Coughing yellow mucus post nasal drip

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Avatar n tn I am almost certain that the odors were due to a fungal infection of sorts that would produce disgusting smells while attaching itself to stagnent mucus from post nasal drip and drainage. I was hacking constantly. I could scrape what seemed like fur off of the back of my tongue at times, especially when I drank milk, soda or beer, ate bread, or had anything sugary to eat. The mucus would accumulate like you could not imagine, it was like old yogurt that never went away.
Avatar n tn I have been having a reoccurring sinus issue involving post nasal drip for over 15 years. It follows a two weeks out of every month cycle. At times it will drain for the whole month. Causes coughing, sour throat, headache, sleepless nights and upset stomach. I had sinus surgery and have taken many kinds of medicines. None of these things helped. In fact things worsen. I have had all kinds of test for allergies and none were found.
Avatar n tn Since Christmas I have been bothered by post nasal drip, heavy mucus and symptoms of GERD as well. I've been on Nexium and had 12 days of biaxin to try and get rid of whatever bacterial infection might be going on. Nothing was working. I went into a health food store to see what else I could try and it was suggested I start using oil of oregano. Within 3 days my right nostril was clear and my left one is starting to open up. I am amazed at this stuff.
Avatar m tn For the past few months been having some upper respiratory issues, sinus, chronic post nasal drip. Three weeks ago I caught a cold, had a 100 degree fever for a couple hours, chills, coughing, ear ache etc. I also had a sore throat in the upper area, maybe tonsil area, which I never had before. I also had thick discolored mucus, started out orange, to yellow, to green. I never had this as well.
Avatar m tn Unlike the colds of the past, where the symptoms almost always would be a massive sore throat that would last for a couple of days, followed by nasal congestion, post nasal drip, yellow and green mucus drainage, and that incessant cough, this year has seen all the above along with chest congestion. It's hard to sleep at night, because the chest congestion builds up and I have to get up and cough my head off to get all the congestion out.
Avatar n tn I've been coughing up the same hard, yellow, reddish mucus for months and months. It became a lot more frequent lately and it seemed as if I had a sinus infection. I went to an ENT and he took a culture of "puss" coming from the top of my nasal cavity. The doctor called an told me that it was Staph and it should be curred with antibiotics. After reading several things on Staph, I believe I will go buy the topical ointment as well. Hopefully it will clear it up.
Avatar n tn This also causes snoring, and feels like a frog in my throat. I do not have post nasal drip or sore throat symptoms, just the constant nasal stuffiness when I lay down, mucusy feeling in my throat at all times, and snoring. Any suggestions, insight or help is appreciated!
Avatar n tn Following up with an ENT and her Cardiologist would be my next choice. Sometimes post-nasal drip will be suspect because one will cough up yellow and green mucus in the mornings, and it becomes clear throughout the day. Viral Bronchitis is another thing to consider. Coughing from bronchitis brings up the green or yellow phlegm which is the lining of the trachea (windpipe) damaged by the viral infection as new mucosa replaces it, and is much more pronounced in the morning.
Avatar n tn Hi again, well I get sore throats on and off, post nasal drip, and I cough up from the back of the throat , not the chest, thick disgusting small firm pieces of mucus that is dark yellow , can be greenish and/or blood streaked. The back of the throat can feel quite rough and sore first thing on some mornings until I am able to cough that filthy piece of mucus up from where ever it has decided to attach. Then my throat immediately feels relief. Pretty off eh?
Avatar n tn I do not have blood coming out with my yellow nasal drip, but I do have blood in my other nostril and a bit in the left. It is not dripping out but if I blow my nose there is a bit of blood. The rest of my symptoms (cough, sore throat, stuffiness) have been improving but would people say I should go to the doctor again, or let this pass?
Avatar m tn My father has been suffering with the effects of Yellow Nail Syndrom for several years now. He's had pleurodesis on both lungs and is currently suffering with very profound lower extremity edema. Does anybody know of any way to find a physician in the Carolinas who have experience dealing with this disorder? His local physicians are stumped.
Avatar f tn Chronic cough is usually due to one of asthma, GERD, or post-nasal drip. Obtaining appropriate imaging, pulmonary function, or upper GI evaluation would be appropriate. A change in the color of the stool to a lighter color can be due to a blockage in the biliary tree. An ultrasound and/or MRCP would evaluate for this. I agree with the kidney referral given the slightly elevate creatinine. I would suggest seeing a pulmonary specialist for further evaluation of the chronic cough.
Avatar n tn I have the exact same thing!! Food goes up my nasal cavity when I swallow. Then I lost my sense of smell shortly after the first episode then recently I feel like I "smell" the same odor all the time when no one in my family can smell what I think I smell. I feel like I always have something in the back of my nasal cavity--and can actually "snort" thick mucus--sounds yucky but that's what it is).
Avatar n tn Hi I am experiencing the same problems - thick sticky mucous and throat clearing and coughing. I have had a post nasal drip for years and I have trcked that down to a reaction to various food products. The 2 main ones for me are CORN such as cornlour and Sacharine. I can eat bread without cornstarch fine but bread with corn startch gives me the symptoms.
Avatar n tn When mucus gets infected by bacteria or viruses, it changes color, to yellow and possibly green. Yellow mucus is not only a good indication that your body has a sinus infection but is also an indicator that it is fighting off the infection.
Avatar n tn My cough is pretty much day and night, usually dry, but at times there's a bit of mucus or post nasal drip. It started after I had bronchitis, which I'm prone to, and the cough always would last several months after I was "cured." This time it didn't stop. It used to be that the tickle would sometimes be in my chest, but now it's always in my throat. Any tickle starts what my dr.
Avatar n tn of the mascara goes into my nasal passage because my eyes burn to???? I have been to an ENT, no concern apparently for a CT scan. I have been to an allergist and he seems to think that my nasal area is being compromised by "something"...possibly chemicals??????????? I will post any further info and wish us all luck in finding the never ending solution.
Avatar f tn The inside of my nose is very dry and when I am able to blow anything out of my nose its a yellow color mixed with dried up blood and a little bit of clear mucus. I've also been told by my allergist that I have chronic PND (post nasal drip) but have never had this weird sensation in my throat up until 3 days ago. I take Nasonex and Azelstine for my chronic sinus problems and Zyrtec if I absolutely feel I need to. I have Omeprazole for heartburn but am not currently taking this.
Avatar n tn My mom thinks it might be an allergy causing post-nasal drip, but I'm not convinced since post-nasal drip starts earlier in a cold than the coughing stage by about a week. It just doesn't feel like that, anyway, but I know I could be wrong. Any ideas?
Avatar m tn I went to an ENT who didn't see a problem. He prescribed Nasacort nasal spray for post nasal drip. It took a while to work, but I really like it now. The annoying mucus that just sits deep down will more easily be removed with Nasacort. I have also been on Ranititine. Not sure if that is helping but I take it anyways. And along with that just an over the counter allergy relief pill which the ENT told me to take. So with the combo of those 3, it's much better.
Avatar m tn My experience leads me to believe that the cause for me is bronchial (from the chest) rather than than from post-nasal drip. My symptoms continue even through periods when my sinuses seem not to be draining at all. It may be well worth the effort track symptoms with other possible causes in mind.
Avatar m tn I get a sore throat (not tonsils but when you swallow) I now go straight on antibiotics and use Bricanyl inhaler although it doesnt seem to have much effect except to cause alot of mucus coughed up from the lungs. It causes me to have spasm coughing and if I cannot control this to 3 or 4 coughs my windpipe closes over making it hard to breath in or out. The last one about 2 years ago stopped me breathing in and out completely for 10 to 15 seconds and I thought I had bought it.
Avatar f tn Don't add anything, just spray your nose 3 times daily, 2 spray in each nostril. It will fix the post nasal drip and allow the mucus to get out your nose. THEN move on to the mucus and phlegm in the throat, here is an INSTANT remedy that will work 100%, all the time and it took me a minute to find this one.
Avatar n tn - cold, dry air makes it much worse. - alcohol makes it worse. - car exhaust makes it worse. - strong odors make it worse. - GERD, development of acid reflux disease at the same time as nasal symptoms. If any of these sound familiar, I'd say there's a good chance this is what you have.
574129 tn?1231461402 Especially after eating I get a Post Nasal Drip.... Been through two ENT's,,, Too Many GP's and taken to Hospital 3 times in 2008! The Hospitals do bugger all! As has the medication that any one percribed me. I'm not one of those try it for a week and drop it. I took Acid Reflux pills for 8 months non stop... Did bugger all! The only things that help and helped alot was ye old Vicks inhaling.... and doing the nebulizer... COughing all day most of the time..
Avatar n tn I am suffering from the similar problem. in my case I dont have asthma but do have post nasal drip issue. I produce a lot of white sticky mucus which is only clear white in color and also have breathing difficulties at time. My ears recently started to hurt on both sides and seema like they r swelling up as well.. I think i have sinus problem but not sure because my nose stays stuffed up all the ur case its been on for 4 years but i just discovered it..
Avatar n tn Hello, Your symptoms are suggestive of chronic post nasal drip. Post-nasal drip (PND) occurs when excessive mucus is produced by the sinuses. The excess mucus accumulates in the throat or back of the nose. It can be caused by rhinitis, sinusitis, or laryngopharyngeal acid reflux. It can be enhanced or sometimes even caused by allergies. Pls check out with an ENT specialist if you are having chronic rhinitis or sinusitis.
Avatar n tn I have a lot of post nasal drip as well as acid reflux that seems to be bothering my voice box and wind pipe. The sensation in my throat, where you described, when really bad makes me feel like I want to cough. Maybe she wants to check into acid reflux, the coughing is a sign of acid reflux . . . I can not feel an acid reflux symptoms. it is called "silent" . .. and possibly allergies?
Avatar n tn If you look at the back of your throat and see a white streaky coating this is mucus and is caused by post nasal drip. This is usually worse when you lie down because is accumulates or drips down causing the asthma like attacks with coughing up what may feel like water. Do you need to clear your throat a lot in the mornings and cough up white phlegm? This is post nasal drip. I do hope that you do not have a csf leak.
Avatar m tn Chronic phlegm can be due to allergy, gastric reflux and post nasal drip. Common food allergies are those to gluten, lactose, citrus fruits, egg, sea food, preservatives etc. Common allergens are pollen, mold, dust, pet dander, cosmetics or drugs. Take Omeprazole empty stomach in morning and an antacid gel at bedtime. Refrain from smoking, alcohol, fuzzy drinks and spicy food. If phlegm is due to reflux, this will help you. Among infective causes tuberculosis is a possibility.