- I have major crying spells and feel really really hopeless and depressed when detoxing, and this is the main reason i begin taking them again. Will these feelings subside along with the few days of physically detoxing?
Avatar n tn I've been off and on vicodin for 3 years for disc herniation. Most of the time used the prescription correctly. Last year was my bottom when I was taking 2 every 4 hours up to 8 a day and drank one night and got arrested. I am a divorced professional mom and the shame killed me. I have only had to have 2 prescriptions since then when my back went out so bad I couldn't walk. Started physical therapy again along with blood tests and a new doctor.
398302 tn?1202274727 I've been clean off the oxys for 11 days now and today I went to the doctor for a follow up appointment (I got really sick from a flu shot while I was in detox last week) Anyway, I told the Dr. I was severly depressed and he wrote me a script for Cymbalta. I've been on anti-depressants before, even way before I got addicted to oxycontin. I've never taken Cymbalta though.
Avatar n tn I use Cymbalta for abdomen, neck and hand pain and Fibromyalgia. It does a good job for me. There are some unpleasant side effects such as nausea and being light headed upon standing being the worst for me. I tried Neurontin and Lyrica. I couldn't take the side effects from either of those two. I've experienced life without Cymbalta. Without it my pains levels are considerably higher. My mood is much better on it. All in all, it's well worth the unpleasant side effects for me.
Avatar n tn My injury and subsequent problems brought on depression and low self esteem as well as weight gain and I found the Vicodin gave me a "euphoric feeling" and I could get through the day. What I found amazing is that my doctor kept okaying my prescriptions. I have tried many times to quit - sometimes as long as two weeks but the utter exhaustion and depression made it hard to keep going. Through this I have managed a full time job and taking care of a teenager.
Avatar n tn i feel better because then i can actually do things instead of laying around in pain. i guess i had also just heard from some others who stopped cymbalta and had terrible that made me a little nervous. do you think the cymbalta would help with my fibro?
203003 tn?1210859507 I am a recovering addicted of Vicodin, im 8 days clean. I started my Cymbalta today. I was just wondering If anyone is on it or has used it and has it worked? Depression comes bad with detoxing, and I just would like to know more about it. I researched it and found out a lot, but I would like to know from others point of view, like maybe how long it takes to kick in? they say about 1-4 weeks, ehh i dunno bc i just weened myself off paxil so maybe it will act quicker?? any answers anyone?
Avatar f tn i went to my doctor he said that it has to get out of my head and it may take a while, he prescribed cymbalta and said it would quicken the process but every time i have taken it i would vomit and get headaches. i have no idea why it still effecting me i never did any again in 8 months i do a lot of physical activity and drink loads of water. does anyone know of anything that i can take or help fix my body thank you or am i ******?
Avatar n tn has anyone had this happen on vicodin? i was always irritable and had no libido at all. my doctor said to find a pain clinic down here (i moved) and i'm not sure if i want to. since it's been so long i can't tell if i'm still withdrawing or not. it's been about a week. i have no motivation to do anything but sit around or try to sleep. physical withdrawal seems to be mostly gone but i can't tell with the emotional. am i gonna keep feeling this way? very depressed.
Avatar m tn I am not a candidate for fusion as with the disc in the shape they are and my age they tell me a fusion would be a waste of time. So I am left with Vicodin and Pt. I am at a low dose (4) 5/500 per day and have been for 4 months now. The Vicodin does relieve my pain and yes it does make me feel better but I am concerned now that the medication is not having as positive effect on my pain and it may be time to increase the dose.
482050 tn?1208398429 U are so lucky you found this forum at the amount of pills and time u are using...PLEASE read all the health pages on the right...Your dosage is low, so give it about 5 days to start feeling better.... If u need we are here for you, but go read as much as you can, there is a thomas recepie that can help too....
172715 tn?1285498090 I saw the doctor today and she put me back on the vicodin with 150 tablets(months supply) 1 to 2 every 6 hours as needed. So I am pretty much back to where I started. She also doubled my dose of a med at night for periodic limb movements and gave me flexeril for at night too. I see a psychiatrist tomorrow and will ask him (her question) should we double the dose of cymbalta (if yes w/b 120 mg) or try something new for the 2 types of depression that I have.
Avatar f tn This is not so much a question as it is a confession. I've been using vicodin on and off for a few "helped" me through my divorce, transition into a new and better life for myself and the high was so great. I was so confidant and fun to be with. I was getting them from a former employer with a DEA #. At first he wrote the perscriptions for me and we would share them I would only use them in the evening to tolerate the last few weeks of my marriage.
Avatar n tn I've been taking 30 Vicodin HPs a week for a year now, but I am still suffering and I am finding it difficult to concentrate after taking Vicodin. I want to stop taking Vicodin before I become more dependant on it than I already am. My Dr. has suggested switching to Ultram in the past. Some pharmacist say that Ultram is addictive while others say it is not. Before I switch to another medication I would like to know what I am getting myself into. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn Ok im on day one, I've been preparing for this for about a week now because i knew my supply of vicodin was running low. I could go out and get another doctor to give me a script but that will just prolong this need to stop. I'm stopping. It hurts, but it needs to be done. I will be doing it from home with the support of my family and friends. I've been without my medication before and remember the HELL it caused, the feeling that left me rather wanting to be dead.
Avatar f tn I am having a c section on the 4th of Jan and got addicted to vicodin after falling down the stairs. I've been abusing them for my last two trimesters and am worried about my son. All of my tests are normal, he is actually above in the weight area, but i'm worried about the drs and my fiancee finding out and my son going through withdrawl. I'm scared to talk to my doctor because I don't want my son taken away from me.
881463 tn?1245349249 All I can say is that it makes it bearable but the pain is still there. I dont take Ativan but I have taken, and quit, Cymbalta\Paxil\EffexorCR\Strattera\Lyrica\Prozac. The side effects did not affect me too much but eventually I get to a point where I get tired of taking drugs that are not helping the problem (chest pain). So I think I can live without them. A bit of advice, withdrawl slowly, the withdrawl symtoms can be horrific.
Avatar f tn ) I was on cymbalta for a while when I was still taking the other drugs (xanax and tramadol - and of course, having me on tramadol AND cymbalta was extremely risky - why didn't my Dr. tell me that??) and honestly, I have no idea if it was helping me. Actually, what I really think is that it probably didn't help me because I never gave it a chance. I was too busy taking exceedingly high amounts of both the benzo's and the opiates to notice any benefits.
Avatar n tn there is power in prayer......go to JESUS!!!!!! there is nothing he cant do.......TRUST ME.
4753943 tn?1359938169 I don't want to go through that again but I know I'm going to have to with Effexor and it *****. A different experiencing than a Vicodin detox for sure. NOT excited. This is at least a start. =) Thanks for the support!
1473217 tn?1289246676 In fact I think that we ALSO assumed that your PM Doctor is the one that GAVE you the Vicodin and Gabapenten and POSSIBLY the Valium and if not then you informed her of the Valium. :) Looking forward to your update.........
Avatar f tn 5, 3 times a day the whole time. I have fibro and bad discs and have not been able to take my cymbalta, which was more help than anything. I didn't always take it 3 times a day, but normally took at least 2 a day for functionality. This last week I have taken it only 1 1/2 - 2 times a day if the pain got unbearable. I've been told not to worry on one hand and also that it could cause withdrawals in the baby on the other.