Coughing when you smoke pot

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Avatar f tn Are you a smoker? History of allergies? None of your situation sounds NORMAL. I am confused about the nurse you mentioned. Is this a nurse that you talked with at a doctor's visit or someone you know? You should be seeing a physician at this point if you have not already like ASAP.
Avatar n tn Well first of you shouldn't be around him when he smokes and I hope you aren't because second hand smoke is just as bad or worse and he should know that as well. So if he cares for his unborn child he should care ! Otherwise I feel u should stay away for your babies health, u do t wanna risk anything.
Avatar f tn t anywhere close to being as bad as cigarettes, everytime you smoke, you are inhaling smoke into your lungs, which is not good.
Avatar n tn Is it true that pot is bad for you and causes cancer. I have been friends with pot heads my whole life and I have never seen or herd of anyone I know getting cancer from it or having any physical health problems other than just being lazy. I smoked it most of my life every day for 25-30 years . I havnt smoked for 6 months and don't really notice much different. I don't crave it and really don't care about it at all.
Avatar f tn When I was a kid growing up in LA, it was incredibly smoggy and often our chests hurt after a day of activity. Same thing can happen when smoking pot both because of the pulling the smoke in and also when it makes us anxious we can feel a pressure in the chest caused by our anxiety just as can happen with an anxiety attack without smoking pot. So I just wondered as it might explain the chest feeling.
477219 tn?1208281137 You know, I used to smoke a whole lot. Then one time I was smoking with a few people I did not really know, and I ended up totally tripping out. It took a few days maybe even a few weeks for me to feel better. But I felt exactly like i was dreaming the whole time. Well, come to find out the the weed was laced with LSD.. scarey ****... I sometimes have flashbacks to that feeling, I know it is no fun, just try to calm yourself down when the symptoms are really harsh, that really helps!!!
Avatar f tn You can overdose from inhaling thc if you inhale a lot of smoke in quick succession. If you use a vaporizor this is even easier because it doesn't impact the lungs as adversely as smoking,enabling you to take much bigger hits. Fortunately, the effects from the overdose will pass quickly. You make it worse by freaking out. Try to relax and enjoy and you can take the edge off the unpleasantness. If you overdose by consuming thc, you are in for a much longer ordeal.
Avatar f tn Where I moved, there was no one within half a mile. Still smelled phantom cig smoke, and pot. When I got on the right meds, this stopped. There is some interesting literature on brain injury and subsequent development of MS, FYI.
Avatar f tn Ohkay so I useto smoke everyday until I found out I was pregnant I was about 2-3 weeks pregnant and still smoking cause I didn't know but now that I know I havnt smoked since I'm 11 weeks now but I get soooooooooo tempted to smoke again >.
Avatar m tn sounds like your getting a cramp of some sort..... or using muscle that you dont normal use.... when you smoking are you coughing alot? you normally work out.... im a daily pot smoker myself...everyday..every night.....sometimes when i wake up in the morning i feel short of breathe for the first few mins that i wake up.... i will breathe in a it will feel like my lungs hurt... but eventually it feels like my lungs open up and im ok..... pot doesnt always lead to other drugs....
671285 tn?1292660161 My doctor prescribed some antibiotics on Monday. Its been four days and I feel a little better (Im not coughing as much) but the puffiness, facial tingles especially over the cheeks, and headaches are still there. Is this normal? How long does an infection usually last?
Avatar f tn ve gotten into pot very hard core.. Me and my man - all we did was smoke pot.. It was our bonding thing... We always had a good time.. I got pregnant and stopped smoking.. My boyfriend still smokes and there have been days where he doesn't smoke and I just can't stand to be around him.. He's got a depression problem as well. As much as I'd love him to stop, I know it isn't going to happen..
1601804 tn?1297628981 It is a curious thing that the United States has declared war on those who smoke tobacco, but not on those who smoke pot. It is even rather fashionable to smoke pot, in spite of the fact that it is more damaging to the lungs. Go figure.
Avatar n tn Im not telling you to not stop, im just sayin if thats all you do, stop right there. If you dont want to smoke it, stay away from where it is and talk to people about it and let it be known.
Avatar f tn Like where its legal of course they actually do prescribe it for morning sickness and recommend using a vapor cuz the smoke(not the pot) is harmful. Now somewhere where you get pulled over and have a baggy on you and get arrested, that's different. Your baby can get taken away because its illegal.
Avatar m tn t say for sure not knowing what it actually was you took. When you went for the tests and were diagnosed with anxiety were you put on any meds? Have they helped? How old are you? Meds can cause GI symptoms, saliva, gas, etc.
Avatar f tn Everytime you go when you pee in cup they check for protein and drug use. Id stay away from him while doing that. Can be bad for baby.
Avatar m tn before i stopped smoking i was coughing alot through the day,now i breath eazier,cough a few times through the day,its a dry cough,when do your lung start cleaning the **** out,arent you ment to start coughing your lungs out when u stop smoking?
Avatar n tn ve got a bad one too, what area are you from? My cough is from all the fires around me.
Avatar m tn Like they said a drug is a drug if you want to be clean NO pot. And you need to tell doctor feel good you are a addict. When I go to the Doc. I tell them Iam recovering addict.
Avatar f tn I am on Protonix, I do not smoke, I gave up coffee and many acid producing foods. The mucous is too thick to swallow and I many times get sick when I am coughing to expel it, which is probably injuring my esophagus even further.
Avatar n tn i dont see many pcp users, i do see alot of highschool kids who smoke pot that has been dipped in embalming fliud which they tell me produces the same effect as pcp the symptoms they go through are Short-term effects: Anger and frustration, depression, hallucinations and delusions, headache, impaired vision and coordination, increase in women’s sexual appetites, loss of consciousness, memory loss, paranoia, physical violence, sleepiness, and vomiting.
Avatar f tn I think if you or anyone that chooses to smoke pot can handle it and not make it lead back to the other problem drugs you were on then it's ok. But only you can be the judge of that. If you think it's not good for you then by all means stop using it. I think all medicines they have their benefits. Some people need the opiates to live a good life because of serious pain. I do have back problems and sciatic nerve issues but I didn't really need norcos for it.
Avatar f tn It would be the best for your lungs not to smoke anything and not to inhale any smoke. The pot may still become an irriatent and trigger for an asthma attack.
Avatar f tn Maybe if your lack of weight loss stems from nausea. But really even when I did smoke pot I never gained weight from it. I personally think it's safer to not smoke when pregnant, because even if the pot is safe, any type of smoke is going to lessen the amount of oxygen your baby gets. Hope you find a solution!
Avatar f tn I hear the pot is much better these days, than the 10 dollar lids my mom use to sell. I guess it all comes from Mauie or someplace, and it has more THC in it. My friend has a licence for it in calif. Everyone in calif. can get a licence for it and you can grow plants too. I would of thought you could get pot cheaper,since anyone can get it. (But it is still pricey ..Just pay a doc 500 bucks.And wala you have a licence. My friend is 70. He goes to the smoke store every week or two.